How to Make a Leo Man Want You (6 Tips That Work Every Time)

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Leos are super selective about who they’re into. If you want him to be yours, you have to know how to make a Leo man want you first.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Be real
  • Be strong and independent
  • Show off!
  • Love his uniqueness

The Leo man is hard to pin down, so you’re going to need all the info you can get on what makes him tick. 

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How to Make a Leo Man Want You

1. Always be yourself with him

couple being goofy on the beach with a quote about letting a leo man see your quirky side

As simple as it sounds, many people have a hard time letting go and being themselves.

Especially when they like someone.

Though a Leo man is a natural-born actor, when he finally meets a woman he likes, he wants to be able to let down the mask and be real with her.

And he definitely wants her to do the same. 

Let him see and appreciate you for who you are. Don’t be afraid to let him see your quirky side. 

You have to understand that Leos move quickly. If you pretend to be something you’re not, he won’t have patience to stick around and see what’s underneath.

When you act natural, you’re automatically more attractive to this guy.

Easy, right?

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2. Show your strength

He’s the king of the jungle. And you’re the queen.

Like the lion that represents the Leo, this man is proud and holds his head up high. He’s not intimidated by anything or anyone.

A timid partner is not for the Leo man.

Be bold! Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Take hold of life and pursue your passions—that’s what gets a Leo’s attention.

A woman who goes for what she wants in life is bound to gain his respect and admiration.

3. Let him know you like him

man and woman having coffee and laughing with a quote about getting a leo man to open up

One of the quickest ways to get a Leo’s attention is to make it known right off the bat that you’re into him.

This might scare off other signs, but not a Leo. In fact, it adds fuel to his fire.

Leos love to show off. Get your Leo crush to dish on his life. 

Get him to talk about his accomplishments. Ask him questions that reveal his passions. 

Be attentive when you’re listening. Make eye contact, give him a slight touch and smile.

If you like him, obviously you have good taste, right? That’ll pique his interest.

4. Dazzle him

If you can command a crowd, you can command a Leo man’s heart.

He’s usually the entertainer, but he adores being entertained as well by someone who stands out from the rest.

He’s attracted to the life of the party like a bee to honey. It’s time to show off!

Not a fan of the spotlight? You don’t need an audience. If you know how to charm other people, go ahead and charm the Leo’s socks off one-on-one.

Anna Kovach offers solid tips on getting him to come to you so that he’s eating out of the palm of your hand in Leo Man Secrets.

Remember: A Leo man is ruled by the sun—he’s the brightest star in the sky.

He needs someone who can handle all that heat and radiate some of their own, too!

5. You do you 

man hugging a woman with a quote about making a leo man chase you

A Leo man values a woman who lives her life independently from him.

In other words: He wants to know that you’re not going to be needy.

If he texts or calls, you don’t have to answer right away. It’s more than OK to get back to him when it’s convenient for you.

Think of it this way: He’s the lion of the zodiac. He wants to chase his prey.

Make him work for your attention.

I’m not saying play games, but don’t be too available. either.

He’ll drive himself crazy wanting to be with you.

6. Make him feel special

What do you like about him? How does he make you feel?

Whatever it is, let him know. 

Leos love compliments and enjoy flattery, even though many of them claim that they don’t. 

The truth is, they need to know that they’re appreciated. Just be real with him or he’ll think you’re full of it.

Though they do have large egos, insecurity is not unfamiliar to Leo men. Even they need reassurance!

When he feels special around you, your Leo guy won’t be able to get enough.  

Has a Leo man shown you any of these signs before?

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