How to Talk to a Virgo Man (Plus 10 Conversation Starters)

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Not sure what to say to a Virgo man to get him to like you?

Here’s how to talk to a Virgo man:

  • Relax and keep it low-key
  • Feed his mind with book talk
  • Make him laugh and entertain him
  • Enlist his help on something
  • Make lots of eye contact

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How to Talk to a Virgo Man

We all need a good icebreaker to get our crush smiling and flirting.

But with a Virgo man, it can be intimidating.

He’s nice but on the reserved side, charming and humble with a simmering intelligence you can just see in his eyes.

How do you talk to a guy like that?

And how do you get him interested in you?

The answer is, you need to bring your easy-going nature to the table.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

Bring calm, cool energy

Virgo men really love when they don’t feel like they have to try to talk to you.

They prefer it when it feels natural and easy.

That is, they’ll love it if you’re low-key, not too high or low.

You know…easygoing.

Flirt with your eyes

Flirting too hard with a Virgo man, especially when you just met him, can paralyze him or put him off.

You want to be more subtle than that.

If you want to make a Virgo man more interested in you and want you, you need to flirt with eye contact.

By that I mean, make plenty of it.

Give him your best “I think you’re sexy” sort of eye contact while chatting.

He’ll love that kind of attention from a sexy admirer like yourself.

Don’t get too personal

Making the conversation light and fun is a smart way to go with a Virgo man, especially when you’re first interacting with him.

It doesn’t mean you need to avoid meatier, more intellectual topics.

In fact, you should definitely embrace those!

Just try to leave subjects like deep emotional stuff off the table.

Make it interesting

Speaking of intellectual topics, you can absolutely bring up anything that you think will stimulate your Virgo man’s mind.

He loves to think and he loves to learn.

So go ahead and give him something to chew on!

Crack a joke or two

Virgos may be polite, but they also love to laugh.

And by the way, they love funny women.

Type of humor?

Not raunchy or slapstick, but not stuffy. 

Smart, witty and on the innocent side can all work.

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What to talk to a Virgo man about

Need fuel for a first conversation?

Or a first date?

Here are some ideas…

1. Books

As you may have suspected, talking texts (not just the ones on your phone) is always interesting to the brainy Virgo.

You can bring up a cool book you read.

Or instead of a book, a thought-provoking article you read online.

Whether it’s science-y, political or philosophical, if you can turn the highlights into a conversation starter, that’s sure to do the trick.

2. Culture

Virgos may be book worms, but they also have a great love of all things cultural.

You can’t go wrong talking to a Virgo about art, writing (of course) and music.

In fact, many Virgos are musical themselves, or have serious talent in any number of creative areas.

Talk about books, sure—

But make sure you give your Virgo man a chance to share his artistic side.

3. A mutual interest

It may sound obvious, but this tip is in here as a reminder that you don’t want to spend all your time trying to find something your Virgo man likes to talk about.

You should talk about things you both like.

Really, Virgo men just want to connect with someone, just like everyone else.

They get excited talking to someone who cares about things that they care about, too.

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4. Advice

Virgo men love to help.

They pride themselves in taking good care of themselves and keeping their lives neat and organized, and they take a genuine interest in spreading the wealth.

So go ahead and ask for a little advice.

Expect to have their full attention as they try to figure out a way to make improvements in your life.

5. His passions

If you’re not sure what gets the Virgo man excited, ask him.

Virgos are those people who always have some type of pet project going on and are very much invested in them.

So of course, they like to reflect on them out loud when prompted.

Plus, asking a Virgo man about his passions shows that you care, which will pique his interest.

6. Work

As it happens, a lot of Virgos’ passions are reflected in their jobs.

So believe it or not, it’s not boring to talk about work.

Even if they aren’t pursuing their passions in their work, they are dedicated to their careers and career development.

And they will more than likely happily chat about that.

7. Something you know a lot about

If you’re an amateur expert on something, talk about it with your Virgo guy.

As mentioned earlier, Virgos are keen on learning new things.

They can get into any subject if you can educate them on it!

Share your knowledge.

You’ll get brain points, too.

8. Funny observations

Observational comedy is so Virgo.

What I mean is, being able to point out the humor in anything is very attractive to Virgo men.

They don’t want to be serious all the time.

Who does?

9. Health and fitness

In the 12-house horoscope wheel, the sixth house is ruled by Virgo. It’s the house of all things to do with personal health, fitness and work—all things the Virgo man is invested in.

In conversation, these topics work well.

We already covered work of course, but things you could talk about to do with health and fitness could be an outdoor sport you do to keep in shape, meditation, cooking and all sorts of wellness subjects.

You’ll probably find that your Virgo man can relate to you on these topics.

10. Pets

Something else the sixth house of Virgo rules?


Yep, pets and small animals.

As it happens, Virgos tend to be serious animal lovers, so if you share sweet or humorous stories about your cat or dog, it’s a great icebreaker.

And they’ll probably want to share their own endearing pet stories with you.

Now that you have an idea of what to talk about and how to go about it with a Virgo man, it’s time to seal the deal.

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