How to Make a Virgo Man Happy (7 Simple Ways to Do It)

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Want your romance with your Virgo boyfriend to last?

Here’s how to make a Virgo man happy:

  • Don’t mistake his confidence for not needing you to reassure him
  • Have patience for his perfectionism
  • Give him plenty of TLC—tangible displays of affection go a long way!
  • Be open and honest with him, and avoid sugarcoating things

Do you want a shot at “forever” with your Virgo man? If so, you need to know that making him happy is NOT the same as making him realize that you are “The One.”

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How to Make a Virgo Man Happy

1. Appreciation and Reassurance

Who knew Virgo men really need you to say “Everything will be alright”?

Probably because Virgo men try to play it cool and act as though they’re strictly rational.

But deep down, like the rest of us, what they’re really looking for is a little validation and reassurance.

Case in point: Virgo men are often very committed, hard workers who do like that to be acknowledged. So a few uplifting words of encouragement to show appreciation can be big.

Also, the things a Virgo man does for you feel significant and important to him. Failing to openly show gratitude can make him feel like you’re downplaying or taking him for granted.

So when he finishes “a project,” congratulate him and talk about the results.

(Tip: This is especially important if it’s “for you” or “for us.”)

If your Virgo man fails, or things start to go slow or grind along, let him know you know he’s doing his best, and that you appreciate it.

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2. Understand He’s a Perfectionist…

Bees are gonna sting. Birds are gonna fly. Virgo men are gonna be perfectionists.

If you’re in a relationship with a Virgo man, you know this all too well.

Really, they can’t help it—they’re dominated by logic and rationality.

Which helps them put everything in its proper order. And they will not (and don’t want to) rest until that’s done.

Want to know how to make a Virgo man happy? Try to embrace his commitment to that.

By all means, you keep doing you. You don’t have to be a perfectionist, too.

But don’t ask your Virgo man to stop being one, and he won’t ask you to start being one.

He just might have a little suggestion or two here or there…

3. …And Patience Makes Perfect

Got patience?

You’ll need it if you live with a perfectionist like a Virgo.

Just as a tightly-wound spring can use a bit of oil to help it loosen up, your Virgo man needs your patience to ease the pressure he puts on himself.

One thing you’ll need to be patient with in particular is a Virgo man’s penchant for appearing self-involved.

Does he get wrapped up in his projects and block everything else out, maybe even including you? If that happens, before you jump to conclusions, try giving him space for a while.

We all need a little “alone time” every now and again, and Virgo men sometimes need a bit more than others.

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On the flip side, Virgo men’s devotion to you can also make them worried about things going wrong.

But, just the act of you listening to them—patiently and with an open mind—can boost their mood and morale.

4. Loyalty Matters

For you to be able to reassure them, Virgo guys first have to be sure they can trust you.

No one likes feeling betrayed, and that’s especially true of Virgo men after all the perfectionist effort they put into impressing their partners.

Part of showing loyalty is giving your Virgo man is being there when he needs you.

Being a reliable partner, showing up when you say you’re going to and never leaving him high and dry.

If he loves you, that’s what he’s willing to do for you.

But he definitely expects the same in return.

If you give it willingly, you can rest assured that whether your Virgo man acknowledges it or not, he notices and humbly appreciates it.

That’s what makes you such a wonderful partner.

5. Be Honest

Virgo men’s dedication and fierce loyalty means they also greatly value honesty.

That’s important for any relationship, of course, but with your Virgo man you always want to be upfront. He’d rather hear “the truth, the whole truth, and nothin’ but the truth” than a sugarcoated version.

At best, sugarcoating things can seem like a waste of time to him.

At worst it can seem outright dishonest.

Say, for instance, that he asks your opinion on a project and you spot a flaw. While you may think glossing over it will spare his feelings after he worked so hard, remember, you’re dealing with a perfectionist.

Your Virgo man is a Mr. Fix It—and in his mind, he can’t “fix” what you keep from him.

This goes for your relationship in general as well as projects, by the way!

Basically, your Virgo guy doesn’t want a Yes Woman. He wants a real partner who’ll listen and have a dialogue with them, so don’t be afraid to talk it out.

6. Treat Him to the Little Things

What happens when you’re such a serious perfectionist?

It’s easy to lose sight of life’s little pleasures.

Too often, that’s Virgo’s problem. They don’t always stop to smell the roses—so helping them do so is key to making their love bloom.

Remember that Virgo men are big on projects and tangible displays of affection.

Little treats such as making their favorite dishes or getting them a little something from their favorite show or sports team can be a nice reminder that you care.

Virgo is, after all, an earth sign—material gifts and physical gestures show you appreciate them in their love language.

7. Have a Heart

Virgo men devote themselves to putting their hands and head to work for their partner.

They’re focused on thought and logic, so they can really benefit from a partner who feels deeply and is naturally empathetic.

Someone with a big heart can complement their busy minds.

Just because your Virgo man has a hard time expressing his emotions doesn’t mean you need to guard yours.

Go ahead and tell him how you feel about him.

Make it known how much you appreciate, admire and adore him.

Don’t shy away from doing sweet things for him because you’re worried he’s not the type to care about that (he is).

Just be your sweet, loving self and your Virgo man will be in heaven.

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