How to Attract a Leo Man (5 Fail-Proof Ways to Intrigue Him)

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Wanna get the attention of your hot new Leo coworker? You just need to know what to do to catch his eye.

Here’s how to attract a Leo man:

  • Have a sharp sense of style
  • Pay him compliments aplenty
  • Be confident
  • Show an interest in cultural and artistic experiences
  • Be fun and playful

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Now let’s get into how you can win the affections of your Leo crush.

How to Attract a Leo Man

The Leo man is a star.

Ruled by the sun, he brightens up any room that he steps into. 

You will probably hear him telling entertaining stories about his personal or professional life.

He’ll be the center of attention, which he revels in.

As a fire sign he has a zest for life that’s unmatched. He doesn’t just sit around and wait for opportunities to come to him─he makes them himself.

When it comes to relationships, the Leo man desires a woman who can keep up with his larger-than-life personality and enthusiasm.

If all eyes are going to be on him (something he expects), then his counterpart has to be as interesting as he is.

To attract this passionate man, here’s what you need to do.

Dress to impress

woman lying on a colorful deck with a quote about attracting a leo man with style

Leo men are very stylish.

Their public image is important to them and they always want to look their best. They never know what other important people *besides themselves* they’ll run into.

If you want to stand out to a Leo man, you’ll need a look that slays.

Clothes to him are like costumes: whatever he wears has an impact on how he expresses himself.

Wear clothes that show your impeccable style and reflect who you are. 

Even better if your wardrobe makes you stand out. 

Leos tend to show off their eccentricity in their duds, knowing they’ll receive the attention they crave.

Whatever you wear, just make sure it looks good. He can’t help but be intrigued.

Be ready with the compliments

These men don’t get enough admiration in their opinion.

Like the lion, the symbol of Leo, they love having their mane (i.e., ego) stroked.

If you want to gain the affections of this man, do not be afraid to up the ante on the praise and adoration you give him.

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Tell him the jokes he told during lunch were hilarious. Let him know how easy it is to talk to him. Congratulate him on his promotion.

He will eat the compliments up like candy!

This will also make him associate you with good feelings, something that he can’t resist.

Show confidence

closeup of a woman smiling hugging a man with a quote about confident leo men

Confidence runs through the Leo man’s veins.

He has a high level of self-esteem and easily goes after what he wants.

When looking for a partner, he wants a lady who is as self-assured as he is and has a go-getter personality.

How to attract a Leo man?  When you talk to him look him directly in the eye. Show him that you stand by your values and nothing will shake that. 

It’s also nice to let him see you don’t sweat the small things. Leo guys don’t stay down for long—they know other opportunities await.

Stay culturally relevant

Do you enjoy traveling to different countries? Have you attended the newest play in town? 

If you have, make sure you share it with your Leo crush.

When he’s not talking about himself (OK, sometimes he doesn’t!), he likes to talk about the latest in society and culture.

He’s all about seeing and being seen. He’s like a walking tabloid and he likes to be on the cutting edge of whatever is going on.

It will make for good conversation between you two. Sooner rather than later he’ll be asking you to the newest gallery opening or an exclusive show downtown.

Show your fun and playful side

man giving a woman a piggy back ride with a quote about having fun with a leo man

Leo is the ruler of the fifth house, which represents creativity and pleasure.

They love to have a good time and are fond of children, the embodiment of playfulness.

Know how to have fun!

After you laugh at his jokes, make jokes of your own. Go out for karaoke night and sing without worrying about how you sound. Laugh and smile a lot.

Whatever you do, let him know that you like to enjoy yourself—show the Leo you can have the time of your life do anything!

It won’t be a surprise when he can’t stay away from you.

Did these tips help you attract the Leo of your dreams? Let us know in the comments!

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