Aries Man Flirting: 10 Signs an Aries Man Wants You

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Does the Aries guy you have the hots for want you, too? For an Aries man flirting is the way he demonstrates his desire.

Here are key signs an Aries is working his magic:

  • He’s bold and direct about his desire
  • He tries to show off in front of you and flex his masculinity
  • You get plenty of friendly texts from him no matter how busy he is
  • He moves quickly—no guessing games with this man!

As with other fire signs, an Aries man’s desire can burn up quick.

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How Do Aries Men Flirt?

Aries are bold and confident in everything they do.

They go after what they want and they don’t hesitate.

Some people find it a bit off-putting—they aren’t used to someone so direct who says what’s on their mind.

When an Aries man is flirting, he’ll be a straight shooter. 

Unlike with other zodiac signs, there’s nothing subtle about an Aries man flirting at all.

When this Ram likes a woman, you and the whole world will know.

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Aries Man Flirting: 9 Signs an Aries Man Wants You

The best thing about Aries men is that they get straight to the point.

If you’re wondering if the Aries guy on your mind is feeling you, all you have to do is look for these signs and you’ll have him bagged in no time.

1. He won’t play hard to get 

This man has no time for games.

You won’t have to worry about being confused with him.

His actions will prove that he’s the real deal.

He’ll be open and honest from the jump so you know he’s sincere.

2. He’ll text and call often

All Aries people are super active and always on. But a smitten Aries man will always make time to talk to you.

He may be busy with his fitness routine or new tech startup, but he’ll text you throughout the day to see how you’re doing.

Skip the no-call-for-three-days rule with an Aries.

3. He’ll want to impress you

Aries people are always firing on all cylinders.

When he wants to impress a woman, it comes pretty naturally.

Expect him to brag, be super clever and show off his accomplishments.

It’s hard not to be impressed.

4. He’ll take care of you

Aries are not particularly traditional, it’s true.

But an Aries man trying to get your attention will be all about making you happy and comfortable.

He’ll do things like open doors for you and pay for you at dinner.

He’ll always make sure your needs are taken care of. 

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5. He won’t play the waiting game

Impatient Aries wants what he wants NOW.

If that’s you, be prepared for things to move fast.

Fast-moving intellectual conversation and snappy banter are typical.

Later, whirlwind romance will characterize the way he woos you.

Whatever he does, you’ll be able to tell that he’s wasting no time trying to get your attention.

6. He’ll be direct and tell you exactly how he feels

An Aries man would always prefer to cut to the chase.

He isn’t a very patient man so telling you off bat how he feels saves him time and energy.

On top of that, because he’s so clear about his intentions you’ll never be confused.

It makes it easier on everyone. 

7. He wants you around

Aries men have no problem doing things on their own. In fact, they embrace it.

Going stag to an event is just the way Aries guys roll.

But a flirty Aries man will be generous in his invitations to join him.

You’ll quickly become his favorite person to hang out with.

8. He’ll be protective

Strong and macho man Aries wants you to know that you’ll be safe and secure with him.

He’ll help you move furniture and carry the groceries in the house.

If he can find a way to show off his muscular body while he’s at it, he will.

9. He’s super competitive

As the first sign in the zodiac, he can only be number one.

If you’re who he wants then no other guy stands a chance with him around.

Whether you’re watching him shoot hoops or debate about philosophy, the Aries man is going to win―and make sure you see it.

He’s a determined man!

10. He wants to be intimate with you

Aries is a passionate sign that expresses itself physically.

He’ll make clear advances that lead to the bedroom.

It’s up to you how you want to handle that, but you’ll know where his mind is at!

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