How to Win a Virgo Man Back (7 Steps to Success)

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It’s true, Virgo men are some of the hardest to get back with in the zodiac.

So then, how to win a Virgo man back? Follow these rules:

  • Do apologize and explain your actions logically
  • Give him time to come around—don’t chase him
  • Accept his critique of your relationship and don’t overreact
  • Get your timing right to open up to him when he’s ready

If your breakup was complicated, or if you’re just not sure he’ll come back to you, I strongly advise you to take action right away.

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Will a Virgo man come back?

Though it can be a mixed bag of results with Virgo men, they are not against rekindling a relationship with someone they cared for deeply.

So, yes. They may come back.

But hold on! It’s not that simple of an answer.

The reason Virgo men may get back together with you is that they have not been able to disentangle their emotions.

Especially if your Virgo man is the one who walked away, he made a logical assessment and determined that, for whatever reason, the relationship did not seem salvageable.

At the same time, it was not so easy to wrap up his emotions in a neat little box.

And that’s your in.

Even for a Virgo, emotions can be messy (though it won’t seem like that on his calm, cool surface).

The circumstances surrounding your breakup are, or course, highly relevant.

If you annihilated his trust, he can be next to impossible to win back.

But if your relationship didn’t end on a particularly bad note that you just can’t come back from, there is hope.

Here’s what you should do to plant the seed in your Virgo’s mind to get back together.

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How to Win a Virgo Man Back

Apologize and explain

Virgo men can be surprisingly forgiving of all kinds of offenses.

But you can be sure that none of them are ever forgotten.

Which is why you need to get on it as quickly as possible if you want your Virgo ex back and apologize up front.

But! Here’s the thing: You never want to just say you’re sorry. 

Even a great apology that lacks a follow-up explanation is not worth much to a rational Virgoan.

You need to prove that you are genuine in your desire to make it work with your Virgo man and that your sorry isn’t an empty one.

The best apology is a humble but straightforward one that doesn’t dance around the subject, followed by a sincere yet logical explanation (note, an explanation—not a defense!).

If, like many women, you’re having trouble getting a hold of your Virgo man after a breakup, you’ll probably do this over email, DM or text.

However you do it, make sure you let your Virgo know at the end that he can get in touch with you whenever he’s ready if he wants to talk about it.

Don’t chase him

OK, so you’ve reached out to your Virgo ex-boyfriend and apologized.

Now what?

Well, now is the really hard part. Because all you can do is wait.

If you have the urge to call him up and ask if he got your message, don’t.

Trust that he got it, and he’s mulling it over.

If you have a shot at getting back together, you’re not going to get an instant response as it’s just not in the Virgo’s nature to react. 

He has to think first, process it and try to envision what getting back together with you might look like before he can take the next step of getting back to you.

If you push him before he’s ready, you’re more likely to lose him.

He doesn’t want you to be needy, and he can’t be forced into a decision.

For sure, if he’s open to getting back together, he WILL respond to you, when he’s ready to.

It could take weeks. It could take a month.

But the Virgo man would agree—good things come to those who wait.

If you’re nervous that you’re not doing the right thing, get your hands on Virgo Man Secrets and start putting these proven tips and techniques into practice now.

Be ready for a tough talk

Perhaps you recall how searing your Virgo man’s criticism can be.

Well, post-breakup, you can expect that to happen again if your Virgo man does respond to you.

It’s not that he wants to be mean, but he’s certainly not going to hold back for the sake of your feelings.

And it’s really how you react that matters most.

Try not to argue with him or show that you’re taking anything he says as fighting words. That will surely turn him off.

Again, try not to get defensive even if his words cut you.

In the interest of getting your relationship fixed, it’s better if you can not show that he’s ruffled your feathers.

Strength is a virtue to the Virgo man, and he needs to know that you’re strong enough to handle his “real talk.”

Understand how he feels 

If there was anything surrounding your breakup that caused your Virgo pain and distress, the lingering bad feelings need to be dealt with carefully.

An apology can’t be all you offer, or he will feel like you’re just brushing the bad stuff aside to try to get him back.

What he needs to hear is that you fully understand what you did to cause him pain.

You see, he needs security that the same issues will not play out again.

Closed off as he may seem, your Virgo ex also has feelings the same as anyone else, and they must be validated by you if you’re going to earn his love back.

Acknowledge his feelings, accept responsibility for your actions and make sure he knows that you sincerely get the why and not just the what.

Demonstrate that you understand the moral of the story, and not just the plot.

Only then can he begin to consider letting you back in.

Be direct 

Want to know how to win a Virgo man back?

Make sure you tell him you want him back!

No man can read your mind, and a Virgo man especially is not going to act on anything that isn’t clear and obvious to him.

If he can’t figure out why you’re apologizing and trying to talk to him, he might just write it off.

It’s important that you let him know what you want while you’re laying the groundwork to be a couple again.

If he’s on board, he’ll greatly appreciate your honesty.

Even if it’s going to take more convincing for him, knowing where you stand is a safe place for him to work from if he’s going to reinvest his emotions.

And above all, it signifies that you’re not trying to play games, which is extremely important to Virgo men.

Show restraint

Shocking statement ahead: Virgos are deeply emotional and fragile.

“What?!” you say. “Why does my Virgo ex sometimes come across as cold and detached, then?”

Well, that’s a big question. And it has a lot of factors, including your Virgo’s uber rational approach to life, his deep need for privacy and his desire for orderliness and control.

But you can bet, just because you’re not seeing an eruption of emotion doesn’t mean he’s not feeling it.

In order to make the emotional connection with you, he needs you to be similar.

That is, your Virgo ex needs you to be cool and collected.

If you’re an emotional wreck, it will disturb him and he could even feel like you’re trying to manipulate him.

When in doubt, follow his lead.

Do what he does, let him make the moves and define the right moment to open up, when he’s comfortable.

When he’s ready, spill your heart

Yes, there is most definitely a time to lay your soul bare to a Virgo man.

But you need to have the timing right.

Virgo has to be totally ready to dive deep into emotional waters with you, at a point when he no longer has any reservations about it.

Which, by the way, can take a considerable amount of time.

But you’re not trying to rush it if you really want to get back with your Virgo guy.

Wait until he becomes responsive to you in a way that signals he’s ready to open that door.

Maybe he holds your hand, or is gazing into your eyes while you’re alone together in the way that he used to.

You’ll feel it when the moment is right.

In order to convince him, you will need to give your Virgo man what he really craves—a deep, meaningful soul connection that he has with nobody else but you.

Now is the time to be vulnerable with him. Let go of your fears and give him your heart completely.

It might be scary, but at this point, you’re either all with your Virgo man—or you’re all out.

Still feeling unsure?

We get it—Virgo men can be pretty intimidating because they’re so hard to read.

Not knowing what’s going on with your Virgo ex, it’s hard to be sure if one wrong move will be fatal.

If you’re nervous you’ll make a mistake, you’ll get peace of mind learning your Virgo man inside and out. All of his secret fears, longings, motivations and desires included.

That’s why we recommend Virgo Man Secrets. It will show you exactly what your Virgo man thinks, how to handle him and make all the right moves (and none of the wrong ones).

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