How to Seduce a Virgo Man Through Text (8 Expert Flirt Tips)

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Afraid you’ll blow it with your Virgo man crush?

Let’s talk about how to seduce a Virgo man through text:

  • Stimulate his mind with smart conversation and witty texts
  • Send tasteful selfies in the right context, at the right time
  • Help him get over any awkwardness he might feel
  • Get his juices flowing with the right balance of mystery and directness

Seducing a Virgo is a challenge. Keeping him is harder.

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How to Seduce a Virgo Man Through Text

You’re staring at a text from a Virgo guy you like, and you have no idea what to do now.

Should you text him right away? Or play it cool?

What should you text back?

Well, fear not. We’re going to break all of this down today.

If you want to seduce a Virgo guy, you need to focus on turning on his mind as well as his body.

But you can’t do any of that until you know how to get him feeling comfortable enough with you to let down his guard a little.

Which takes finesse.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Seduce his mind

A Virgo man lives in his head.

This is one of the smartest signs in the zodiac (if not THE smartest), and intelligence turns him on.

So if you’re sending him sexy texts and risque selfies and he’s not really responding, you probably left this important part out.

Be witty

Get your wittiest jokes ready.

Sending some dry humor your Virgo man’s way is an excellent way to help him relax around you and get his attention.

Virgos don’t get enough credit for being funny, but they are.

Jimmy Fallon, John Mullaney and Dave Chappelle are all notable Virgo man comedians, proving that Virgos need to laugh just like anyone else.

Keep your jokes, puns and witticisms on the clean side as Virgo can get uncomfortable otherwise.

Send him silly memes that you know will make him smile.

Just steer clear of too much sarcasm as it can make you seem like a downer to the Virgo man.

Show how brainy you are

Virgo men tend to be deep thinkers and want an intelligent woman to have a profound connection with. 

So flex your intelligence.

The one caveat is, before you get to know him well, avoid sending political stuff, depressing articles or heavy subject matter over text.

You don’t need to prove you’re smart by discussing geopolitics.

Here are some ideas.

What are his interests? Look for news and recent articles to send to him.

Is he into art? Snap a picture of some graffiti and say, “Postmodern art: love it or hate it?”

Don’t think too hard about it or what you text might end up coming off as contrived or even snobby.

Just act natural and try to capture his interest and make him think.

Otherwise, here are some additional pointers that can guide you:

  • Minimize abbreviations that are not super common (like “LOL”)
  • Don’t overuse exclamation points, question marks and emojis
  • Keep an eye on your grammar and spelling 
  • Don’t dumb down your texts to appear more “approachable”
  • Don’t do that thing where some women pretend they know less than they do to let the man “teach” them

Appeal to his senses

Virgo is an earth sign, which means that Virgos are super connected to and affected by their senses.

Yes, you can (and should) tap into this over text.

Here’s how to do it Virgo style.

Send a flirty pic of yourself in the right context

Virgo men welcome the chance to ogle a selfie of you, but it needs to be done tastefully, in the right context and at the right time.

Just snapping a photo of your boobs isn’t the best way forward with this reserved man.

If you’re not already dating, find a decent excuse to send a picture of yourself looking cute.

Example: Take a nice photo of yourself in your new dress at the new sushi restaurant you found and say, “I found the best sushi in town.”

Bonus: This could open the door to a date.

By doing this, you give the Virgo an opportunity to admire your beauty without making it seem like you’re desperate for his attention.

Plus, it doesn’t come across as too bold or flashy, which can turn him off.

Keep it classy, and remember modesty is best with a Virgo man.

Send playful videos

Did you know that Virgos love to talk on the phone to hear your voice?

Listening to you talk can be powerfully seductive to this attentive sign.

If you can combine that with some visual stimulation, all the better.

Record yourself out in public, somewhere you need to speak softly so your Virgo man can hear you talking in a sultry way.

Or take a video of yourself telling one of your witty jokes and flash him a sexy, charming smile at the end.

He will melt.

Make him comfortable

It’s easy for Virgo to get overwhelmed.

Remember, he’s highly analytical and will read into everything that you say.

Often, Virgo men feel awkward and like a little help getting over that.

Here’s what you can do.

Be yourself

Virgo men value honesty, so it’s crucial not to come off as one person over text and another person face-to-face. 

I’m not talking about being more shy in person.

I mean making it apparent that you’ve been trying to represent yourself as something you’re not.

Don’t overthink your responses. Go with what feels right.

But there’s more to this for Virgo men.

Since Virgo guys are anxious, (often overly) analytical people, they can have a hard time relaxing around others, even if they like you.

By being authentic, even if it means you say something corny, you’re saying that you’re not afraid to be your real self, and neither should he.

Don’t pry

If a Virgo man isn’t giving you a lot of information about himself, welcome to Virgo men.

That’s just how they are.

They want to know everything about you, but dole out the details on themselves in a very controlled manner.

In case your Virguy is doing this, don’t push for information.

If he said something vague but doesn’t seem interested in going into it, give him his space.

You’re better off learning how to decode his texts on your own, which Virgo Man Secrets will show you how to do.

Change the subject if you need to.

He’ll appreciate that you’re not trying to dig, and he’ll trust you more when he’s ready to open up, which is a crucial attraction factor for Virgo guys.

Keep texts on the light side

To help him let loose a little, make sure you don’t drop heavy stuff on him in your texts.

Save emotional subjects for in-person conversations, when they’re appropriate to have.

Texts with your Virgo man should be fun!

Little known fact: Virgos get typecast as pessimists, but they would actually consider themselves cautious optimists.

And they like optimistic people.

So—give your texts to any Virgo man a positive tone to reel him in.

Make him want you more

Want a Virgo man to really want you?

Play up a little mystery.

Take some (but not too much) time texting back

First, let’s clarify—you DO want to make sure a Virgo man knows you’re interested.

So leaving him on read is going to send the wrong message.

If you want to hook him, it’s important to respond to him in a timely fashion, but not get too bent out of shape about replying straight away.

Leaving a little space between texts, even in the middle of a conversation, shows that you’re busy (which is good) and that you’re making time when you can to talk to your Virgo man.

Being slightly unavailable has a way of increasing your value, and proving that you have a life outside of the Virgo man, which he will like.

Just be natural.

If you get a message, check your phone as you usually would and respond as if it were a friend.

Neither insanely fast, nor obviously slow.

Hold back a little

Want to text everything that happened to you this morning to your Virgo man?


If something funny or interesting happened, a brief synopsis in a couple of sentences will do.

Sending a mile-long text is not going to get a reply.

Don’t include every detail about yourself in a text exchange, either.

Give him just enough to be curious and if he wants to know more, say you’ll tell him over coffee/dinner/hanging out.

Texting him something brief, to the point, quippy, etc. will stimulate his mind.

Your texts should serve as teasers.

The appetizer, not the meal—that should be when you’re together.

Be reserved, unless he asks you not to be

Many times, Virgo guys will use texting as a way to explore being more forward and direct than they would be in person.

They still need things to go slow, but texting can feel safe to them.

While it’s good to mirror a Virgo man’s behavior, don’t be surprised if he asks you to kick the texts up a notch.

And if he does, oblige him.

He might ask you to tell him what you really think about him.

This can be a sexy lead-in, but the key is to let him take the reins.

Or he could go about it in a more subtle way, asking you to text him when he knows you’ll be throwing back a martini or two with your friends, when you’re liable to speak more…candidly.

Either way, he should be opening that door, and if he does, you know he’s ready to get more “intimate” on the text front.

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