What Attracts a Taurus Man to a Sagittarius Woman? (Why He Wants Her)

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They seem like opposites, but sparks can fly between Taurus and Sagittarius.

What attracts a Taurus man to a Sagittarius woman, exactly?

  • Her personality—she’s bubbly, smart, funny and easygoing
  • She’s highly independent and will entice the Taurus to chase her
  • She’ll introduce him to new pleasurable experiences
  • She’s a nature girl and loves to camp, hike or do anything outside

Though this match is rare, it’s not impossible. It just takes work.

If you’re a Sagittarius woman and you don’t want to miss your chance with a Taurus man, learn how to communicate and understand how he thinks.

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Why Are Taurus So Attracted to Sagittarius?

At first glance, a Taurus is never going to be into a Sagittarius.

Sag needs too much freedom and may not take things seriously enough for the possessive Taurus.

On the other hand, Sagittarius has so much energy and optimism that the more reserved, hyper-practical Taurus can’t help but perk up and take notice.

There’s also an underrated social side to Tauruses that Sagittarius brings out.

The Taurus can enjoy the limelight just as much as a fire sign. With a Sagittarius, a Taurean gets permission to cut loose and have fun.

As they court each other, they figure out that they have more in common than they initially thought, further attracting them.

Let’s dive into the top Sagittarius traits that call to a Taurus now.

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What Attracts a Taurus Man to a Sagittarius Woman?

1. Her friendly style of flirting

Sagittarians are pretty masterful at flirting without crossing lines.

This is great for a Taurus guy, who prefers a woman’s flirting to be, in his opinion, ladylike.

A Sagittarius woman keeps things pretty innocent and playful in the initial stages while seducing him with her charming personality and effortless sexiness.

She’ll step it up if the Taurus man does first. She’s an accommodating sign who will match his pace.

Meanwhile, she’ll keep pulling the Taurus man in with her bubbliness and carefree attitude.

2. Her bawdy humor

Taurus guys tend to have a bold, earthy sense of humor. It can take you by surprise, given the understated way they tell a joke.

They like getting a rise out of you, and they don’t particularly care for a stuffier type of person who can’t laugh at a blunt joke.

A Sagittarius woman has a hearty sense of humor and a great laugh.

She doesn’t take offense easily, and she can crack a risque joke with the best of them.

The Taurus man loves that he can laugh with her and feel appreciated, and that she herself is so witty and hilarious.

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It’s not a typical trait that the Taurus looks for in a romantic interest, but it enchants him in the Sagittarius woman.

3. She’s too busy to chase him

Sagittarius women are born with a need for absolute freedom.

A Sagittarius female lives her life exactly how she wants to, and she has so much energy and varied interests, she’s got something to do every second of her day.

Basically, she’s got no time to stalk a slow-moving Taurus man.

She doesn’t demand that he return her phone call right away because, honestly, she’ll forget about it as soon as something else grabs her attention.

It’s ideal for the Taurus because he’s turned off by clingy women.

With her independence and nonchalant attitude, a Sagittarius woman gives Taurus the incentive to pursue.

He likes that he has to wait for a piece of her time. It just ups her value to him.

4. She’s easygoing

One of the magical things about Sagittarius people is their fun, yet relaxed energy.

The Sagittarius woman has a fire sign’s enthusiasm with a healthy dash of calmness that makes her extremely easygoing and approachable.

It’s a tantalizing mix for a Taurus man, who is drawn to her flame but doesn’t handle dramatic people well.

This is one of her personality traits that gets the Taurus man to relax around her. Otherwise, she might intimidate him.

A Taurus man is attracted to a woman he can hang out and be friends with as much as lovers.

As it happens, this describes the Sagittarius woman perfectly.

In fact, it’s when they’re hanging out in a friendly social situation (i.e., not romantic), maybe with mutual friends or at an office party, that the Taurus man will realize he’s really attracted to her.

5. Her honesty

For a Taurus man to even give a woman the time of day, he needs to know that she’s being straightforward with him.

Since a Sagittarius woman will always tell him how she feels and what she wants, being with her feels more relaxed for the Taurus man.

A Sagittarian is honest in a pure, almost childlike way. 

In fact, this trait gives her some natural defenses against secret tests the Taurus man might give her to see if she can be trusted.

If you’re curious about his tests, Anna Kovach dives into some of the lesser-known ones and ways to beat them in Taurus Man Secrets.

Plain and simple, he’s not a great mind reader, and he doesn’t like surprises.

