How to Turn on a Leo Man (5 Sexy Moves That Will Thrill Him)

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You want to give your Leo man the night of his life. So naturally, you need to know what gets him hot and bothered.

Here’s how to turn on a Leo man:

  • Dress up and role play
  • Wear super sexy, super revealing lingerie
  • Let your Leo turn you on
  • Let him know how he’s doing

Whether you just started seeing him or you’re in a serious relationship, you have the power to make him blind to other women. Rocking his world is only one small part of it.

If you want the tried-and-true way that works on all Leo men, you need a guide to this guy’s psychology like Leo Man Secrets.

OK, Ready to become his sex goddess? Read on…

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How to Turn On a Leo Man 

This king of the jungle is every bit as bold and brazen in the bedroom as he is in every other aspect of his life.

Slow and steady is not his game so be prepared for a sprint (or several) and not a marathon.

Leos are one of the most sexually driven signs in the zodiac.

Being a fire sign, they have so much energy and passion within them that it needs to be released somehow. This is a fun and healthy way for them to do it.

Although they do have a reputation for being self-centered and a bit arrogant, Leo men have a big ol’ romantic side and it’s most noticeable when they have a partner they feel safe and comfortable with.

The best thing is, they aren’t even hard to please!

If you follow the advice outlined throughout this article, you will have no issues getting this lion to purr in ecstasy.

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Pull out the oils for a massage

Did you know that two of the body parts ruled by Leo are the back and spine?

These are also erogenous spots and can be used to turn the Leo man on. 

Have your man lie on his stomach while you gently rub lavender or jasmine oil (best for relaxation) slowly down his back and spine. This will get his muscles loose and he’ll be in a relaxed state. 

Massage is a way for you to share intimacy with one another and it releases a hormone, oxytocin, that creates happiness and pleasure between you two.

It’ll also get your Leo man excited about what’s to come next!

Let him please you

As the lion, the king of the jungle, Leos like to take charge. 

In the bedroom, though they do enjoy a woman taking over. But—they also relish being the one in control.

The Leo man is in his prime when he gets to show off his moves and rock your world.

Your Leo wants to impress you—he wants to be the best.

It gives him a thrill to think he’s opened a door for you and led you into a new world of pleasure and passion.

Don’t be passive, though! Take ownership of your body and the experience you’re sharing together.

And by all means, make sure your Leo knows how good he makes you feel.

Entice him through role-play

The stage is the natural home of the Leo.

A great way to thrill this man is to let him play a role in the bedroom. Literally.

You can dress up in different outfits and act out your fantasies. This is the kind of man who responds well to that.

Mix it up, too. Dress up as a dominatrix when you take charge.

But most importantly, have fun with it. You don’t have to take yourselves too seriously! This can actually help to solidify a bond between you.

Leo Man Secrets has more steamy tips that can help to nurture that bond.

Wear sexy lingerie

Leos care a great deal about appearances. That’s why you won’t catch them out without their hair perfectly coiffed and their outfits perfectly accessorized, even if they’re just going to the grocery store.

What’s that mean for the bedroom?

A Leo man loves to see you in something super sexy.

Put the effort into making your hair look soft and touchable, too. 

Wear the sexiest lingerie you can get your hands on. You don’t need to try to be modest!

Lace and silk are his favorites because he’s all about luxury.

Just be sure it’s not too tightly fastened because he’d prefer to tear it right off you…

Talk dirty

What man wouldn’t love a little dirty talk? This is especially true for Leo men.

In fact, they probably enjoy it more because it gives them an ego boost, something they don’t need help with but want nevertheless.

The most important thing is to let him know how good he is and what you like.

Don’t be afraid to get nasty with the talk either─Leos are passionate and love it when you say what’s really on your mind.

If anything it will get their toes curling and they will make sure you have a magical night.

You can totally tame a Leo man when you get inside his world and understand him completely. 

Your best bet is a comprehensive guide like Leo Man Secrets.

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