How to Get a Leo Man Back (6 Steps to Get Back in His Arms)

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Whether you’re going through a rough patch with your Leo man or you broke up, it’s time to win him back.

Here’s the quick answer to how to get a Leo man back:

  • If you need to apologize, put your heart into your apology
  • Be open, honest and real with him
  • Keep living your life

If he’s single now and he’s a catch, he’s going to be more bombarded than ever by other women’s invitations.

You’re going to want to get into his mind and heart with a comprehensive guide to all things Leo man.

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Does a Leo Man Come Back?

That answer depends on the situation.

Despite their ample confidence, Leos are sensitive and can get their feelings hurt pretty easily, especially if their pride is being challenged.

If you broke up with him, his ego will be bruised.

He may find it hard to come back for fear of being hurt again.

Worse would be if you cheated on him─he’ll be hard-pressed to forgive you for a deep breach of trust like that.

However, if you two broke it off after a petty argument or are just going through some tough times, that’s a different story.

If his feelings are/were strong, he will want to make the relationship work.

He will need time to get his feelings and emotions in check, but when he does he’ll reach out to you for reconciliation.

You can help him reach this stage faster by following the advice below…

How to Get a Leo Man Back

Leos are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Though they make talented actors, they can’t hide what they’re feeling.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll let you in on everything going on inside their minds.

You don’t have to be a mind reader. Here’s what to do.

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1. Make a heartfelt apology

If you were in the wrong and caused the hurt or a breakup with your Leo boo, you must apologize to him if you want any chance of getting back together.

Take responsibility and express how sorry you are for causing pain in a straight-up and earnest way.

With some signs, especially the air signs, it’s not the best idea to let all your emotions show.

But with a Leo, that’s actually not a bad way to approach it.

Cry if you feel like crying. Don’t be afraid to speak passionately. He’ll see it as sincerity and it will touch him.

It’ll take him some time, but he’ll be more likely to come around.

2. Hype him up

The best way to get on a Leo man’s good side is to lay down the flattery.

He can’t help but love the attention and how good it makes him feel.

Remind him of the great memories you two have shared and tell him you don’t think you’ll find anyone else as worthy as he.

Praise him on how good of a partner he is and share with him your favorite qualities about him.

He’ll be proud—this is a good way to tempt him to come back and create more happy times together.

3. Keep up your appearance

One thing a Leo man can’t resist is a beautiful woman.

Whether he’s agreed to a meetup or you know you’re going to run into him, you want to make an impression.

When he sees you and you look like you’ve just walked right off the cover of Vogue magazine, you’re sure to be running through his mind.

Treat yourself to new clothes. Get your hair and nails done. Have your makeup on point.

But you don’t really need to go overboard—just putting some effort in is surely going to get noticed.

4. Open up to him 

If you love your Leo man and truly want him back, don’t be afraid to let him know.

Tell him that you miss him in your life and let him know how much you care about him.

It may be scary to put your feelings out there, but as long as you’re not begging, it’s totally fine and encouraged.

Anna Kovach can coach you on what to say and do to get your Leo beau to never let go of you again in Leo Man Secrets.

Leo men value honesty. He’ll appreciate you being so real with him. He’ll likely open up to you and tell you how he feels.

This can lead to a breakthrough and wanting to get back with you.

5. Live your best life

Though it hurts that you don’t have your Leo man at the moment, you shouldn’t neglect your life.

You need to do what you love to do without any regrets.

Catch up with those you’ve haven’t spent time with for a while. Check out the new band in town. Have a girls night and turn the city out.

When he sees you having a good time without him he’ll wonder why are you so happy.

His ego can’t take the fact that you’re enjoying your life without him.

When you’re living your best life you become more attractive inside and out.

He’s going to want you back in his life to share the joy you’re experiencing with him.

6. Bring on the affection

Sometimes the best thing you can do to win him back is shower him with love and affection, especially through touch.

When you touch, it releases dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that make him feel good and relieve anxiety and stress.

Give him bear hugs, kiss him on the cheek and touch him whenever you can.

Your Leo man will remember how much chemistry you two share and will want to rekindle the romance.

Getting inside your Leo man’s heart and mind with Leo Man Secrets can make the bond between you unbreakable.

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