What Does Taurus Man Like About Virgo Woman? (Why He Can’t Resist)

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If you’re a Virgo woman waiting for your dream Taurus man, keep reading.

What does Taurus man like about Virgo woman, exactly?

  • How down-to-earth and approachable she is
  • She’s smart and sexy, yet modest—just what he likes
  • Taurus feels that Virgo gets him, and she does
  • She’s mature, practical and level-headed
  • Virgo embodies the feminine qualities Taurus wants

In a relationship, Taurus and Virgo can make each other extremely happy—as long as they know how to handle each other’s darker sides.

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Why Are Taurus So Attracted to Virgo?

One thing that always keeps Tauruses coming back to Virgos is their shared element: earth.

Signs of the same element tend to click automatically.

So it’s no surprise that Taurus is instinctively attracted to Virgo.

It’s so strong that a Virgo woman doesn’t really need to try. She hooks the Taurus man just by her very nature.

As the Taurus man learns more about the Virgo woman, he finds that she really is what he’s looking for: a confident, intelligent woman who’s both ambitious and nurturing.

Below, we’ll talk about why the Taurus man longs for the Virgo woman.

What Does Taurus Man Like About Virgo Woman?

1. Her cool and relaxed aura

Taurus men are drawn to another calm, relaxed personality such as theirs.

That’s the Virgo woman—she’s totally down-to-earth and easy to get along with.

She’s friendly and won’t dismiss someone for approaching her.

With her ability to talk to anyone and smooth over conversational gaps, she makes a Taurus man come out of his shell.

2. How intelligent, yet humble she is

A Virgo woman has brains as well as beauty.

She’s whip-smart and thoughtful, preferring meaningful conversation to idle chit-chat.

The Taurus can relate to her on this, and he finds her intelligence sexy and intriguing.  

She’ll stimulate him with intellectual talks, which the Taurus man adores.

What the Taurus man really admires, however, is how the Virgo woman never lets her intelligence go to her head.

She’s humble and genuinely interested in other people, and if anything she undersells her achievements and intelligence.

Which just adds to her intriguing mysteriousness for the Taurus man.

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3. Her unspoken connection with him

Being two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo share a potent connection.

They have similar personality traits, but they also share values like loyalty, practicality and family.

It will seem to the Taurus man like the Virgo woman is on his wavelength.

And indeed, she is.

Even if the two of them hesitate when they meet each other since they’re both reserved, they’ll be drawn to one another.

They intuitively know that this person has the ability to really get them.

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4. She makes a man work to date her

A Virgo woman is slow to open up in dating.

Furthermore, she has high standards that she doesn’t drop for anyone who courts her.

She knows her worth and hardly needs to prove it to any man.

A Taurus man loves this about her. He believes a woman should be modest and choosy when it comes to her pick of men.

He’s about quality, not quantity—he’ll pursue one woman who’s truly worth it stubbornly until he makes her swoon for him.

Once he’s won the Virgal over, his ego will get a major boost as he proudly shows her off.

5. She’s practical and responsible

Virgos don’t throw away time or money on frivolous things. This is the kind of frugal and practical nature that the Taurus man finds very attractive in a woman.

As a single man, he’d love to meet someone who’s socking her money away for retirement and working toward her goals.

Since he thinks about a woman’s future potential as his mate, he sees this as compatible with his own lifestyle.

A Virgo woman is hard-working and self-sufficient.

When she’s in a relationship, she maintains her self-sufficiency and keeps her eye on the prize. This is just the kind of stability the Taurus man wants from his partner.

6. She’s feminine and ladylike

Proper, polite and kind to everyone she meets, a Virgo is a true lady in the Taurus man’s eyes.

As it happens, Taurus guys are most attracted to classically feminine types.

Enter the Virgo woman, who is receptive, gentle and mature.

Although they’re ambitious and have a tendency to be anxious, Virgo females make wonderful nurturing types with soothing energy for their partners and loved ones.

A Taurus man can easily see himself starting a family with a Virgo woman, something that he likely wants someday.

7. She’s attentive

In a relationship, a Virgo woman knows how to make a man feel cared for. And indeed, the Taurus man loves how attentive she is to him. 

