How to Make a Leo Man Chase You (6 MUSTS to Get Him Hooked)

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Do you want your Leo guy to follow you to the ends of the earth? 

We’ll show you how to make a Leo man chase you.

Here are the highlights:

  • Be wildly flirty with him
  • Take him on an adventure
  • Show him he’s met his match
  • Keep him guessing

A Leo man loves a good chase—which is partly why it can be tough to keep the magic once the chase is over.

You need to understand his psychology and predict his patterns to keep him in the end, which a guide like Leo Man Secrets can teach you to do.

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Why Leos Have a Need to Chase You

This man’s astrological symbol is the lion—the king of the jungle.

Lions are masters of the chase. They can wait for long periods of time until the right moment to make their move.

Leos, like lions, are patient when it comes to getting what they want. They are relentless and will not give up no matter how long it takes.

They like a good challenge─they don’t want anything that comes too easy for them. 

When a Leo man finally gets a date with the woman he’s been lusting after, he feels as if he’s earned a prize.

Do you want to be the prize? Let astrology show you how…

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How to Make a Leo Man Chase You

Be sexy

Leo men love a woman who knows how to look good and takes care of herself. 

In truth, they may care more about their appearances than yours because they care so much about what others think of them.

But you should still put in the effort!

To get a Leo man to chase you, dress to impress.

Wear sexy clothing, The more risque the better. Just don’t be too vulgar. 

A tight dress that shows cleavage and legs would do well to get this Leo man’s mind going.

Wear clothing that shows off your figure and when it comes to talking to him, be seductive.

Make him lean in to listen. The closer he gets to you the more turned on he’ll become.

Flatter him

Leo’s can be a bit arrogant and egocentric. They love attention and are always ready for a crowd of spectators.

If you want to be on his mind all day, shower him with compliments and flattery.

Whatever he does that you like, let him know.

Tell him he always picks the best restaurants. Whenever you two go out, tell him he’s the hottest person in the room.

Let him know he has the best taste in music.

He can’t resist flattery or the person laying it on him.

Be spontaneous

Are you predictable?

Even though he wants you to be completely trustworthy and reliable, if you want a Leo man to run after you, it’s best to keep him guessing.

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A Leo loves a woman who is full of surprises─one who can keep him on his toes and ready for adventure.

Do things with him on a whim: ask him to go on a hike or to an adventure park. Go on a road trip at the last minute.

Leos live for adventure and are excited to explore unfamiliar territories. 

Doing so will get his heart pumping and he’ll want you around for the fun.

Have friendly competitions

As a fire sign, Leos possess an abundance of energy.

Whether you’re athletic or not, challenge him to an activity that will help him to release it.

Shoot hoops with him and the loser pays for drinks. Challenge him to a dance contest and the winner buys dinner.

Play paintball with him and see who can get the other one covered in paint first.

Being competitive doesn’t always have to be physical, however.

You can play card or board games or answer trivia questions.

Whatever it is, make sure he’s being challenged, but that it’s friendly.

You can definitely tease him but don’t insult his pride if he loses.

The Leo man loves to challenge himself because he always wants to be the best he can be.

The fact that you are challenging him to be at his best is icing on the cake. 

Be flirtatious

The Leo man has a way with words─it’s part of his charismatic personality.

He likes to talk and he’s hardly without a sympathetic ear.

Flirt with him and he’ll start craving your attention.

Tease him playfully because he likes the back and forth banter. Just make sure you don’t insult him and hurt his ego.

While you’re flirting with him smile at him a lot and lightly touch him. This lets him know you are into him so he won’t have to play the guessing game.

Make jokes with him and pay close attention when he’s telling you some grandiose story.

He enjoys being admired and your flirtatiousness just draws him more towards you.

Don’t always be available

One of the quickest ways to get the Leo man to go for you is to make him miss your presence. 

A Leo man wants what he wants and will do anything to get it, including you.

If you want to hang out with your girls and your Leo guy asks you out, tell him you already have plans and you will get with him another time.

When he texts or calls you can let him know you’re busy and get back to him another time.

A Leo man respects a woman who has her own life—it makes him want her even more.

He will miss her and be awaiting the next time he can be with her again.

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