How to Talk to a Taurus Man (7 Simple Tips)

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Not sure how to get the conversation started with the Taurus man you’re into? Here are seven astrological tips on how to talk to a Taurus man to get him hooked.

How to Talk to a Taurus Man

Every sign has its communication style. Sagittarius likes to tell entertaining stories, Aquarius likes an esoteric conversation, and Taurus wants to flirt a little.

If it’s that kind of conversation.

With a penchant for romance, a Taurus man enjoys an exchange peppered with flirty talk. But that’s just one small part. There’s also body language, eye contact, and all the little things that make up communication on a nonverbal level.

In other words, he’ll appreciate it if you use your body as much as you use your words. I’m about to tell you exactly how.

Why do these tips work? Because every sun sign has a certain set of traits in common. When you know what these traits are, it’s easier to figure out how to approach someone in a way that they’ll respond to.

Here’s what Taurus likes.

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Make Eye Contact

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Try to look your Taurus man in the eyes from time to time. A meaningful look can often say more than words can.

Taurus is particularly sensitive to this type of communication. In fact, he might be a bit shy about making eye contact, and if that’s the case, don’t worry about it. He might be deep in thought about you at the moment.

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Turn Your Body Toward Him

Show the Taurus that you’re really present in the conversation not only with eye contact, but also with the way you move your body.

If you’re turned away from him with your arms folded across your chest, it might look like you don’t want him to come any closer. But if you turn your body to face him and maintain open body language, he’ll really pick up on that.

Yeah, this might be Body Language 101 for when you’re talking to anybody, but Taurus especially needs reassurance from you that you find him attractive and interesting. This is one element of showing him that.

Share Your Passions

What’s your passion in life? Is it public speaking? Crocheting? Taxidermy? (Actually, save that one for Scorpio.)

Whatever it is, share it with the Taurus. Why is this important? Because Taurus men like a partner who is thoughtful and driven. It’s a way of indicating that you’ve got these qualities—that you like to pursue something that you’re really passionate about.

He’ll also just enjoy the opportunity to get to know you better through your interests.

Make It Sexy

If you’ve been on some dates with your Taurus already, don’t be afraid to spice up your conversation with some light flirtation. Don’t get raunchy or anything—that might push him in the other direction, especially since Taurus really likes to do the chasing.

An invitation is what you’re looking for. Some fun, lighthearted banter or flirting is a good place to start.

Go Deep

Taurus is one of the signs that appreciates a conversation that goes beyond the surface of things. Your Taurus guy will be impressed if you can introduce him to an engaging topic that you can really dive into.

This is a great thing to do on a date. It may not be so convenient at work if you’re trying to flirt with a coworker, but it’s good to remember that when you’ve got a chance to talk one-on-one. 

Keep this in mind if he talks about something that he particularly enjoys. Get him to open up more and ask him questions. It’ll show that you’re focused on him—in short, that you care.

Be a Good Listener

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Talking is just one part of being a good conversational companion. The other side is listening.

Give your Taurus man plenty of room to respond and expand on his own ideas and viewpoints. He’s likely to have opinions on many subjects.

For one thing, being a good listener ensures that you don’t bore your partner to tears with non-stop sharing of your own stories that might not be as relatable as you think.

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But more importantly, giving the Taurus the floor demonstrates your genuine interest in him and his mind. That’s sexy to him.

Touch His Arm

If you know about Tauruses, you know that they’re physical types of people. They like the way soft things feel maybe more than any other sign, and they certainly like it when people they’re attracted to touch them.

Smile and put a hand on his shoulder when you say something to him. Brush his arm not so accidentally when you’re reaching for something by him. 

Do whatever you need to do to make some physical contact. He’ll get the message.

Accept His Quietness

Last but not least, if the Taurus isn’t feeling being the talker at the moment, don’t try to push him to talk. Give him the space to do what makes him comfortable.

It’s best not to jump to the conclusion that he’s not enjoying himself if he’s a bit button-lipped. He may prefer to hear you talk, or he might be shy. Either way, the last thing you want to do is try to get him out of his comfort zone. Tauruses don’t like that!

Even chatty Tauruses may go quiet when they’re feeling you out. If he texts you later, you know that he likes you.

What’s your go-to tactic when talking to Taurus guys?

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