How to Text a Libra Man (11 Texting Rules to Charm Him)

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Afraid a Libra man will leave you on read?

Here’s how to text a Libra man so he’ll want you (more):

  • Keep text conversations brief, punchy and fun
  • Play teasing games
  • Match his texting tempo
  • Send pretty selfies

It’s true that Libra men can be famously wishy-washy, hot and cold.

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How to Text a Libra Man

1. Let him text you first

Libra men love the chase.

It doesn’t come from a conquering type of mentality.

What’s more true is that Libras tend to want what they can’t (easily) have.

You can make yourself more enticing to a Libra man by giving him the thrill of mystery.

He’ll be anxious (in a good way) thinking up his most charming and witty phrases to text and draw you in.

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2. Respond fairly quickly when you can

Note that I said Libra men want what they can’t EASILY have!

They still want to know that you’re at least interested, or they will move on to texting another woman who might bite.

To be fair, until a Libra man is serious about you, he’s probably already texting multiple women anyway!

DO show that you’re interested by texting back in a fair amount of time.

If you have to wait to respond, briefly explain that you were busy and then get into the chit-chat.

3….But it’s OK to be too busy to text back right away

At the same time, you never want to be so intensely available to a Libra man as to come across like you have nothing else to do than dedicate 100% of your time to him.

That’s a big no-no with Libra guys.

While you want to be responsive, you can certainly put off texting back while you’re busy at work or otherwise unable to reciprocate.

Make it natural—don’t deliberately try to manipulate texting conversations.

4. Keep texts cheery, light and friendly

Libras look on the bright side.

They are easily overwhelmed by deep, dark emotions and intense confessions.

Pessimism puts them off.

What lures them in is a positive attitude and a chipper disposition.

If he asks you how you are, say “Great!” (if it’s true).

Or if you want to get flirty, “Better now that I’m talking to you.” 

Instead of: “Well, my bestie and I are fighting and my car is going to take over a grand to fix…”

You get the idea.

5. Do some flirting

On the topic of getting flirty, there is no shame in openly flirting with a Libra.

Libras are flirting addicts. 

Send them a saucy text, and they’ll get a high from anticipating the next one.

Sexy wordplay and seemingly innocent innuendos can make a Libra man excited.

If he says he’s been working all day, tell him you have magic hands and you’ll give him a massage the next time you see him.

Leave him something to imagine!

6. Send compliments

Along the lines of flirting, complimenting a Libra man is always a good way to go.

All Libras love it when you flatter them.

They’re very aesthetic people and their looks are important to them, so feel free to tell a Libra man how impressive his fit body is.

You can also compliment his taste in clothing, art, music or even how smart he is.

But definitely throw him a compliment about being good-looking.

That is sure to tell him that you’re into him and it will get him wanting to indulge you…

7. Match the texting vibe

Whatever the Libra guy is texting, whether it’s longer paragraphs or short and sweet sentences, respond the same way.

So if he sends you a longer text, don’t send him texts with a couple of words.

On the other hand, if he sends you single sentence texts, as long as they’re fun and interesting, you can do the same.

In general, though, don’t send him a novel or he’ll probably get bored.

Why do this?

Because Libras need balance. They want someone who compliments them and their style well.

Get onto the same wavelength as the Libra man and he’ll be more comfortable.

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8. Be playful

Joke with him.

Play fun little games. Make the Libra man guess what you’re doing right now.

What’s the prize if he gets it right? That’s for you to tease.

These kinds of things can be innocent, but they can also be really hot.

In fact, Libras like it when all seems like it could be innocent…or not.

They like it when their imaginations can run away with them.

They’re super playful and fun-loving people, so indulge the Libra man you’re texting.

And feel free to make it accidentally sexy!

9. Send attractive selfies

You don’t have to be bashful about this with a Libra man.

If you’ve known a few Libra guys, you may have noticed that they love to compliment you on the way you look.

That’s because they’re always looking!

He will love to get an eyeful in the middle of his workday.

Make sure the selfies that you send him make you look particularly tempting.

Nothing raunchy—think sweet but sexy.

10. Engage in frequent but brief text exchanges

No matter how long or short the actual texts are, Libras tend to text in short bursts throughout the day.

They like to text while they’re waiting for an Uber to come, while they’re standing in the grocery store line or when they’re simply not doing anything else.

If you can imagine that, you can see why you get sporadic texts from a Libra man.

To keep his attention, stick to that same sort of texting pattern.

Leave a texting conversation with a witty remark that he can either expand on or leave as is.

11. Answer him honestly

Libras can be disarmingly direct.

They might ask you questions that dives right into what they want, or what they think you want.

Go with it, as long as you’re comfortable.

If you’re attracted to the Libra and he asks, don’t downplay it.

If he asks if you want to see him, say yes.

Just know that if a Libra man is asking, it’s because he wants to know the answer.

And he’s probably hoping it will be “Yes.”

Other Libra Man Questions

How do you start a conversation with a Libra man?

If you’re not sure what your in is, you can strike up a conversation with a Libra man a variety of ways.

One good way is a compliment.

“I love your shirt.”

Or, “You have a really unique eye color. Is it hazel?”

Otherwise, anything that will make him smile or laugh is a great starter.

At a party: “I noticed you and I are the only ones smart enough to avoid the mystery punch.”

At a bar: “Give me three guesses what you’re drinking. If I’m wrong I’ll buy you another one.”

Do make it playful!

How do you make a Libra man miss you?

Your most potent weapon in making a Libra man miss you is going about your days as usual with one extra little thing.

Post the amazing time you’re having on social media.

Be seen.

Look incredible while you’re out with friends and posting selfies.

When the Libra man sees, he’ll want to be part of it.

Learn more in How to Make a Libra Man Miss You.

Where do Libras like to be touched?

The major erogenous zone for a Libra is the lower back.

So definitely touch there if you get the chance!

It’s pretty easy to offer a back massage, even a friendly one.

But of course if you’re getting frisky with a Libra man, adding in some massage oils will boost his pleasure.

What is a Libra man’s weakness?

Libra men have two big weaknesses: their indecisiveness and conflict avoidance.

Nobody is more afraid of getting locked into a decision than a Libra.

What if it’s the wrong one? What if a better opportunity presents itself later?

These are some questions that plague the Libra man and can stop him from moving forward.

Also, Libra guys are lovers, not fighters.

But it’s to the extreme where they would rather not ruffle feathers even in situations where an emotional airing needs to happen.

So sometimes it won’t, and Libra relationships can suffer as a result.

What is a Libra man attracted to?

No matter who she is, a woman who carries herself with class and grace captures the Libra man’s attention.

Well-dressed, fashionable and feminine women are especially alluring to him.

Personality-wise, Libra men like a fun, peppy attitude and a good sense of humor.

A woman who can roll with the punches and show that she’s game for a good time anytime.

Laugh and have fun with a Libra man with no expectations and he’ll swoon.

How do you know if a Libra man likes you?

If a Libra man likes you, he will pay a lot of attention to you.

And he will pursue you if there’s even the slightest chance you’re into it.

When you’re with him, you’ll notice that he picks up on small details about you and remembers what you say.

He’ll be extra polite and charming.

He’ll hold doors open for you and go out of his way to make you feel special.

Pick you flowers.

Text you often.

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