Detail-oriented as she is, she demonstrates her feelings for the Taurus man through acts of service.

She’ll do his laundry when she knows he needs a clean shirt for work.

A problem-solver, she’ll always do what she can to help him out of a bind.

Whatever he needs, she’ll give to him because it’s who she is.

He adores that about her and will want to return the favors.

8. She allows him to be dominant

Taurus men like traditional roles in relationships.

The Taurus wants a woman who will follow his leadership, which the Virgo woman will do for him.

Provided he knows what he’s doing, of course.

She’s flexible, though she won’t be stepped on. This gives the Taurus man the sense of her boundaries that he needs.

She is, however, most submissive in bed.

Since the Taurus man prefers to be the dominant one in this arena, leading his lady on a journey of pure physical pleasure, he’s more than happy she’ll let him.

9. Her sensuality in bed

Virgo women may be controlled and reserved in their normal everyday lives, but in the sheets they know how to tantalize a Taurus man’s senses.

These two signs are similarly sensual and can blow each other’s minds in a slow, steamy lovemaking session.

But the Virgo woman is also versatile and can be anything the Taurus man desires in the moment.

She’ll go above and beyond to please him and fulfill his fantasies.

And because she’s attuned to him, she’ll know intuitively how to touch him, tease him and keep him begging for more.

Other Taurus Man Questions

Are Taurus male and Virgo female compatible?

Yes, a Taurus male and a Virgo female are highly compatible. 

Their easy-going personalities sync well together, and they find that they have many shared interests and desires.

As a bit of a worry-wort, the Virgo finds the steady Taurus’s influence calming. And Taurus receives plenty of loyalty, honesty and care-taking from Virgo.

Both Virgo and Taurus have a practical approach to life that makes them see eye-to-eye on most things and accomplish much together.

Should a Taurus marry a Virgo?

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Taurus and Virgo will have a beautiful life together should they decide to get married.

They have the stamina and commitment to make marriage work. Although they won’t need to try too hard—this is a couple that just clicks.

They’ll put their resources together to have the home and life they envision with an abundance of security, predictability and support.

If they have any problems, they’ll be dedicated to finding a peaceful resolution. 

Because of their level of understanding, they know when and how to help and comfort each other.

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Taurus male, Virgo female in bed

In bed, the Taurus and Virgo are totally focused on each other’s pleasure.

Neither is a greedy lover and lives to make their partner feel good.

Because the Virgo is sexually submissive to her dominating Taurus, she’s the perfect partner for him.

However, she knows how to take the reins, too!

There will be no problems between them here. Both people are extremely sensual and feel safe exploring with each other.

However, the Taurus man will require more romance and emotion in bed than the Virgo woman.

If she’s open to it, the Taurus can introduce her to a new level of passion and intimacy that will change her world.

Taurus man and Virgo woman pros and cons


  • They have a well-matched physical connection and sexual chemistry
  • This is a strong partnership between two equals with similar goals, outlooks and desires
  • There is plenty of mutual support, especially the kind that matters to them—supportive actions over words
  • Virgo and Taurus have an automatic understanding and bond
  • This couple will join forces and make their every dream come true
  • Taurus can help soothe Virgo’s nervousness and Virgo can help Taurus optimize and achieve his goals 


  • The Taurus man gets insecure without a steady diet of physical affection and continuous emotional reassurance, which intellectual Virgo may struggle to keep up with
  • Virgo’s perfectionism and critical nature could exhaust Taurus
  • A Taurus man won’t like it if a Virgo woman tries to dictate how he should spend his time and money
  • The Taurus is not a big communicator while Mercury-ruled Virgo is, so she could become frustrated if he doesn’t want to talk out an issue

Why are Taurus and Virgo soulmates?

These two are said to be soulmates given their higher-than-average compatibility and their intuitive bond.

Though not every Virgo will end up with a Taurus in the long run, it’s a common story for a Taurus to have been a significant relationship for them at some point.

And vice versa.

They’re strongly attracted to each other and have the opportunity to create the life they want together with very little friction.

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