How to Make a Leo Man Obsessed with You (7 Things He CAN’T Resist)

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Let’s be honest. You want your Leo man wrapped around your finger.

Here’s how to make a Leo man obsessed with you:

  • Make him chase you
  • Bring on the ego boosters
  • Be the star of your own show
  • Show him that you’re not afraid of a good time

To keep the flame from ever fizzling out, your best bet is to understand his psychology and emotions with a guide like Leo Man Secrets.

So what can you do now to make a Leo man gaga over you? Read on, my friend…

How to Make a Leo Man Obsessed with You

When it comes to the ladies, the Leo man will be a cool cat until he finds a woman that captivates him.

Many women are attracted to him because of his manly good looks and his grand personality, so he’s never without a number of admirers.

Leo men are passionate, hypnotic and lusty. When they find a woman they can’t get enough of, she’ll be at the center of their universe.

This guy is pretty picky, though—he may flirt and be nice, but there’s a particular type of woman he’s looking for.

Follow the tips below to make him totally consumed by the mere thought of you.

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1. Play hard to get

The trick to making a Leo guy crawl over hot coals to get close to you is to reel him in, but only to a certain proximity.

There should be a little wiggle room there for you to play hard to get.

In other words, DO make it super clear how into him you are.

Be affectionate, be exciting, be all those things—but also, pump the brakes a little so that he knows he needs to continue to work at keeping your attention.

That’s a challenge he’s more than willing to accept.

2. Brag on him

You want to know what makes a Leo man really happy? Hearing how great he is.

He has a high opinion of himself, but what he really wants is for others to have that same high opinion—and make it known.

Whether you’re talking just to him, to his friends or his coworkers, he’ll be oh-so into it when the word on the street is that he’s the best.

Play your cards right, and he’ll never want you out of his sight.

3. Flirt with wild abandon

To stay on his mind all day, flirt hard with your Leo man.

Flirting should be fun and light. He loves the feeling of being playful with someone he is attracted to.

If you’re concerned about other ladies flirting with him, too, Leo Man Secrets has a cool section about exactly what to say and do to get him to care not one bit about them and just obsess over you.

You should tease him, compliment him, touch him and smile often.

Just make sure you are being appropriate! Coming on too strong in a physical way may not always backfire, but it certainly can depending on the Leo. 

Best to keep it playful.

The more you flirt with him, the more he’ll be fixated on you and he won’t be able to focus on anything or anyone else.

4. Be a showstopper

Do heads turn when you walk by? 

A Leo man loves a woman who’s just as much of a star as he is.

He likes a woman who can impress her peers whether it’s with a dramatic flair, knowledge, sophistication, artistic talent—you get the idea.

Want him to be eating out of the palm of your hand? Mesmerize the crowd.

5. Be fun to hang out with

Living life to the fullest is the dream life for a Leo man.

He’s always up for adventure and won’t hesitate to be the first to try something out. He’s like Aries in that way.

You can get a Leo man hooked on you by bringing the excitement.

If you’re at a party, be the first one on the dance floor.

Invite him to a game night with your friends.

Suggest something spontaneous when you’re hanging out.

Be daring and go skinny dipping. Do whatever strikes your fancy!

6. Don’t take any sh*t

Leos are strong-willed and won’t back down easily for what they believe in.

They command respect and get what they want through pure determination.

You need to be able to handle yourself and not let anyone, including him, try to run you.

As the king, Leo’s looking for a queen who will hold down the kingdom.

Be honest and blunt with him. Speak up for yourself and never let anyone manipulate you.

He can’t help but obsess over a woman who owns any room she walks into.

7. Bring passion to the bedroom

A Leo man is extremely passionate in everything he does, including sex.

Sex for him is an otherworldly experience, and he likes a lot of it.

When you’re intimate with your Leo man, put your all into it. Take your time, let go of any fears you have and just be in the moment. 

Let him lead, but don’t be afraid to take charge at some point. Make it known that you are enjoying every minute of it.

He will be obsessing until the next time you rock his world again.

Hopefully these tips helped you understand how to make a Leo man obsessed with you.

But when you’re ready to take the next step and learn how to get him to commit to you and only you, try Leo Man Secrets for in-depth guidance and real-life examples.

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