So it’s a breath of fresh air having sure footing with a woman who is simply a straight shooter.

6. She’s worldly

Truth be told, Taurus men aren’t usually big travelers, unless they’re booking a vacation to the Bahamas.

Sagittarians, on the other hand, live for road trips, foreign adventures and travel far and wide.

This tends to give the Sagittarius a special kind of wisdom from doing and seeing so much.

Cultured and passionate about life, she has interesting tastes that she can share with the Taurus man.

Because although she’s not a sensory earth sign like the Taurus, she’s all about experience, and she can really open up a Taurus man’s world.

She’ll get him to vary his routines. She’ll take him to the new Cuban-Asian fusion restaurant downtown.

He’ll try, do and see new things with her—and like them, because she’s got good taste. He’ll feel like he has a new lust for life with her.

As he comes to depend on her for some excitement, he’ll desire her more.

7. She’s down to go camping

Who loves the outdoors more than Taurus?

Possibly Sagittarius.

Sagittarius women, depending on their personalities, might like to rough it in the woods or glamp like they’re staying at a five-star hotel.

Either way, that’s great for the Taurus man.

He loves spending a night out under the milky way, and he thinks it’s super hot when a woman has that nature-girl streak in her.

She’s not just down to go camping. She’ll go hiking, biking, skiing, whatever the Taurus man fancies.

In fact, he might find that he has to keep up with her out on the trails.

8. Smart conversation

A witty, quippy conversation turns a Taurus man on.

He likes banter as a form of flirtation, which the Sagittarius woman can do for days.

Both of these signs are great at observational comedy, so their banter goes off like fireworks.

But she’s also highly intelligent with a strong philosophical side that the Taurus man finds fascinating when they talk one-on-one.

She likes to keep things light, just like the Taurus man.

She can switch back and forth with perfect timing, appealing to the Taurus’s Venusian-influenced social sensibilities.

With equal parts charm and sophistication like this, it’s easy to see why a Taurus man would develop a crush.

Other Taurus Man Questions

Can a Taurus man date a Sagittarius woman?

There’s a fairly narrow chance that a Taurus man and Sagittarius woman will hit it off instantly in the dating department.

Even if they’re attracted to one another, they have some big differences to overcome to be able to communicate effectively and not upset each other.

The Sagittarius woman needs a ton of freedom. She’s a risk-taker and a carefree spirit.

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The Taurus man is controlling and needs routine.

Dating will be much more successful if they learn more about how the other operates and if they’re willing to compromise more than many (or most).

Can a Taurus man fall in love with a Sagittarius woman?

He sure can.

If a Taurus man can’t help but fall for the Sagittarius woman, he’ll find his passion for her difficult to control.

She’s not the type of woman to feel lukewarm about—and he won’t easily forget her.

However, the question is really whether the Taurus man will decide to be with her in the long run.

No matter who he’s with, he requires convincing that she shares similar enough goals and world views and has a love language compatible with his.

Can Sagittarius marry Taurus?

Yes, but it’s definitely not a common pairing.

Most Sagittarius and Taurus couples are short-lived. Often, the Sagittarius will throw in the towel at the early signs of relationship distress.

But if they decide to work on their relationship, they’ll end up having an incredibly strong marriage.

Both of these signs, when they’ve found their one and only, are insanely loyal, loving and supportive.

If they get to the altar, they’ve already been tested and are most likely truly destined to be together.

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Is Taurus good for Sagittarius?

A Taurus can be really good for a Sagittarius.

Taurus is a grounding force for Sagittarius. While a Sagittarius can be flighty and have difficulty making a decision, the Taurus’s influence is calming and reassuring.

Strong and solid, the supportive Taurus will be a rock for the Sagittarius.

With a Taurus, a Sagittarius may be able to have it all—deep, nourishing love, loyalty and success.

Is Sagittarius and Taurus a bad match?

These signs can clash big time owing to their very different views and ways of doing things.

They both insist on having things their way, with Sagittarius being surprisingly stubborn like the Taurus.

With a Sagittarius needing so much space and freedom and a Taurus being possessive and anxious, arguments can blow up quickly.

Misunderstandings are also a big possibility. The Sagittarius will assume the Taurus is fine while the Taurus is quietly brooding.

If they want to get a handle on these types of issues, open communication and acceptance of the other’s differences are vital components.

If you want a Taurus man and you’re not sure how to make it work, a guide like Taurus Man Secrets is your best bet.

You need to unlock the Taurus male’s hidden thoughts, feelings and phobias in order to understand them and tame them.

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