What Does a Taurus Man Find Attractive in a Scorpio Woman? (8 Key Tips)

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What does a Taurus man find attractive in a Scorpio woman?

  • Her simmering sexuality and fierce brand of femininity
  • That trademark Scorpio mysteriousness!
  • How emotional and tender she is once she lets the Taurus man in

But when a Taurus man turns the intense romance on and off like a switch, a confused Scorpio woman may start pressing him too hard.

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Why are Taurus so attracted to Scorpio?

They say opposites attract.

With Taurus and Scorpio, they sit 180 degrees from each other on the zodiac wheel.

They’re literal opposites, giving Taurus man and Scorpio woman magnetic attraction.

As opposites fit together like yin and yang, Taurus and Scorpio are built to complement each other.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet represented by the goddess of love, beauty and creativity. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the god of war, passion, drive and ambition.

Put these two together, and you’ve got a smoking combination of uncontrollable sexual desire and a borderline obsession with each other.

With Taurus’s sense of romance and Scorpio’s ambition, the two will be the most beautiful power couple you’ve ever seen.

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What Does a Taurus Man Find Attractive in a Scorpio Woman?

1. Her intensity

Scorpio, like Taurus, is a strong sign.

The Scorpio woman radiates a quality of power and self-control that the Taurus man can relate to.

But also, it makes the possessive Taurus man want to possess her even more.

She speaks, lives, and breathes passion. This, to the sensual Taurus man, is highly arousing, especially since he’s so mellow.

He wants to touch, smell, hold and taste all that raw passion.

And while some men might be intimidated by her intensity, the Taurus male can think of nothing but having it all to himself.

2. Her sexual energy

Erotic is the word to describe a Scorpio woman in all her sexy glory.

She’s an object of desire for all men, but the Taurus gets addicted to the Scorpio woman.

Tauruses are steamy, highly sexually charged individuals themselves.

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They’re looking for one person to unleash all of their lustiness and sexual prowess on.

As for the Scorpio woman, she’s an absolute bombshell, oozing a simmering sexuality in everything that she does.

A Taurus guy can just feel in his bones that the Scorpio lady is his match in the sack, and she is.

If they get together, they’ll hardly leave the bedroom.

3. Her confidence

A Scorpio woman knows what she’s worth.

She will never settle for someone who’s beneath her, or who isn’t as strong, mature and independent as she is.

So when she recognizes his worth as her lover, the Taurus man takes it as a high compliment.

But also, the materialistic Taurus man is attracted to what he perceives as high value.

He must win her.

4. Her emotional side

Strong-willed as a Scorpion is, she’s also profoundly emotional and sensitive. 

Like the Taurus man, she protects her emotional self under a shell. But she’s not afraid to open herself up to the Taurus man as she gets involved with him.

A Taurus man wants to protect and nurture this part of her.

She makes him feel like he’s found someone he can open up to and trust with his own soft, romantic side.

5. Her determination

Once she’s met a man she’s into, a Scorpio woman doesn’t let go until he’s hers.

She’s feisty and she’ll fight for her man.

The Taurus man likes this about her because it shows him that she really wants him.

He will lose interest in a woman who seems wishy-washy.

The Scorpio woman’s obsessive tendencies can initially make him cautious. But once he reciprocates the way she needs him to, this will be resolved and they will keep each other close.

Anna Kovach explains the what a woman will need to do to overcome the hurdles in Taurus Man Secrets.

If the Scorpio can let the Taurus come to her at his own pace but continue to show him her Scorpionic attention, he’ll desire her all the more.

6. Her feminine appeal

There’s something fiercely feminine about a Scorpio woman, attracting a Taurus man instantly.

She has an effortless femininity in her look, regardless of what she wears.

Her womanliness is not like the Pisces’, which is ethereal and delicate.

Though she’s strong and even tough on the exterior, the Scorpio woman has a secret tenderness and vulnerability that she only shows to those she trusts.

The Taurus can sense it and wants to explore her complexity.

7. Her mysteriousness

Nobody comes across as dark and mysterious like a Scorpio.

This woman is not easy for the Taurus man to figure out, which he prides himself in being able to do with other people.

She’ll tease him without even trying—it’s majorly sexy to him.

For a Taurus man, he needs an incentive to chase a woman.

Which is perfect for the Scorpio as her intriguing personality drives him crazy from “hello.”

8. Her loyalty

Scorpio and Taurus are both extremely loyal to their loved ones and their partners.

Taurus will not tolerate any kind of betrayal or deceit. He’s a grounded man who needs to be able to rely on his woman.

Furthermore, his possessiveness makes it hard for him to trust, something that Scorpio gets completely.

The Mars-ruled Scorpio is very black-and-white about loyalty.

She’s loyal almost to a fault and will never leave any room for the Taurus man to doubt her, making her all the more desirable to him.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do Taurus and Scorpio get along?

Both of these signs are incredibly sensual and enjoy indulging each other in all the earthly pleasures, from food to sex.

They both have a darker, more sarcastic sense of humor and find each other hilarious.

They’re unapologetically themselves, which they appreciate in the other because being genuine is important to them both.

Where things may get bumpy is when it comes to both of these signs’ stubbornness.

They’re fixed signs, which means they don’t budge when they’ve made up their minds.

It can be tough on a friendship or relationship, and romantically they’ll have to learn to deal with it and not rely solely on their sexual chemistry.

Taurus man in bed with Scorpio woman

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This sexual combination is on fire.

When the slow, sensual Taurus meets the smoldering passion and energy of the Scorpio woman, these two will burn up the sheets.

They intuitively know what the other wants, almost like a psychic connection.

They’ll relish blowing each other’s minds in bed for the sheer power and pleasure of it.

But sex is much more than a physical act for these two.

It’s powerful and spiritual and can transform them both emotionally.

How do you know if a Taurus man likes you?

It starts to get obvious a Taurus man is into you when he’s showing up wherever you are and complimenting you constantly.

He’ll want to be physically close to you and touch you whenever he can.

His goal is to get your attention, whether that’s by being in your personal space or showing off around the competition.

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How do you impress a Taurus man?

An easy way to impress a Taurus man is to whip up a delicious meal.

Serve it to him with a beautiful presentation and a sprig of fresh green garnish.

A Taurus man may appreciate luxury and sensory delights, but what he’s really impressed by is a woman who is genuine and open in her heart.

He notices the details and wants to be with a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t change for anybody.

Be yourself and love yourself first, and that will impress a Taurus man even if you can’t cook.

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Are Scorpio and Taurus soulmates?

Some say they are.

Opposites often have that kind of energy.

They balance each other and can offer one another the things they both value the most in a relationship: loyalty, truthfulness, dependability, a deep emotional connection and sexual alignment.

If you’ve met your soulmate in a Taurus man, check out Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets so you really start to understand what’s underneath his stoic exterior.

Anna is married to a Taurus man, so her advice comes from experience not just as a long-time relationship astrologer, but also as a Taurus man’s lover and wife.

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