How to Get a Virgo Man to Forgive You (7 Steps to Reconcile)

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Need your Virgo man’s forgiveness? You must be sympathetic but rational.

Here’s how to get a Virgo man to forgive you:

  • First be honest with yourself so you can be completely honest with him
  • Apologize and offer your explanation when he’s ready, on his terms
  • Be logical yet compassionate when you talk about it
  • Give him space and live your life

Virgos forgive, but they don’t forget.

If you want to avoid repeating mistakes that could ultimately sink your relationship, you must be able to see with his eyes.

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How to Get a Virgo Man to Forgive You

1. Be honest with yourself and with him

First things first: Apologize and admit your mistakes.

Any time that we talk about Virgo men, we’re almost certain to mention honesty, and that’s because of how important it is to them.

With Virgos, you must swallow your pride. 

Tell him what your errors were, which means that first you’ll need to be honest with yourself.

Because your perceptive Virgo man really wants to know that you understand what you did wrong.

This can be humbling, but let’s face it—it’s also hard.

But if you can’t demonstrate that you have the ability to self-reflect and not hide behind your insecurities, the truth is a Virgo man probably won’t have any pity for you.

In addition to owning the mistakes that he knows about, it’s also important to come clean about anything that he may not have yet found out. 

Put it this way: If he finds out by some other means, his trust may be damaged.

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2. Give Him Space

Virgos are not reactionary people.

They need time to figure out how they really feel about something and what they’re going to do about it. 

This takes some serious analysis that can only take place in their own space.

If your Virgo man asks for breathing room, give it readily.

Even if he doesn’t, offer it unconditionally after you apologize.

That said, don’t ignore him completely. 

It’s okay to send him short messages (texts, Snaps, emails), letting him know that you’re ready and willing to talk whenever he is.

Just don’t pressure him by asking when you’ll see him again, why he is still upset, or anything along those lines. 

Let him take the lead.

3. Try to Understand His Point of View

A Virgo man tends to overthink things. 

Because he will likely spend more time dwelling on the argument than most men would, he could start to question his own emotions. 

This can breed insecurity that only grows with time and damages your relationship.

If you want to stop this, you need to be able to validate his feelings.

After you’ve given him space to work things out in his head and he’s ready to talk, hear him out completely.

Don’t interrupt him, and when he is done explaining, try to put what he’s saying into your own words so he sees that you’re really making an attempt to see where he’s coming from.

Even if you don’t come around to his point of view, he will feel valued and respected. 

It’s an investment in his trust in you as a partner.

4. Offer your point of view in a logical fashion

While you’re hashing things out, share your understanding of what happened.

Of course, there’s a big difference between an excuse and an explanation.

To a Virgo man, the differentiating factor is how logical and well thought-out your argument is.

Don’t play defense—instead, come to your Virgo man with your honest assessment.

Even if there are parts to it that you think will be hard for him to hear.

The idea is not to seem like you’re trying to just get back into his good graces.

He’ll spot that, and he’ll dig in his heels.

Rather, you want to explain with facts and with a good description of how things happened from your perspective.

Without glossing over your errors, of course.

It can be a tricky balance, but if you need help, check out Virgo Man Secrets.

5. Keep on livin’

We are definitely not advocating sitting at home, waiting by the phone for any Virgo man’s call.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Virgo men are attracted to confident women with high social capital. 

So when yours needs his space, be sure to fill your time with other people and activities.

Have dinner with friends and brunch with your sister. 

Go to your regular yoga class and finish up that project at work. 

This sends the important message that you’re not going to bend over backward or run your life off the rails just to hear him say, “I forgive you.” 

A Virgo man needs to understand where your boundaries are and he will respect you for sticking to them.

6. Don’t be attention-seeking

Some signs will feel motivated to reach out to you when they see you’re living it up without them.

Not the Virgo male.

While you should carry on with your life, you can’t get a Virgo man to make a move by posting dozens of selfies out on the town with your friends.

If he feels like this is out of character for you, it may come across as a cheap manipulation tactic to your Virgo.

In this case, it can even confirm to him that you’re not suitable for him.

Not what you want!

7. Be compassionate

In some ways, we’ve already stated this, but it’s worth mentioning—be as compassionate as you can. 

Even if you disagree with his opinions, you can still relate to his emotions.

You may not think that he has a good reason to be mad, but you know how anger feels. 

You also more than likely know the anguish of having the people you care about not understand you. 

If you’re following the tips on this list, you’re already being compassionate.

By not trying to force him to accept your apology until he’s ready and by doing your best to understand him, you’re extending him the kindness and respect he deserves.

But also, be gentle with your Virgo man.

Even when you’re explaining your logic, you can do so kindly—not coldly.

If you want to avoid recurring situations where you need his forgiveness, you might want to get to know him better.

You can learn how he thinks and operates to a tee with Virgo Man Secrets.

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