How to Keep a Leo Man Interested (Do These Things and He’s Yours)

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You’ve finally got the attention of your Leo crush and now you need to keep him around.

Here’s how to keep a Leo man interested:

  • Be easygoing and live your life the way you want
  • Thrill him on dates (and in the bedroom)
  • Keep him guessing
  • Get on a friendship level with him

Does a Leo’s affection burn out quickly? Not necessarily…but it’s been known to happen.

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What Pushes a Leo Man Away

If you just started dating your Leo guy, everything is probably going smoothly. You’re enjoying each other’s company, which is wonderful!

However, you want to make sure things stay that way. You need to know how to keep him by your side.

If you never want to lose the spark, do your best to avoid the following:

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A nasty attitude

Leo men are known to be charming and sociable. They have many friends and acquaintances from a variety of backgrounds.

Leos are generous and are admired by many, but one thing they won’t tolerate is a person with a bad attitude.

They are kindhearted people who love to have a good time.

If you are the sour lemon in the group, they will run in the opposite direction.

Women who don’t take care of themselves

Being stylish and presenting a polished appearance to the world is important to a Leo man.

Some may call it shallow, but a Leo recognizes the social value of looking put together. 

We make sure we look presentable when we go for a job interview, right?

It’s sort of like that, but for the Leo, everything is as important as an interview.

If his lady doesn’t care about wearing frumpy clothes, puts zero effort into her appearance and doesn’t practice good hygiene, he will not stick around.

Being openly criticized

He is sensitive and doesn’t take criticism lightly.

Especially when done in public.

Shaming him in public is extremely embarrassing to him and a huge blow to his ego.

If you do have something to say to him that he may get offended by, say it with tact and never do it in the company of others.

Being overly dependent on him

Leos march to the beat of their own drum.

Though they like being around others, they are independent and enjoy being on their own.

Never make a Leo man feel smothered. You need to be confident in yourself and have your own life.

Remember, he wants to conquer the world together with his equal!

Now that you know how to avoid pushing a Leo man away, let’s talk about how to keep a Leo man interested today, tomorrow, next year…

How to Keep a Leo Man Interested

Leo is a fire sign. These guys live for adventure and excitement.

If you’ve gained the attention of a Leo man, you may be wondering how you can keep this fiery sign under your spell. He seems so busy all the time!

You must learn how to keep up with his active life and be a stable force in it.

Of course, you have to offer more than just that.

There’s all the adventure he craves, the hot sex life, the bond of friendship as well as romance…

Here’s what you need to do.

Go on thrilling dates

Leos like activities that involve getting their heart pumping. Literally.

When planning dates, go somewhere that will be sure to get his adrenaline racing.

Go kart racing. Get on the tallest roller coaster. Go bungee jumping.

Are you really brave? Try skydiving. Anything that involves taking a risk, he’ll love.

For the tamer of heart, try taking dance lessons together.

You two will have so much fun that he’ll never want these experiences with anyone else.

Be a friend

Romance is important to the Leo man, but most of all he wants a friend he can talk to about anything.

Nothing will keep him interested more than a woman he feels he can trust and he feels safe with.  

Be there for him, listen to him, support him, and most importantly, remain loyal.

As Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach explains in Leo Man Secrets, Leos often make the mistake of thinking that others won’t ever understand them.

But that’s not really the case. You just need to get on that true-blue friend level to prove it.

Make plans of your own

Leo men are independent and are keen on doing their own thing.

He has a life of his own and expects the lady in his life to, too.

Keep your own calendar full. 

Don’t neglect your friends or family. Work on your own personal projects and do the things you enjoyed doing before you met him.

This gives him time to miss you and makes him feel that you want him but don’t need him.

You’ll be irresistible to him.

Get kinky

Sex with a Leo man should never be boring. For a Leo, it should be fun—thrilling, even. 

His sex life is important to him and should never be neglected, or he’ll feel unwanted, which will certainly poke holes in his confidence.

Sex is a great way for him to release energy and express his feelings.

Try new things in the bedroom. Role play (he likes acting), for instance. Wear sexy lingerie and try new positions. Take control and let your hair down.

He’ll always come back for more.

Keep him on his toes

Leos are always moving forward and ready for what’s next. No matter what it is, they thrive on new experiences.

Go ahead and be unpredictable. Do something that he would never expect. It will keep him riveted.

Surprise him with a weekend getaway trip. If you always do the same thing on the weeknights, switch it up.

Be willing to try new things and show him the many sides of you.

He’ll never know what to expect and will always be curious to see what you have hidden up your sleeve. 

Have integrity

Morality is important to the Leo man. He is loyal and a person that many people respect.

He must see that you value yourself as much as he values you.

Your Leo guy needs to know that you are honest, loyal and morally sound—for he values these things in himself.

You should be kind to others and willing to give of yourself.

Leos are some of the most generous people you’ll meet, and they love to see that spirit of generosity spread.

Live a carefree life

Leos can take a pretty free and easy approach to life. 

They are never down for too long and always seem to back bounce better than before.

When dating a Leo man, give him your positive energy. Prioritize optimism and leave pessimism to the nay-sayers.

Don’t stress or worry about the small things, and whenever you can, loosen up and have fun.

Of course you should be disciplined and responsible, but when you live your life in a freer and more untroubled way, he will relish being with you.

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