How to Make a Leo Man Want You More (6 Things You Should Be Doing)

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Is your Leo guy kinda playing hard to get? Time to turn up the charms.

In a nutshell, here’s how to make a Leo man want you more:

  • Ask him lots of questions about himself
  • Create a new, exciting world for the two of you to explore
  • Help him improve on himself
  • Be passionate and vibrant

Now if you’re concerned that you could lose to other women vying for his attention, that’s another story.

You have to have an advantage, which comes from knowing the Leo male’s psychology, his secret hangups and desires.

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How to Make a Leo Man Want You More

You already know he’s into you. That’s a great place to be if you’re trying to become totally irresistible to a Leo playing it cool.

As a social charmer and natural ladies’ man, a Leo has no problems attracting women to him.

He typically has a number of ladies after him, but contrary to belief, he isn’t necessarily looking for shallow dating.

Leo rules the heart, and Leo guys have a great depth of feeling and desire to share their rich emotional lives with a partner.

But first, he needs to be *mega* attracted to a woman.

When a Leo man has the hots for a woman, looks are definitely important. But he needs someone he can talk to on a deeper level.

Someone he feels is the only person in the world who gets him.

So what can you do to get there?

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1. Be curious about him

Let’s say you’ve got to different women at a party who want a Leo guy’s attention. Both are easy on the eyes.

When talking to the Leo one on one, one of these women tries to give him as much of the floor as possible by sitting back and letting him lead the conversation—she’s heard Leos like to talk about themselves.

The other woman engages the Leo, asking him plenty of questions about himself and his ideas, showing genuine curiosity about him and his world.

The second woman is the one the Leo will be more drawn to.


Because she has done what the first woman did not: speak to his ego by showing him that he is a genuinely fascinating guy.

By all means, give him ample time to talk about the cool project he’s working on.

Just don’t be a passive listener—engage with him. Ask what inspired him. See where the conversation leads and ask more questions.

Whether you’ve just met or you just started dating, don’t forget about this important aspect of connecting with your Leo man.

2. Make him forget the real world

Paying bills, working a nine-to-five and small talk are boring to a Leo.

If you can make the world colorful, vibrant and exciting for him, he’ll want to follow you around like a puppy.

Leos love to have fun—and they hate being bored.

When you’re with a Leo man, let your hair down. Live in the moment.

Open his eyes to the little details around him. Learn something new together.

Take the time to enjoy things that you take for granted. Even riding public transit can be entertaining if you make it into a game.

Whatever you do, make sure you have lots of smiles and laughter between the two of you.

Remember, you want him to pay dust to any of his other admirers and put all of his focus on you.

If you want to go in-depth on that subject, that’s all in Leo Man Secrets.

3. Stay true to you 

Being yourself is one of the best ways to gain a Leo man’s trust. It also makes him want to be with you as much as he can.

He appreciates someone who is authentic and isn’t afraid of being themselves. 

As a Leo, he loves the spotlight and being around other people.

With you, he wants to hang up his public persona. He wants to be unapologetically himself.

When you’re with him don’t be afraid to be yourself, too. He cherishes the fact that he’s getting to know the real you and doesn’t feel like he has to pretend or be fake around you.

Hands down, he’ll be even more attracted to you.

4. Have passion

Remember that Leos hate being bored.

How can you possibly be boring to him when you’re so full of life and enthusiasm?

Having a passion for something and letting it show is a good way of letting the Leo guy see a very intriguing side of you.

Leos themselves are some of the most passionate people of all the signs (that’s to be expected of the sign that rules the heart, right?).

They are magnetically attracted to the same type of force in another person—the force of passion.

Don’t just talk about your passion, be it books, art or being the best damn chef in the city. Invite your Leo in and make him part of it.

Share it with him! He’ll think, Finally! Someone as interesting as I am…

5. Make him a better man

Being the best is one of the things that matter most to this guy. No matter what it is he’s pursuing, he wants to be the star.

A way that you can help him in this department is to challenge him. Push him to be the greatest version of himself that he can be.

For example, if he’s an aspiring entrepreneur, share with him the local class you found that can help jump-start his entrepreneurship.

If he talks about being tired of doing the same thing every weekend, suggest a workshop.

Get creative and help him get out of his comfort zone.

Encourage him, too—let him know that you believe in him and that you know he’s going to kill it, whatever he’s doing.

Stroke that ego!

6. Bring upbeat energy everywhere you go

Last but not least, stay positive.

Bringing good energy into your activities and social events with your Leo is important to him.

He’s a strong guy, hard to knock down—he is the Lion, the king of the jungle, after all.

But someone with a sour attitude can put a damper on his own energy, which he won’t appreciate.

You know when you’re getting to a party and before you even make it to the door, you can hear one person laughing?

That’s probably the person the Leo is into at that party.

You don’t have to be the loudest. You just want to create light, happy vibes in the room to get a Leo man to be even more into you.

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