How to Make Cancer Man Fall in Love With You (5 Things He Needs)

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The Cancer man only commits when he can see himself with you for a lifetime.

But how to make Cancer man fall in love with you in the first place?

Here are the basics:

  • Loyalty counts
  • Empathize with him and others
  • Be classy and showcase your femininity
  • Take (small) risks
  • Let him know he’s appreciated

True, there’s no magical formula that will guarantee he’ll be yours forever—he’s a human being, not a robot!

That being said, you have a better chance when you know how he thinks, feels and makes decisions. For that, we recommend Cancer Man Secrets.

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What Does a Cancer Man Want?

He’s the quiet, sensitive guy in the background watching everyone have a good time while he feels out the room. 

The Cancer man is introverted and reserved. He’s cautious when it comes to those outside of his inner circle, unless someone catches his interest.

He looks for qualities in a woman that can match and compliment his own.

Above all, he needs to feel comfortable being himself…

And a few other things.

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man playing guitar for a woman with a quote about romantic cancer men

Didn’t you know Cancers are the romantics of the zodiac? 

Well if not, now is the time to know!

The Cancer loves to shower you with gifts, romantic dates and cuddles.

He gravitates towards a woman who believes he can bring his idealistic dreams to reality. 


Because his moods can be erratic, the Cancer man needs stability in his life.

For the most part, he prefers routine and needs a woman who is comfortable with that.

When he picks a partner for life, he chooses someone he can lean on.

He needs you to cheer him on when he’s feeling stuck and to tell him that you love him unconditionally.


Whether the Cancer man claims you as family, significant other or friend, you can always count on him to be there for you.

Loyalty is of utmost importance to him.

If he knows he can depend on you even when times get tough, he’ll have found a winner.

Now that you have an idea of what a Cancer man wants in love, we can talk about how to make Cancer man fall in love with you, and only you.

How to Make Cancer Man Fall in Love With You

Have his back

man carrying a woman on his back with a quote about cancer men trusting women

It can’t be stressed enough: Cancer men are loyal and expect the same loyalty in return.

If he’s going through a tough time, listen to him. 

Support him at his company’s office party. Stick up for him if he isn’t around to defend himself (he’ll hear about it later!).

He needs a woman he can depend on and trust completely.

As a loyal person himself, he’ll see you as someone he needs by his side and his feelings for you will grow.

Show compassion

A quick way to a Cancer man’s heart is showing compassion. 

Why, you ask? 

Cancers are empaths—they have a sophisticated sensitivity to others’ feelings. Many times, they take on your feelings without even realizing it.

When you’re compassionate, they relish being around you because you make him feel good. Plus, it reveals your soft side.

When you’re out together, be kind to others. Open the door for an elderly person or motivate someone who is having a rough day.

If you can see that your Cancer man is feeling low, give him a hug. If he’s worried about an important meeting, encourage him.

He’s drawn to a woman who cares and feels deeply.

Be feminine and classy

close up of a woman smiling with a quote about cancer men liking feminine women

If you’re a girly-girl, you’re in luck, because Cancer men dig that.

Wearing skirts and dresses, putting on sweet perfume and keeping your nails polished and trim will not go unnoticed.

But if you’re not into all that, no problem. Really, you just need to show off your femininity to make these guys swoon.

Do put effort into your appearance, and skip the skimpy outfits—these men want someone they can bring home to their families.

He secretly wants someone he can brag about (plenty on that in Cancer Man Secrets).

Show your class by having good manners and being polite. Go to a fancy restaurant and teach him the difference between a salad and dinner fork. 

Impress his colleagues at a dinner party with witty humor.

Your Cancer guy will be eating out of the palm of your hand.

Take him (slightly) out of his comfort zone

Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means these natives are the initiators of the zodiac. Still, the Cancer man can sometimes get so stuck in his comfortable routine that he forgets to have fun.

Really, he just needs a gentle push. He’s more willing to do something new if he has someone to do it with. 

So, surprise him with the canoeing trip that you know he’s secretly been wanting. Go to a restaurant that you two have never been to before.

Inspired by your willingness to try new things, no matter how small they are, your Cancer guy will fall even harder.

Show your appreciation

He finds pleasure in going out of his way to help those he loves—showing your appreciation is all he needs.

You don’t have to make a grand gesture. Giving him a small gift or just thanking him will go a long way. 

He just wants someone who treasures him and all that he has to offer. 

Now that you know how to capture a Cancer man’s heart, read Cancer Man Secrets to learn how to make it last.

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