8 Signs a Cancer Man Is Playing You (Top Signs You’re Probably Missing)

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Just like that, your caring Cancer man is *poof!* gone from your life. Was any of it real?

Here are the signs a Cancer man is playing you:

  • He might be romantic on the weekend, but he’s a ghost after that
  • He keeps you separate from his friends and family
  • You two got physical fast and it’s hard to get him to answer your calls
  • He talks about his future plans like a single guy

If your real goal is to get him to stop playing games and maybe even one day get down on one knee, you need to know his secret heart, mind and desires.

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Signs a Cancer Man Is Playing You

The incredible connection you thought you had with your Cancer man just wasn’t enough to keep him from ghosting you. 

Cancers are known to be loving and gentle, but they aren’t exempt from playing games from time to time.

When a Crab turns player, it’s typically because he was hurt by someone in a past relationship.

And now he’s going on the offensive, trying to protect himself from getting hurt again. 

Fair? Heck no.

But at least you can get a heads-up that it’s happening if you look for these signs.

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1. He suddenly drops the “boyfriend” act

What can make it pretty difficult to tell if you’re being played by a Cancer man is how genuinely sweet and boyfriend-like he can be.

Confusingly, a Cancer guy who genuinely likes you and wants to be with you will also play like he’s your man.

Here’s the difference, though.

The Cancer guy does all the romantic stuff with you over the weekend. Then, out of nowhere, he completely ignores you for weeks on end.

When you talk to him again, he makes up an excuse and continues to blow you off. Indefinitely.

Most likely, he’s probably not actively trying to pursue you.

2. You don’t know any of his friends or family

Have you wondered why your Cancer man has been keeping you separate from the rest of his life?

Maybe you go out together in public, but he certainly doesn’t ever have you anywhere near his group of friends.

This is a big old red flag.

Cancers rely on the opinions of those closest to them when they’re courting someone.

If they’re serious about you, they’ll want to make sure you mesh with the other important people in their lives.

That includes family, but do remember that even a Cancer guy who’s really into you might take a while to invite you to the family barbecue.

But if you suspect you’re being kept on the outside, your instinct may be right.

3. Everything is on his terms

You may be aware that Cancer men like to lead in the relationship.

But love-struck Cancers will usually be at your beck and call, even if they wish they had a little more self-control.

For example, do you only ever see him when he wants while he’s literally never available when you ask him to hang out?

Are you only ever doing the things he wants to do?

Do you feel like you have to follow a bunch of unwritten rules to get some of his time?

If he is in complete and utter control, he’s probably just focused on satisfying his own desires.

4. He jumps right into bed with you

Most Cancers that walk the face of this planet are relationship types.

Can they do one-night stands? Certainly.

But understand that if you get physical with a Cancer man the first night you meet him, you’re maybe not ever going to get past the “one-night stand” category.

You see, for a Cancer man, a one-night stand doesn’t really have the potential to develop into a full-blown relationship like it might for other signs.

It’s just physical, and that’s fine by him.

If you hit the gas too quickly with your Cancer man, you can find out how to counteract it in Cancer Man Secrets.

5. He doesn’t keep his commitments

Does he tell you he’s going to call you and then never does? 

Or, will he make plans for a date and then cancel at the last minute?

Cancers worry a lot about other people’s feelings. 

Since canceling plans might make you upset, Crabs try to do it as infrequently as possible, even if it messes up their own schedules.

The exception to this is if they’re deliberately staying unattached.

Worse still is if the Cancer man is a no-show without any warning—repeated incidents without a legit excuse (like an emergency) are warning signs a Cancer man is playing you.

6. You never talk about your relationship

One thing that Cancers love to do is talk about is their feelings. 

And everything that has to do with their feelings, like your relationship.

But if you don’t really have one, chances are, you won’t hear the Cancer guy make any references to what you two have going on between you.

Now, paradoxically, he might open up to you about some fairly personal stuff, rather quickly.

Did you ever meet someone at a bar, hear their whole life story, exchange numbers and then never hear from them again?

Could have been a Cancer.

The point is, even if he treats you like a free therapist, if he’s tight-lipped when it comes to the two of you, he might be avoiding that conversation.

7. He makes it clear he doesn’t see a future with you

When a Cancer man falls for you, you’ll hear the “we” word when he talks about his own future.

It will be as if he expects the two of you to still be a couple down the road.

If not, he certainly won’t pretend.

In fact, he might even straight up say that he doesn’t see a future together.

Whether he’s planning to move states and hasn’t mentioned doing the long-distance thing with you, or he’s just giving off that bachelor vibe

This is quite possibly a short-term thing for him.

8. He talks about other women

A telltale sign.

If he talks about meeting other women, he’s probably not just trying to make you jealous.

A Cancer guy who wants to give his heart to a woman is pretty blind to all others.

Not only will he not see them, he definitely won’t mention them.

Instead, he would want to make you feel like you’re the only woman who exists in his world.

Not so if he’s not invested.

Don’t let this one fly under the radar!

Again, it’s totally possible to get your Cancer man to drop the act and get serious about you if you know what levers to pull. It’s all in Cancer Man Secrets.

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