How to Know When a Virgo Man Is Done With You (8 Key Signs)

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Has your Virgo man become cold and unresponsive?

Here’s how to know when a Virgo man is done with you:

  • He criticizes every little thing, harshly
  • He’s distant, passive-aggressive and petty
  • He avoids you, ignores you and tunes you out
  • Bye-bye sex life, hello fights

If you’re here to save your relationship with your Virgo beau, the good news is you can—but you *must* avoid pushing him further away.

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How to Know When a Virgo Man Is Done With You

Overly Critical and Analytical

Yes, Virgos always have suggestions for how to “optimize” your routines, your diet, your life…

But if your Virgo man starts criticizing every little thing you do, it may be a sign that your relationship is in trouble.

However, it isn’t the criticism itself that’s the big red flag.

What gives it away is the attitude behind it.

Normally, Virgo men are just trying to help you by pointing out flaws in your habits and offering advice. Which is how they see it, anyway!

But if your Virgo is heavily criticizing how you organize your sock drawer and acting like it’s interrupting his day…

That’s something to pay attention to.

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Distant and Cold

Your Virgo man growing more distant and impersonal with you is never a great sign.

There’s a big difference between him learning how to open up to you and actively pushing you away.

Take Mr. Darcy, a Virgo man if we’ve ever seen one.

Remember that he warms to Lizzy eventually. He doesn’t become colder over the course of the book.

If your Virgo has suddenly stopped calling or texting back and even when you do reach him, he acts like you’re not a priority, to quote Sex and the City, “He’s just not that into you.”

Constantly Passive-Aggressive

Virgos like to claim that they’re oh-so-rational, but they’re not above some petty passive-aggressive behavior.

Has yours started acting sulky all the time?

Overreacting to things like he’s searching for something to get huffy about? 

This can happen if he’s avoiding talking to you about some deeper issues that are troubling him in the relationship.

And it’s certainly no picnic for you.

Obviously, no one expects their relationship to be a bed of roses 100% of the time.

But if you’re constantly getting thorny, passive-aggressive language and the silent treatment from your Virgo man, it could be time to reevaluate whether the relationship is working for both of you.

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Grudge Holding

It’s never a good sign when your Virgo starts holding grudges.

The longer these last, the stronger the sign that he’s done with you.

Is your Virgo man rehashing old arguments?

It’s one thing if he’s really been hurt by something you’ve done in the past.

And it’s a good idea to try to talk to him openly about what’s bugging him to show that you care about him and are willing to listen.

However, if it seems like he just wants to take shots, that’s when you know that he’s not really interested in fixing the relationship.

Sex Life Slump

A lower sex drive or simply not being “in the mood” is worlds different from actively withholding sex.

Which is what a Virgo man is likely to do if he’s moving away from the relationship.

On the one hand, it could be a passive-aggressive move if he’s being sulky about something that happened earlier in the week.

But if it’s a trend, he may no longer feel a desire to share intimacy with you.

It could be based on the fact that he feels like you no longer have an emotional or intellectual connection.

Either way, when the desire for intimacy goes, it’s a clue that the relationship is likely soon to go with it.

Avoids Making Plans With You

A Virgo is a planner, so when he stops making plans with you, something’s wrong.

This can be easy to tell just by comparing the before and after snapshot of your weekends when you first started dating…and now.

Beyond that, you can also tell when Virgos stop making future plans with you.

When they stop seeing you in their future, you’ll notice it in their language.

Or rather, in the way that it’s all “I,” “me” and “my” when they talk about their own future.

No “We,” “us” and “our.”

That’s a problem!

Stops Listening and Caring About Your Opinion

Do you just feel like he doesn’t hear you anymore?

Like what you say to your Virgo boyfriend is in one ear and out the other?

Pay close attention.

In a happy, healthy relationship, a Virgo guy will put a lot of stock in what you say and be the best listener you’ve ever met.

It’s partly because he’s truly fascinated by you and partly because he’s collecting information on what you like and don’t like so he can so stuff for you that will win you over (and not do stuff that will push you away).

But if he’s not listening or dismissing everything you say, well, you should take that as a warning about how things are going in the relationship.

Remember, Virgo men are big pleasers and want to make their partners happy.

But when their passion goes out the window, unsurprisingly, so too does their impulse to please.

Fight After Fight

OK, how to know when a Virgo man is done with you?

This right here.

Virgos want harmony—they aren’t the type to constantly start fights.

So when they do, something’s majorly off.

When there’s nothin’ but friction and your Virgo man has become a drastically different version of himself, he’s not trying anymore.

In fact, he may be actively trying to kill the relationship because he doesn’t know how to end it himself.

That’s why if you want to save the relationship with your Virgo man, you need to tread carefully. Too many bad steps can end your chances for good, which is why we recommend Virgo Man Secrets.

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