How to Deal With a Cancer Man (4 Musts for a Healthy Relationship)

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Whether you’ve just met a Cancer man, you’re dating or married, you should know that these men change as much as the phases of the moon.

Here’s how to deal with a Cancer man:

  • Be patient
  • Give him his space
  • Be open and honest
  • Show sensitivity to his feelings

But if you’re getting the hot and cold treatment and you’re afraid your Cancer man is going to ice you out for good, you should act fast.

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Dating A Cancer Man

man kissing a woman's forehead with a quote about cancer men and romance

Cancers are sensitive, loyal and romantic people.

Nurturing to the core, they’re the type to wine and dine you and make sure that you’re always OK.

Through romance, Cancers express the depth of their feelings, which they can do a good job at hiding if they want to! 

Eventually, they’ll let their guard down and be more open with how they feel. It takes time and trust.

Cancer men are sweet and loving, but watch out! Their mood can go from sweet to sour quickly. 

Learning more about their personality will help you understand them better, so let’s dive into that now.

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Cancer Man Personality

Cancers belong to a water sign ruled by the moon. Just as the moon goes through phases and is responsible for the ebbs and flows of the ocean’s tides, its pull is also accountable for Cancer’s many mood changes.

What’s the result? Cancer men are probably the moodiest men of the zodiac.

Their nature is inherently full of compassion and loyalty, but they can quickly become cold and distant—even intolerant—when hurt.

Don’t take it too personally, though. Cancers have a need unlike any other sign to externalize their feelings—if you just acknowledge them, it helps to diffuse their moods.

Overall, however, Cancer men are warm-hearted, loving and loyal. They have big hearts and will do anything for those they love.

How to Deal With a Cancer Man

Now that you have a bit of background information on the Cancer man, here are tips that will help you successfully navigate your relationship with him.

Don’t worry! It’s not hard once you understand how he ticks.

Be patient.

couple taking a selfie with a quote about cancer men sidestepping a situation

Like their symbol the crab, Cancer men aren’t usually direct in their approach. Often, Cancers sidestep a situation until they can better understand it.

It can be frustrating at times because you wish he would tell you what he wants or needs. But you have to learn to be patient with him.

Rarely the impulsive decision makers, Cancer men like to take their time. This extends to all aspects of their lives and relationships. 

They’re just deeply thoughtful and reflective, which may come across as slow to act to others (especially fire signs). 

But if you’re patient with him and let him take the time he needs no matter how hard it is, he will feel respected and appreciate you all the more.

Be open and honest.

The Cancer guy is highly sensitive and feels everything intensely, which makes him so guarded that many have called him secretive. (He does open up, though. It just takes a while.)

And yet, he expects you to be direct with him and let him into your private world.

Crazy, I know. But that’s Cancers for you.

Cancer Man Secrets is a great resource if you want to know how you can make this man lower his defenses and open up like a book.

In learning how to deal with a Cancer man, you have to be open and honest about pretty much everything.

Let him know how you’re feeling and what you like about him. If you have an issue, be honest with him, but go about it gently.

Last but not least, try not to pry into his private world unless invited. That doesn’t mean you should stand for secrecy (or worse, lies) from any man.

Best to broach subjects with him by framing them in a way that shows that you care for him/are concerned for his wellbeing.

Give him space. 

man standing on a cliff with a quote about cancer men needing to be alone

Cancer men enjoy being around their loved ones. But like all of us, at times they need their space, especially when they’re feeling a bit moody.

The change can happen so quickly. One minute they want to be immersed in the social activity. The next they want to be left alone.

For sure, they can seem kind of like one big contradiction.

The best thing to do is give them space.

If you try to force him to stick around, he’ll become resentful and think you don’t value his feelings.

It can be difficult, but Cancers need solo time to process their thoughts and feelings.

Letting him sort it out on his own will nourish his emotional health. Afterward, he may come to you to talk about it.

Before long, he’ll be ready to return to the party.

Show sensitivity to his feelings.

Truth time: Cancers are insecure.

This is a big reason they’re prone to hurt feelings. You will need to exercise caution and be sensitive in what you say or do around them.

If he’s telling you about a problem at work, listen and sympathize with him. Give him a little physical touch. He’ll see this as you caring about him and what he has to say.

If you need to tell him something that could possibly upset him, speak kindly and be sincere. 

Bottom line: Taking his feelings into account is a must in dealing with the Cancer man. 

These are just a few important tips that will help you maintain a long, happy and healthy relationship with a Cancer man.

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