How Does Leo Man Show Interest? (5 Easy Ways to Tell He Likes You)

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Are you curious to know if the Leo guy you’ve been crushing on is feeling you? 

How does Leo man show interest?

  • He prefers your company.
  • He’ll want to entertain you.
  • He wants to know all about you.
  • He’s up front about it.

Be warned: Even if you’ve gotten to the first date, it’s dangerous to think you’ve hooked this fiery guy’s attention! 

To beat the other ladies vying for his attention (as there probably are), it’s a good idea to get acquainted with his psychology and astrological profile first. 

For that, our favorite guide is Leo Man Secrets.

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How Does Leo Man Show Interest?

The Leo man is brash, bold and ready to conquer the world.

He’s the one you’ll see commanding the crowd’s attention and putting on a show to get their praise and approval.

He feels that the world is his oyster (and it totally is). This guy is always ready for the next adventure.

Of course, his adventures would be even better if he had a woman he could worship at his side.

Though he loves his freedom and independence, when he finds a woman that grabs his attention, he’ll be quick to make moves.

Here are the signs he can’t get you out of his mind.

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1. He’s extremely attentive towards you

woman whispering into a man's ear with a quote about a leo man paying attention to you

In a crowded room, are you the person he seeks out? Does he like to spend most of his time with you?

The Leo man is always on the go and surrounded by many different people. 

He is one of the most liked zodiac signs due to his charm and charismatic personality. 

People just gravitate towards him. In fact, it’s hard to find him without a throng of people (admirers, more like) nearby.

When he likes a woman, however, he prefers to be with her more than anyone else.

Even when others are around, he’ll be by your side if he’s into you.

Of course, he’ll be flirtatious as well. He’s a sweet talker, you know. 

2. He’ll be entertaining

Because Leos are dramatic, they make great entertainers.

When the Leo man puts on a show for you, he wants you to be amazed by it.

As much as the Leo man hates to admit it, he has a need to get approval from others and that’s what he’s seeking from you. Especially from you.

He’ll tell you lively stories with funny jokes. He’ll take you to an amusement park or a club where you two can have fun and be seen together.

He loves making others feel good and this is even truer for you as he wants you to be captivated by him.

3. He brings you around his friends

friends at a dinner party with a quote about a leo man bringing you around his friends when he's into you

It’s no secret that Leos have tons of friends. They attract people like a magnet.

But even Leos have a close group of friends that know them more than anyone else.

When a Leo man brings you into his close circle, it’s a big deal.

These are the people he trusts the most and tells everything too. He’s probably already told them about you.

He sees you as someone he would like to have around for a while and wants his friends to get to know you as well.

If you read Leo Man Secrets, you’ll see how he decides if you’re relationship material.

Make sure to make a good first impression!

4. He’s interested in who you are

Sure, a Leo man loves to discuss himself.

Honestly, he’ll brag about his achievements to anyone who’ll listen.

Sometimes, however, everything is not about him!

If a Leo man is genuinely interested in you, he will shut up (probably not for long) and let you do the talking.

He’ll ask questions about your past, your present, what you like to do, your goals and dreams, and so on.

He’s curious about who you are as a person and wants to see another side of you.

Enjoy this moment because he’ll be talking about himself again in about 2.5 seconds.

5. He asks you out

woman sipping coffee with a man and a quote about a first date with a leo man

Leo is a fire sign. Fire signs go after what they want in life—and that is exactly what a Leo man will do.

He won’t waste time on anything or anyone that isn’t in alignment with what he desires.

If he asks you out, it’s kind of an obvious sign he’s interested in you, right?

But you should know that when he asks you out, it’s kind of like a first interview. He wants to get to know you better to see if his feelings will develop into more than just a crush.

One thing is for sure, though: If he asks you for a date, he likes you and is willing to take a chance on you.

Has a Leo man ever done any of these things to show an interest in you?

If you want to get inside his mind, you’ve got to read Leo Man Secrets. 

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