How Does a Virgo Man Test You? (6 Tests You Need to Prepare For)

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How does a Virgo man test you, you ask?

Let us count the ways:

  • He tries to get to know the “real” you by asking probing questions
  • Your phone will ring constantly, then he’ll suddenly go silent
  • He drops bombs in conversations to see if you fit into his long-term plans
  • He pushes your buttons to see how you’ll react

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How Does a Virgo Man Test You?

Because Virgo guys are so reserved and in their heads, it’s hard to understand their motives. 

And with their tendency to be critical, it can be especially difficult to know how to handle their little tests.

Below, we’re going to get into not only what your Virgo man may test you on—

But also what you can do.

Whether you’re just getting to know a new Virgo man or you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while, use these tips to your advantage to come out winning.

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1. He asks questions

A Virgo man is a highly analytical being.

Not only this, but he is constantly seeking the truth, about you and about the world around him.

He wants to know what’s real—and he wants to know the real you.

Combine his analytical nature and his quest for the truth, and you get a man who asks you carefully orchestrated questions.

Then watches closely how you react.

He may ask about your past, or about what you would do in a hypothetical situation.

He’s listening for your answers, but he’s also watching your body language, listening for hesitations—anything that might give away the real truth.

Especially if his questions seem probing, he’s probably testing you, even a little.

However, this is inescapable.

So don’t sweat it too much—just be honest.

Even if you feel like he’s not going to like your answers, he’s not an unfair critic.

He will appreciate your honesty and trust you more.

2. He contacts you constantly

If a Virgo man is all over you all the time with constant texts and DMs, it can certainly be flattering.

But it may be a test!

Your Virgo man may be testing you for a variety of things: how attracted to him you are, how clingy you may be and whether you are looking for a serious vs. a casual relationship.

While it can come across like he’ll do anything for your attention, he is still watching your reactions and weighing them to later decide if you’re compatible.

I know that this is a little difficult to wrap your head around, but hey.

I never said Virgos were easy to understand!

So what should you do?

When in doubt, it’s best to play it cool.

Don’t fall into the trap of coming on equally strong, or he may get spooked.

Give him a little, but keep holding back enough to make him chase after you.

3. He goes quiet

Did your Virgo man blow up your phone on the daily, and now your text messages are a ghost town?

It’s possible that you did what we talked about earlier…and responded too vigorously to his attention.

If he was not ready to get into a serious relationship, even telling him that you were really into him could have given him a scare.

Or, maybe you never responded to him…not once.

After a while, he decided you weren’t interested in him and he decided to look elsewhere.

It’s a delicate balance you need to strike, for sure.

If you’re not feeling super comfortable about going about that on your own, I highly suggest reading Virgo Man Secrets so you know how your Virgo operates.

Again, a little goes a long way—brief response texts and holding your cards a little closer than you might be used to, at least until you’re in a stable relationship.

Sometimes, however, a Virgo man will just go quiet because he needs a little space.

Never get obviously upset about this.

In this case, he needs to know that he is still in control of his comings and goings and that you aren’t asking him to relinquish that.

4. He initiates serious conversations

Virgo men carefully plan out any decision that will affect their major goals.

This comes into play especially when they meet someone who could be a potential long-term partner.

If he sees you in his future, a Virgo man will likely try to feel out whether you’re compatible where his goals are concerned.

Are you down to have kids?

Do you want to stay put, or are you into the idea of living abroad (because he has plans to)?

Note that he might not ask you directly—he may do his hypothetical question-asking thing or drop hints in conversations that are difficult to ignore.

It might feel intense, but he’s so practical, your Virgo man just wants to make sure that you’re on the same page.

Otherwise, why waste time?

So, what should you do? Again, just answer him honestly.

You don’t have to say, “I think I might like to have kids with you.”

But if he asks, he has a reason. And you wouldn’t want to be with him if you didn’t want similar things anyway, right?

5. He pushes buttons

OK, so this seems kind of hypocritical of Virgo men.

They don’t like women who play games or who are overly emotional, yet they’ll deliberately push your buttons.


Well, it’s necessary to the Virgo man to do this at some point so that he can see how you handle things. 

Are you super touchy?

Do you go into meltdown mode at the slightest provocation?

If so, he might decide that you’re too emotional for him.

He needs to know that a) you’re not going to bring excessive drama into your relationship, and b) he is capable of handling your reactions and behaviors.

Our best advice?

Try to remain relatively calm.

He knows you’re not a robot, so we’re not saying don’t get annoyed if he’s done something annoying.

Just maintain a rational approach. If you need to, tell him you don’t like what he’s doing and ask him to stop.

He’ll respect the boundaries you firmly set.

6. He watches out for whether you keep your promises

A Virgo guy is looking for someone he can depend on.

Therefore, it is essential to follow through on any commitment you make to him, no matter how small. 

If you promised to sew a button back onto his shirt so he can wear it on Wednesday, have it done by Monday.

If you told him that you would help him write a report for his grad class, don’t go out with friends for happy hour beforehand and show up less than ready to work.

When you break a commitment, your Virgo man counts that as a point against you.

Show you’re dependable in your other relationships, too.

A Virgo man will take note if you blow off helping your friend move when you get an invitation to do something else.

If you can be a bit of a flaky person, you will need to work on improving in that area if you want the relationship to work.

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