Can Taurus Man Marry Pisces Woman? (Here’s Why They’re Compatible)

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Can Taurus man marry Pisces woman? Are they compatible in the long term?

Here’s the answer:

  • A marriage between Taurus man and Pisces woman is emotionally and sexually fulfilling in a unique way
  • They’ll need trust, security and a balance between the Pisces’ anxiousness and the Taurus’s tendency to go hot and cold

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Can Taurus Man Marry Pisces Woman?

Yes, Taurus man and Pisces woman can get married and live a happy life together.

They balance each other out in important ways.

Even more importantly, where they’re different, they can bring out the best in each other.

At the same time, when they’re not aligned, they can bring out some bad traits in each other, too.

It really depends on how open they’re willing to be with one another.

We’ll cover the pros and cons of this marriage below, starting with how they are as a couple.

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Do Pisces and Taurus Make a Good Couple?

Good news! Pisces and Taurus make a great couple.

You might guess that Taurus, the realist, will be too harsh for the dreamy Pisces.

But actually, the Pisces’ gentle personality has a way of pulling out the Taurus man’s gentler side.

Still, next to Pisces, Taurus is not nearly as emotional, which can be both good and bad for their relationship as we’ll explain further on in this article.

As for how the Pisces woman benefits, Taurus grounds her with his practicality and sure-footedness.

He wraps her up in romance and gives her a love story to daydream about.

In fact, Pisces women tend to find that Taurus men make some of their best ever relationships.

So even well before they start talking about marriage and starting a family together, they’ll feel like they could be with each other forever.

And if they break up, their Taurus or Pisces ex will always be important to them.

What Attracts Taurus Man to Pisces Woman?

The Taurus man likes that the Pisces woman wears her heart on her sleeve.

She’s open about her emotions. For Taurus, that makes it easy to know where he stands with her.

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It also makes him want to protect her.

As we explain in What Does a Taurus Man Like in a Pisces Woman, the delicate Pisces woman makes the Taurus feel like the man with a capital “M.”

She’s graceful and feminine in an ethereal way, like a wood nymph.

With romantic Venus ruling Taurus, he gets addicted to her delicate type of beauty and mysteriousness.

What Pisces Likes About Taurus?

Pisces instantly likes what she sees on the surface with a Taurus man.

He’s powerful yet quiet. She sees him as a rock—a reliable man she can surrender her heart to.

He’s also emotionally stable, which provides an anchor for the Pisces.

If she’s ever dated someone else as emotional as she is, she knows too well the high highs and low lows.

So Taurus is a good middle ground for her.

And when he likes her back, he’s extremely romantic.

It’s kind of hard for the Pisces not to fantasize about him, which she will do all day and night.

What’s Good About Their Marriage

A strong emotional connection

Both of these signs love getting affection, so their marriage will be full of cuddles and kisses.

The Pisces woman is honest about her feelings and won’t try to hide them. 

Because of this, she helps the Taurus man be in touch with his own emotions like no other sign.

Comfort and devotion

Pisces offers Taurus her complete devotion and wants to be close to him always.

This makes the Taurus man feel secure, and even if she gets needy he doesn’t mind.

Throughout their whole relationship, Taurus and Pisces feel right together. It’s a comforting marriage, with no judgment.

Just lots of tenderness and spooning on the sofa.

A traditional marriage that works well for them

Financially, the Taurus man will likely need to be the one to set budgets and keep an eye.

But he likes that sort of control and Pisces is happy to hand that responsibility over to him.

In fact, the Pisces woman has no issue playing the more old-fashioned female role in a marriage next to the Taurus man, who likes to call the shots.

Drama-free commitment

With the Taurus man being so emotionally even, Pisces won’t get likely sucked into daily drama.

And since Taurus and Pisces stand by their spouse, even when times are hard, the potential for this marriage to last forever is high.

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Taurus Man Pisces Woman Problems

Ignoring their issues

With Pisces and Taurus, neither one likes to confront problems.

Taurus and Pisces are sensitive on the inside. If they argue or hurt one another, it cuts them both deeply and they’re slow to heal.

But while they can each handle a lot, they can let things get out of hand trying to avoid them.

When one pushes, the other pulls

As much as Pisces helps Taurus open up, he’s still a Taurus. He will sometimes be more open and other times closed off, depending on his mood.

He may suddenly need space that day, or get consumed by something at his work, giving his Pisces less of himself and making her anxious.

The danger is that Pisces may try to force the Taurus man into giving her what she needs by playing hot-and-cold herself, or by any emotional means necessary.

This won’t make the stubborn Taurus man question his own actions. He’ll only feel manipulated and push her further away.

Stalled decisions

A difference between them is that Taurus deals with way less self-doubt than the Pisces does.

While this can be reassuring to the Pisces woman, the Taurus man can get frustrated with Pisces going back and forth instead of committing to an action or a decision.

And if Taurus gets visibly angry, Pisces will go into escapism mode and she’ll be hard to reach.

What They Need to Work On

Taurus and Pisces need to be realistic.

They have to accept the little things that bug each other.

Their goal should be to create a sense of security between them so that if there’s an issue, Pisces doesn’t become an obsessive wreck and Taurus doesn’t push and pull her.

Although they trust that they’re both genuine and wouldn’t cheat on each other, there’s still not enough trust if they’re playing games with each other. 


A marriage between a Pisces woman and a Taurus man will be a beautiful one.

Their home life will be so fulfilling that they won’t want to leave to go into the outside world.

But someone’s got to go grocery shopping.

These two love each other deeply and feel like they belong together.

The good will tend to outweigh any issues, if they come up.

As long as they’re not taking each other for granted or ignoring any problems that might exist.

Overall, they’ll be more happy, optimistic and comfortable with each other than without.

Other Taurus Man Pisces Woman Questions

Taurus man and Pisces woman sexually

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The sexual styles of these two make a perfect match.

They both like to express their feelings in the act and make the bedroom a paradise of pleasure.

And so, they nurture each other’s deepest needs in bed.

Taurus may be more predictable than Pisces is because he doesn’t venture far outside of what he likes.

But Pisces is so soft and inviting that the Taurus will do anything to please her.

Can Pisces and Taurus be soulmates?

For Pisces and Taurus, the pull they feel toward each other is not just physical.

It seems spiritual.

Feeling like soulmates comes naturally to them, and they very well may be.

It’s personal from couple to couple, but Taurus and Pisces share something that feels like it exists outside of reality.

Even the practical Taurus man can sense it.

The word of warning here is to not assume that this means they don’t have to work on their relationship.

Otherwise, cold, hard reality will burst their bubble and make them unstable.

Who is Pisces’ soulmate?

Pisces’ soulmate is someone who can help her weather the storms.

Someone who can bring her back when she loses touch with what’s real versus what she wants to be real.

But this person also has to be sensitive themselves.

More than anything, she needs to feel accepted and loved for who she is.

Someone with a sign like Scorpio, Taurus or Virgo can easily be her one-and-only in this world since they have what she’s looking for, for the most part.

Who should a Taurus marry?

Taurus should marry someone who he feels he can trust.

He should be done putting a woman through trials and tests to see if she’s trustworthy and truly compatible with him.

His wife will be a mature woman who has it together and is financially stable.

He’ll marry a woman who likes the domestic life and lets the Taurus man lead, yet will stand up to him and not let him get away with it when he gets demanding or close-minded.

If you want to marry a Taurus man, start by making sure you understand who he really is, which you’ll learn in Taurus Man Secrets.

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