How Do You Know When a Cancer Man Is Over You? (6 Clear Signs)

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Are your Cancer guy’s texts and calls getting fewer and farther between? He may be going through a tough time—or he may be losing interest.

So how do you know when a Cancer man is over you?

  • The conversations become shorter.
  • There’s less romance and intimacy.
  • He doesn’t share his personal or family life anymore.
  • His mood swings go into overdrive.

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How Do You Know When A Cancer Man is Over You?

If a Cancer man has lost interest in you, he’s been unhappy for a period of time.

If he’s shared parts of himself with you, it’s not easy for him to cut ties.

He doesn’t like to intentionally hurt people. Instead, he’ll display key behaviors that do the “talking” for him. 

Knowing how to decipher them is crucial if you want to get ahead of it.

Here’s what to look out for:

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1. His conversations are short

man ignoring woman with a quote about a cancer man wanting to end a relationship

Instead of in-depth conversations about your day, he’ll ask basic questions that consist of yes and no answers. He’ll won’t give much more in return, either.

He doesn’t want to be rude to you and come off as an a**hole—he’ll still talk to you so that he doesn’t feel guilty.

But he doesn’t want you to think he’s invested in the conversation, either.

Text messages will be short and it may be hours before he responds. Phone calls will be little to none. 

To be clear—this has to be sustained behavior, not a few days’ worth of moodiness. Sometimes he gets cold on you and it’s just temporary.

This will be a gradual escalation, and it won’t let up.

He’s putting distance between you now to prepare for what’s coming.

2. Bye-bye romance

man with his back to a woman with a quote about how a cancer showing that he wants to break up

No more late night walks on the beach. He hasn’t planned a date night in weeks. You haven’t been surprised with a gift for some time now. 

This doesn’t sound like the Cancer man who swept you off your feet.

Cancer men are romantics and know just how to make a woman feel special. Romance is how they express how they feel about you.

Though he may not try to woo you every other night as he did in the beginning, it won’t completely stop. Unless he’s over you.

It’s not just the typical romantic stuff that dies. There won’t be any more adoring looks or cuddles. When the romance switch is turned off, it’s all the way off.

If he suddenly quits with the romantic gestures that made you fall in love, he’s letting you know that yall’s time is about up.

3. He’s suddenly mysterious

Remember when he would share everything with you without you asking? Like how he impressed his manager with that client deal? That he and his brothers were going on a “bro” hiking trip? 

Now you notice he barely shares anything with you. It’s like you have to pry it out of him, which can make him irritated.

Anna Kovach talks about how you can get him to share with you again in Cancer Man Secrets.

Cancer men open up and share their personal life only with those they have a close connection with.

If he’s pulling back and seeming more like a mystery to figure out, he doesn’t want to include you in his private life.

4. There’s no more intimacy

couple ignoring each other in bed with a quote about how a cancer man checks out of a relationship

Cancer men are sensual beings who live and breathe intimacy. They want to hug, touch, kiss, and love up on their ladies. This is how they show their affection and love for you.

If he isn’t being physical with you anymore, he’s checked out of the relationship.

He can’t be with anyone that he doesn’t feel an intimate connection with. 

You can try to make advances toward him, but if he isn’t interested, it’s time to move on. 

5. You’re left out of his close circle

If you’re in a relationship with a Cancer man, it comes as no surprise that you two are always attending family and friends events. After all, he’s the family man of the zodiac and enjoys being surrounded by those he loves.

You’ll be attending birthday parties, reunions, anniversaries and more with this man. He wants to make you a part of his family and crew.

If he has cut the brakes on inviting you to events that are family oriented, he doesn’t intend on keeping you around much longer.

Family and friends are important to him. He won’t continue to bring you around when he knows his future doesn’t have you in it.

6. His mood swings become erratic

couple with their backs to each other in bed with a quote about cancer men being moody

Cancers are already emotional. But when the Cancer man is over you, his mood may go from sweet to sour in a flash, and more frequently.

He’s frustrated because though he wants to tell you how he feels, he may not know how, or he doesn’t want to hurt you.

He will become rude, cold, distant and passive aggressive towards you.

The reason is that he isn’t happy with himself or the situation, so he takes it out on you. 

He’s unhappy in the relationship and hopes you end it so he doesn’t have to.

Have you brought a relationship with a Cancer man back from the brink? If so, how?

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