How to Know If a Virgo Man Wants You Back (8 Green Lights He Gives)

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Pining for your Virgo ex-boyfriend?

Here’s how to know if a Virgo man wants you back:

  • He’s making himself open and available to you
  • It’s important to him that you remain good “friends”
  • …But he needs to know that you’re single
  • He’s changed for you and he’ll go out of his way to show it
  • He secretly still covets the things you left at his apartment

Virgo men will get back together with their exes, but they won’t stay long unless it makes sense to their hearts and heads that you two are a for-sure thing.

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How to Know If a Virgo Man Wants You Back

Did you break up with a Virgo man, only to realize that it was a huge mistake?

Or maybe he walked away and you haven’t been able to get over it.

Whatever happened, Virgos are one of those signs that can’t stop replaying your relationship in their minds over and over again.

And while they’re doing that, they might start to realize that they made a huge mistake letting you go.

So how do you know that’s what’s going on, especially if you’re dealing with a tight-lipped Virgo man who’s hesitant to lay out his feelings on the table?

Follow these cues, my friend…

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1. He Starts Showing Up More

He’s sliding into your DMs.

Or he just so happens to be at your local watering hole after work.

Is it you, or is it like every time you’re online or out with friends, he’s unexpectedly there?

If a Virgo guy didn’t feel confident about your breakup, he may never actually fully leave.

That perfectionist streak in Virgo men means they hate to feel like they’ve failed, and that includes failing at relationships.

Combine this with their problem-solving skills and dedication to their partners and it’s not hard to see why, after a few weeks or months apart, an interested Virgo man might start popping up again.

2. He’s Not Pushing You Away

It might sound odd, but a good way to tell a Virgo man wants you back is to look at what he’s not doing.

If he’s not throwing up road blocks left, right and center the minute you try to talk to him, that’s a green light.

If he’s not totally ignoring you and instead making himself available to chat with you, that’s another green light.

You see, a Virgo man who doesn’t want to be with you will not signal in any way that he does.

In fact, he’ll make an effort to show that he does not want to date you.

He might do that by becoming scarce, ignoring your texts and generally being cold and formal with you.

So if you’re not getting immediate “Nope” vibes from him the minute you try to talk to him, that’s your second clue that there might be a chance he still digs you.

3. He Wants to Be Friends With You (and Your Friends, Too)

Virgo men are choosy about who they let get (and stay) close to them.

And you can bet that if your Virgo ex wants to count you as a friend, you mean something to him.

After all, you two likely spent time building up trust and a great rapport, and there’s no reason to end that if the relationship didn’t end badly.

BUT more importantly, the fact that he’s keeping you close is not infrequently a signal that he’s hasn’t cut emotional ties with you.

Especially if he’s trying to stay friendly with your friends, too.

Which makes total sense. Given how logic-driven he is, he may reason that being close to your friends brings him one step closer to you.

4. He’s Making Sure You’re Single

Remember, Virgo men are not interested in playing games.

Your Virgo ex is going to want to cut right to the chase.

Asking you if you’re seeing anyone may throw you off your guard because it’s so direct.

But that’s the Virgo man’s style.

A conversation could go exactly like this:

Virgo man: “Are you seeing anyone right now?”

You: “No.”

Virgo man: “Neither am I.”

If so, that’s your cue.

No, he’s not just trying to tease you—he honestly wants to know whether or not to go for it.

5. He’s Changed

Exes always say they’ve changed, but when a Virgo guy says it, you know it’s true.

For sure, Virgo men may take criticism you gave them while you were together hard—they can dish it out but they’re touchy taking it.

However, their analytical side makes them question whether you were right.

Here’s why you can trust when a Virgo man says, “I’ve changed.”

First of all, Virgo men are logical. If their logic leads them to believe that your criticisms were fair and they were at fault, it’s only logical to fix those flaws.

Second of all, talk is cheap, and no one would agree with that more than a Virgo man. 

Virgo is an earth sign, which means this man is about what he can see, hear and hold.

He’s about tangible results. He won’t get stuck in the idea of changing—he’ll actually do it.

If you’re thinking that you’ll need to show you’ve changed, too, you’re on the right track.

You can find out exactly how to reciprocate and build confidence in your Virgo man that he’s totally right that you belong together in Virgo Man Secrets.

6. He’s Competing With Other Guys

It drives Virgo men nuts to know that other men might win your affection—if he’s still into you.

If you’ve stated that you’re single, he knows he has a chance.

And if other guys know you’re single, too, and are showing their interest, your Virgo is going to do what he needs to do to win.

Make no mistake, this is a huge sign that he wants you back in his life.

Virgo men don’t get competitive out of vanity.

They do it because they’re surprisingly territorial when what they want is threatened.

So if your Virgo ex-boyfriend is doing what he can to get other romantic candidates far away from you, take as a good sign if you want to get back together.

7. He Wants to Talk

Virgo men are unlikely to get their NSYNC on and croon out loud, “I Want You Back.”

But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to get back together.

Realistically, “Let’s talk about it” is more likely the phrase you’ll hear.

A Virgo man is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Which means to him, talking is a very good way to fix things.

And with enough time and communication, he’s pretty sure he can fix anything.

So when he says, “Let’s talk,” it’s a great sign that he’s planning out a reunion.

And it’s pretty reliable because Virgo men hate playing games.

When he says he wants to talk, he’s not going to waste your time (or his) with the cat-and-mouse stuff.

8. He Still Has Your Stuff

Does your Virgo ex-boyfriend still has something of yours at his place?

Maybe he’s brought it up in conversation.

If that’s the case, you’ve witnessed his strong sentimental side.

Are you surprised?

While yes, Virgo men are the kings of logic, they’re also total softies when it comes to an ex-flame they still hold a torch for.

This of it this way: If they’re not getting rid of your things, they’re not ready to “get rid of you” emotionally.

So—is your Virgo man giving you the signs he wants to work things out?

Now all you have to do is lead him to the finish line—maybe all the way to wedding bells.

If you’re wondering what you need to do that make your Virgo feel secure and confident and put you on a pedestal forever, you probably don’t want to miss Virgo Man Secrets.

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