How to Keep a Virgo Man Interested (10 Musts to Make Him Want You)

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Want to make sure your Virgo man’s eye never wanders?

Here’s how to keep a Virgo man interested:

  • Make him feel wanted and needed, but DON’T become needy
  • Keep your appearance and your home clean and neat
  • Be prepared to handle his emotional style
  • Keep your emotions in check
  • Don’t put pressure on your relationship

Most women fail with Virgo men because, ultimately, they don’t fit their Virgo man’s “perfect” partner.

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How to Keep a Virgo Man Interested

1. Don’t lose your independence

Here’s the thing.

You never want to openly play hard-to-get with a Virgo man.

If he senses game playing, he’ll likely walk away. He considers himself too smart (and way too busy) to fall for that.


You should not make the mistake of being at his beck and call, either.

You see, a Virgo male wants a woman who is strong, independent and motivated in life.

If it seems like you’re throwing yourself at him, you have too much time on your hands.

Or you’re going to take up too much of his.

If you really want to keep him coming back again and again, do call him up to make plans on the weekend while making sure you’ve got enough going on in your own life that you’re never in danger of becoming overly available or clingy.

Keep a little mystery!

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2. Handle his low-key emotional style gracefully

OK, time to talk about your Virgo man’s emotional profile.

For him, emotions are a private affair.

He feels them…deeply. But he tends not to say much.

Instead, he’ll show you how he feels through how he is with you.

By the adoring way he stares at you, the way he never lets you open a door for yourself and makes sure you get the good pillow when you sleep over.

To keep a Virgo man interested, you really need to be patient, understanding and appreciative of this.

He’s never going to pay you lip service, but rather open up to you when he feels like it’s the right time and it’s not all going to blow up in his face.

If you can respect that and not try to push him to say something he’s not ready to, he’ll know he’s found someone special and he won’t want to let you get away.

3. Stay away from emotional extremes

It probably won’t shock you to learn that extreme highs and lows put a Virgo on edge.

This man doesn’t know how to react, and he’d rather not have to.

For him, a partner who is pretty even-tempered is best. He prefers a slow, steady and natural development of the relationship.

Of course, you definitely want to show him affection and let him know how happy he makes you. 

Virgo men like to be appreciated just like anyone else!

What I’m talking about is just being careful that your Virgo man doesn’t feel like he’s stepping onto a rollercoaster ride with you in the feelings department.

If he feels like it’s going to be full of dramatic ups and downs, he’s probably out.

On the other hand, if you don’t put too much demand on his emotional energy, he’ll feel comfortable enough to give it freely.

4. Continue putting effort into your appearance

To a Virgo, there’s really no reason to stop making that effort.

In fact, stopping is kind of tantamount to not respecting yourself in a way, which is a turn-off to a Virgo man who takes good care of himself.

Plus, making sure you’re freshly showered, looking good and smelling good is like saying to your Virgo man, “Hey, I care about you and your experience.”

Should you spend hours getting ready to go to the grocery store?

No way!

Really, it’s as simple as making sure your hair and clothes are neat and you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

These kinds of details are important to a Virgo man.

You can be sure that he’s putting that same effort in for you, too.

5. Make him feel needed, but don’t be needy

Has anyone ever said that Virgo men like damsels in distress?

That’s not way off.

Strangely, they do want a woman who is strong and independent, but they won’t stay long where they don’t feel needed.


I’ll admit, it’s not the easiest thing to understand about a Virgo man.

This is why it’s so important that you get to know how his mind works and anticipate his reactions with a guide like Virgo Man Secrets.

But I can tell you this.

Don’t ever be clingy and needy—instead, invite your Virgo beau to help you out with tasks that are in his area of expertise.

Something not working right on your laptop? Ask your computer geek Virgo to take a look.

Not sure where to find the best sushi in town? Send your foodie Virgo man on a quest to find it.

It’s flattering to him without feeling fake, and it makes him feel like your knight in shining armor the way he wants.

6. Always be truthful with him

Something that tends to happen to Virgos a lot is that people just agree with them.

Virgos are smart, sharp and also critical, so it’s easy to feel like you’re safer nodding your head instead of speaking your mind.

But, this is a big mistake with a Virgo man.

Not only is he adept at telling when someone is just “yes-ing” him, he actively dislikes it.

It makes him not trust that person and also not value what they say and think in the future.

He would much rather hear what you really think.

So, never just agree with your Virgo man, even if you think it’s what he wants to hear.

Similarly, don’t withhold information that’s important to him.

He’s going to want to know everything about you if he’s going to date you, and if he feels like you’re not being totally honest with him he won’t be able to trust or get close to you.

Bottom line, be up front, don’t hide things from him.

And give him your honest thoughts, no sugarcoating!

7. Keep your place clean

If everything else in the relationship is great, an untidy person might be tolerable to a Virgo man.

For a time.

But you best believe, it’s going to grate on his nerves.

If you’re dating a Virgo guy, do pay attention to your surroundings and try to make them look clean, comfortable and inviting.

Virgos may or may not be neat freaks themselves, but one thing is for sure—they do appreciate a clean, tidy partner.

It’s just one of those things that will stick out like a sore thumb to them otherwise.

8. Stay calm if he goes silent for a few days

Here’s the truth.

Your Virgo man is likely to go “hot and cold” with you at some point.

Don’t freak out!

While there are multiple reasons as to why this can happen, it’s NOT definitely the case that he’s lost interest.

Rather, sometimes Virgo guys just need some space to get things done.

Or just have some personal time.

If he does this and you start texting him nonstop and demanding to know what you did wrong, it will send the wrong message.

He has to feel like you’re stable and independent enough to live your own life.

Not his or anyone else’s.

So, if he isn’t responding to you all of a sudden, take a deep breath and wait.

If he contacts you again and wants to get together, you know everything’s going exactly as it should with your Virgo man.

And you avoided coming across like you’re not capable of handling a relationship with him.

9. Have interesting things to say

If you’re dating a Virgo guy, you’re dating one of the most intellectual men of the zodiac.

He’s probably well-read, well-spoken and dying for some thought-provoking conversation.

Give that to him!

Want to go the extra mile? Make time for your reading list and talk about it. Chances are, you’ll introduce him to new ideas.

Even a brilliant Virgo man loves being taught something new—he’s modest and not full of himself in that way.

Also, you should not hold back on giving him your opinions.

Remember that he doesn’t want you to just agree with him!

An insanely interesting woman is one who speaks her mind and doesn’t downplay her own ideas for anyone.

Let them shine and give your Virgo man some food for thought.

10. Don’t put pressure on him

As I mentioned before, Virgo men are not the quickest to move a relationship forward.

They take time to build trust and assurance, and they can’t be rushed.

While some signs kind of need that kick in the pants to commit, this sign is not one of them.

In fact, trying to manipulate your Virgo guy into committing before he’s ready will surely backfire.

For one thing, it might convince him that you’re not right for each other.

Clearly, you want different things right now and he’s not going to fight you on that.

If he feels like he’s holding you back from what you really want, he’d probably rather let you go and find it elsewhere because Virgo is, at heart, a selfless sign.

So you see, it’s never a good idea to try to push him.

Instead, have patience and have faith that he cares about you deeply.

It’s only when you fully accept him the way he is and allow him to love you the way he needs to that he’ll realize you’re the one for him.

Would you rather avoid making the typical mistakes with your Virgo man?

If so, I can’t stress enough how important it is that you learn how he operates now so you can predict his behaviors and react accordingly.

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