Gemini Mind Games in Love (5 Games Gemini Men Play + Tips to Deal)

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Feel like your Gemini boyfriend or love interest is messing with your mind?

You can spot Gemini mind games in love by these behaviors:

  • Your Gemini man is acting hot and cold
  • Lately, he’s become inexplicably distant
  • He tries to incite your jealousy

While games are just stops on the road to commitment for a Gemini man, ongoing issues can signal bigger problems you should handle fast—before the flighty Gemini does.

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Check out the guide above or continue reading for five big Gemini mind games to be ready for.

Gemini Mind Games in Love

Gemini, Gemini. So charming and so confusing.

Gemini men can definitely give you the runaround while you’re trying to figure out what’s going on in the relationship.

Sometimes it’s completely by accident—the free-spirited Gemini doesn’t mean to stir up trouble.

Other times, he’s trying to test the limits—how are you going to react? Are you really into him or just paying lip service?

If you want to know how to win (or at least make the games stop), read How to Play a Gemini Man at His Own Game.

For now, let’s uncover the reasons behind the games and tips to handle them.

1. He won’t reveal his true feelings

He laughs at your jokes, texts you constantly and asks you out. You’re sure he’s smitten, yet he’s never come out and said it.

Even when you openly state your feelings for him, he’ll crack a joke or find a way to make you forget he never answered you.

For one thing, not revealing his affection for you keeps the ball in his park.

When Gemini men are falling for someone, they often feel they need to keep their cards close while they figure you out. They want to know that you’ll be someone they can depend on.

But also, Gemini men are not the greatest at opening up about emotional stuff.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they’re big on exchanging ideas and information with you.

But the feelings—you’ll just need to wait until your Gemini man is in the mood to share those!

2. He’ll ghost you for days

You and your Gemini guy will be having a blast going out together, chatting late at night and just goofing off. Then you don’t hear from him for days.

It could be that he suddenly realized all these feelings he has for you and needed to escape to his private world to process them in his rational mind.

(For all those who don’t know, this is how Gemini operates: think –> feel.)

On the other hand, he could be feeling out your boundaries.

Geminis need to know they have the freedom to go where they want, do what they want and yes, even disappear off the face of the earth for a few days.

Try to give him the space he needs to do this.

If you’re worried this behavior is getting worse and your Gemini is backing out of the relationship, check your trusty guide Gemini Man Secrets for how to fix it.

3. He knows everything about you while you know nothing about him

When you two talk he’s always asking about you and your life.

It’s flattering and makes you feel special. But then you realize that you’re spilling your guts and he’s not reciprocating.

Even when you do try and get to know him better by asking particularly personal questions, you notice he’s short or vague with his answers.

Here’s what’s going on: He’s trying to stay one step ahead of you.

It’s another tool to protect himself while he assesses the relationship’s potential.

Fair? Probably not.

Here’s a tip: Play the mysterious role right back.

Rather than feel thwarted, the infinitely curious Gemini man will eat this up and step up his game a level or two.

4. He’s hot and cold

Yesterday he was fawning all over you. So why is he acting aloof today?

It seems like there might be, unfortunately, as many answers to this as stars in the sky.

But some common ones are as follows:

  • You’re just seeing his mood swings and they have nothing to do with you
  • He loves you, but he’s feeling like he needs to create some space between you
  • He’s reacting to something that you said or did and not admitting that his feelings are hurt
  • He’s concerned that you’re a bit clingy

The best thing you can do is not take it too personally and go about your day.

Even if he’s secretly upset about something, a Gemini man prefers to get over it on his own terms. When he does, you’ll notice a change in his disposition.

5. He purposely tries to make you jealous

Does your Gemini man flirt with other women in front of you? 

Even when the Gemini man is in love, he can’t help his flirtatious nature. 

He loves to talk and people love to listen (he is so entertaining), so sometimes it’s hard to tell.

But—have you noticed that when he’s chatting up another woman, he’s watching you? Has he also been bringing up his ex recently in casual conversation?

It’s a tactic. The more upset you get, the more your Gem believes that you want him.

A little immature? Maybe. But at least you have some insight into why he’s pushing your buttons.

He wants to know that you have strong feelings for him, especially if he has strong feelings for you.

Without a doubt, Gemini men are some of the most difficult to understand. They’re simple yet complicated, addictive yet frustrating, passionate yet distant.

If this describes your Gemini boyfriend, you may want to take a look in Gemini Man Secrets to find the answers as to why he does what he does and what you can do about it—without pushing him away.

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