Why Are Cancers So Attracted to Taurus? (Top 8 Reasons)

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Why are Cancers so attracted to Taurus? Is it written in the stars?

As a matter of fact, it is—here’s why the Crab can’t stay away from the Bull:

  • Taurus is sweet and romantic like Cancer
  • The Cancer feels safe and secure with loyal Taurus
  • The Taurus lets the Cancer baby them
  • Taurus is strong, responsible and mature
  • Taurus’s attention and affection melt away Cancer’s insecurities

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Why Are Cancers So Attracted to Taurus?

1. Taurus is strong

Cancer men and Cancer women are both looking for a strong partner.

In a relationship, they look to their significant other for direction. They want to know they can lean on them, and that they won’t break.

So naturally, the Taurus’s abundant confidence and resilience majorly appeal to all Cancers.

Cancers see Taurus as strong, capable and authoritative, which turns them on.

Plus, the Cancer knows that the Taurus will not burden them with fixing all their problems.

Being a nurturer, Cancer often gets sucked into a borderline parental role, but the Taurus promises that a relationship with them will be more romance and less responsibility.

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2. Taurus is mysterious

Cancers are imaginative and inquisitive.

They like to wonder about what lies beneath the surface, and a Taurus will make them obsess over them with their mysterious energy.

Taurus never says too much, and their stoic personalities fascinate the emotional Cancer.

Once the Cancer is hooked, they’ll stop at nothing to try to crack the Taurus shell.

3. They have the same interests

Don’t underestimate the value of a comfy pair of sweats, a bowl of popcorn and a lounge on the sofa to a Cancer and Taurus.

These two love their comfort foods and relaxed routines, and Cancer gets to indulge unapologetically with the Taurus.

Like the Cancer, the Taurus is a homeboy who stays out of the spotlight.

The Cancer loves it when the Taurus invites them over for a relaxed night with a glass of wine and a movie.

It helps the Cancer get to know the Taurus and feel comfortable around them.

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As an introvert, the Cancer really appreciates the one-on-one time the Taurus gives them.

And as they build their bond, the Cancer’s attraction grows.

4. Taurus showers Cancer with attention

Even though a Cancer has great intuition, they tend to second-guess themselves as to whether someone likes them or not.

But it’s much easier for a Cancer to tell that a Taurus is into them, because the Taurus is so forward with their attention.

This puts the Cancer’s mind at ease, so they’ll allow themselves to get closer to the Taurus. 

Cancers like flattery just like anyone else, and the Taurus’s attention makes them feel like they’re on top of the world.

5. Taurus romances Cancer like no other

Tauruses are the best at romance.

They’ll buy you gifts, whisk you away to a spa for the weekend and arrange dinners at swanky restaurants.

Cancer, being very sentimental, can’t resist.

Both Taurus and Cancer want to find their true love, and Taurus goes to great lengths to win the heart of the Cancer with grand gestures.

So when the Taurus promises sunset walks on the beach and long nights of cuddling, the Cancer is there in a heartbeat.

6. Cancer can baby a Taurus

The Crab is the nurturer of the zodiac.

They’re the ones making sure their friends are all fed after a pub crawl, and they love doing things like cooking for their significant other and making them feel good.

As it happens, a Taurus loves being pampered, so the Cancer can unleash all of their doting behaviors without fear.

Cancer is a little self-conscious of this side of them, and rejecting it would cause them to shut down and run away.

But the Bull loves it when the Cancer runs a hand through their hair and asks the Taurus to tell them how their day was.

The fact that Taurus laps it up makes the Cancer feel closer to the Taurus.

7. Taurus has their eye on the future

To a Cancer, responsibility is sexy.

Cancers want to have a nice retirement and money in the bank.

They’re always thinking of this when they meet someone they’re considering dating.

Taurus has similar values, and they tend to be financially secure and stable.

Cancer is ambitious, and Taurus, being a fixed sign, has the ability to carry the Cancer’s desires through to fruition.

In addition, they’re both family-oriented signs, and they dream of starting a family of their own.

Being with a Taurus means making the Cancer’s dreams come true, which is why they’re so attracted to them.

8. Cancer feels safe with Taurus

Tauruses are caring, sincere and loyal.

In a word, trustworthy.

With their grounding energy, the Cancer feels secure with the steady Taurus.

They know a Taurus is going to stick by them no matter what, which is very appealing to this sign.

Cancers are called clingy, but they really just want to know that someone isn’t going to abandon them.

The Taurus is protective, which the Cancer finds charming.

The Cancer knows they never need to doubt the Taurus, and they love envisioning themselves building a sweet little life together. 


Are Taurus and Cancers good in bed?

Taurus and Cancer are an amazing match in bed.

With the Taurus’s slow sensuality and the Cancer’s intuitive knowledge of pleasing their partner, they surrender to each other’s touch with shudders of sheer joy.

They’re tender and emotional, and though they’re not likely to go wild, they understand what the other wants and needs.

What zodiac sign is obsessed with Taurus?

Pisces and Cancers tend to be obsessed with Taurus.

Earth and water fit together well, and these intuitive water signs know it.

What zodiac sign is obsessed with Cancer?

Scorpios and Capricorns can get obsessed with Cancers.

They’re attracted to someone with a sweet nature, and Cancer is one of the sweetest.

Cancer and Taurus compatibility percentage

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Cancer and Taurus hit a high 90% compatibility.

They communicate well, they have a great time with each other and they want the same things.

They’re kind of perfect for each other.

Taurus and Cancer friendship

Tauruses and Cancers make great friends.

They tend to be friends for life, with a strong emotional bond and deep commitment to each other.

Cancer and Taurus have the type of friendship where they can not talk to each other for months and still have just as close of a connection.

It’s almost spiritual for them.

Cancer and Taurus marriage

Marriage between a Cancer and Taurus is almost surely destined to be bliss.

They both love to take care of each other, and their home will be a haven from the outside world.

The issues for them will really be in the nuances of daily life.

Taurus has to make sure they’re always sensitive to the Cancer’s emotions, and Cancer should understand that they can’t subtly change the Taurus or manipulate them into doing what they want.

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Are Cancer and Taurus soulmates?

The compatibility between Cancer and Taurus is so good that they can easily be considered soulmates.

Water (the Cancer’s element) and earth (the Taurus element) compliment each other well.

When Cancer is drowning in emotions, Taurus is the solid ground beneath their feet.

And Taurus can freely explore their sensitivity and deep romantic nature with their sweet Cancer.

The love and affection between them is heavenly.

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