Why Does A Leo Man Keep Coming Back? (9 Reasons)

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Are you curious about what it is that keeps a Leo Man coming back?

Leo man returns, again, and again, because of a strong emotional attraction to her… especially where there are shared interests and passions involved.

But, truth be told, that’s not even the half of it.

Some of the main reasons we discuss in this article about why Leo men are known for coming back to an old flame include:

  • Strong emotional connections
  • Her loyalty and commitment
  • Their shared interests and passions
  • Nostalgia thoughts of her invoke
  • The comfort she provides him
  • Deep and unresolved feelings
  • Drama and unfinished business 
  • A shared history and hope for reconciliation

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Why Does a Leo Man Keep Coming Back

Leo man is passionate and expressive about his emotions… that’s why he is typically drawn back to women who share his enthusiasm for life and his strong sense of personal values… if that is you, he’ll be back as often as he leaves. 

Leo men also value loyalty and commitment in their romantic partners above all else… so they often find themselves drawn back to a former flame that possibly feels the same.

Furthermore, Leo men have a tendency towards nostalgia… and a desire to revisit past relationships… even more so if there were unresolved issues.

Leo man’s reasons for coming back may vary, of course, based on individual circumstances and personal preferences… but more often stem than not, it is a combination of emotional, intellectual, and physical attraction that brings them crawling back time and time again.

Let’s explore these concepts, more in-depth, below…

1. Her Loyalty and commitment

Leo men are known for being fiercely loyal and committed to the people they care about. If he had a strong connection with a woman, he may easily be drawn back to her out of a sense of loyalty and devotion… all you have to do is remind him how devoted you can be, and that you are still loyal to him.

2. Feelings of nostalgia play on his heartstrings

Leos are also known to be sentimental and nostalgic creatures…. and may have fond memories of the time they spent with the woman in the past. This often leads Leo Man to want to reconnect and relive those happy moments with her again and again… all you need to do is give him a little reminder of those good old days and he’ll more than likely come running back at breakneck speeds.

3. His ego won’t let him let her go

Leo Man is often proud and confident… and may have trouble letting go of a relationship that ended on their terms. If Leo feels that he ended things prematurely or made a mistake, he is more than likely going to be motivated to try again (and again, and again) with the right woman. Your job is simply to clue him in on the fact that you are the woman he made a mistake letting go of.

4. He misses the drama (the good, the bad, and everything in between)

Men born under the Leo sign are quite often drawn to drama and excitement… which means they may find the idea of reconnecting with an ex to be thrilling or dramatic. However, this is not a healthy or sustainable motivation for a relationship… so you’re going to have to put in some effort if you want to keep him around this time.

5. Unresolved feelings about her from before the breakup

Another popular reason that a Leo Man may keep on coming back to her is that he simply still has feelings for her… and something inside makes him unable to forget her… let alone begin to move on in earnest. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as a strong emotional connection, or any number of the other items on this list… but often tends to be the unresolved issues that were never fully addressed before the breakup.

6. His possessiveness over her is too strong

Sometimes, Leo men can be possessive… which makes them somewhat territorial in their relationships. That means, he sees the woman as “his” and feels threatened by the idea of her being with someone else… even if they’ve broken it off already. Because of his strong sense of possessiveness over her, he can’t resist trying to win her back in order to maintain his feelings of control over his “possession”.

7. Optimism for a better future with her

Leos are generally optimistic and enthusiastic about all things in life, including relationships that have failed in the past. That means, with the smallest push, he may believe that things will work out for the best in the end…. as they were obviously meant to.  So, when he sees potential for a future with the woman from his past… for even the tiniest perceived reason… he is more than motivated to come back and try again as many times as necessary… even if it is on his hands and knees.

8. He can’t let go of the history he shares with her

If the Leo man and the woman who wants him back have a long and deep history together… he may feel that they have a special connection that can’t be replicated with anyone else. This heartfelt factor could motivate him to keep coming back to her, even if the relationship ended on a bad note. Further, he’ll come back over and over, so long as he doesn’t ever get over their history together.

9. He misses the comfort she provides

Sometimes, people return to past relationships simply because they feel comfortable and familiar. If the Leo man has a strong emotional connection with the woman and feels at ease with her, he may be drawn back to her as a source of comfort and stability. Many of the items on this list, such as shared history, drama, unresolved issues, and even his own ego, are contributing factors to this.

Now that you understand what keeps Leo Man coming back… let’s have a look at some super helpful tips in the next section of this article… to make sure he can’t resist giving things a second chance… or a third, fourth, or fifth for that matter!

How to Keep Leo Man Coming Back… Again, and Again

With their passionate personalities and charismatic charm, it’s no wonder that Leo men are known for the ease with which they capture our hearts… 

… on the flip side, it’s equally no surprise that they attract the attention of other females along the way… even when they are in a dedicated relationship.

But… now that you have a good idea of what it is that keeps them coming back, time and time again… Let’s dive a little deeper and explore the secrets to keeping your Leo man coming back for more, so you can enjoy a lasting and fulfilling relationship with this fiery sign!

All you have to do to keep a Leo Man coming back is:

1. Show him your rock-solid confidence

More than almost anything else, Leo men are attracted to confident and self-assured women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it how they have to. Show him that you’re confident in yourself and your abilities…. and that he belongs to you… and he’ll be helplessly drawn back to your energy.

2. Give him the admiration he craves

Leo men have a strong need for admiration and appreciation. It’s no secret that they love to be praised for their accomplishments and strengths in life… that’s why showing a genuine interest in his personal passions and career achievements, and not being shy about telling him how impressive you find him is one of the surest ways to draw him back into your life… and set his old passion for you ablaze again.

3. Being fun and showing him spontaneity

Leos love to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, so show him your adventurous side and be open to trying new things together. For example, try to surprise him with a spontaneous weekend getaway or plan a fun night out… he’ll be impressed by your enthusiasm, and start thinking about coming back for good, nearly instantly. Keep playing your cards right, but hold them close to your chest, and he’ll be like a lost puppy needing (probably begging) for your guiding hand.

4. Rekindling a deep emotional connection

While Leo men can sometimes seem superficial or self-centered…. In reality, what they crave is those deep emotional connections with the people they care about the most (even if you’ve been separated for years). Simply showing him that you’re still interested in him… and getting to know him on a deeper level than ever before works like a charm in attracting him back into your life again. Being open and honest about your own feelings and emotions typically seals the deal.

5. Displaying your never-ending creativity

It is no secret that Leos are often drawn to creativity and artistic expression in their romantic partners… so showing off your artistic side by sharing your own creative pursuits or taking an interest in his is a big hack in getting him back. For example, attending a gallery opening or art exhibit together, or planning a creative project you can work on together is a no-brainer strategy for melting his heart and making him want to come back for good..

6. Expressing feelings of undying loyalty

As I mentioned earlier, Leo men value loyalty and commitment in their relationships. That means all you need to do is show him that you’re loyal and dependable… and that you’re willing to stick by his side through thick and thin no matter what happens. Do this, and he’ll come running, walking, or crawling back as sure as the sun rises in the morning and sets each evening.

7. Being independent

While Leo men like to be admired and appreciated, they also respect and admire independent women who have their own passions and interests. Showing him that you’re an independent woman and self-sufficient is a surefire way to attract him back… few things attract Leo men back to past flames than being reminded of her strength and determination.

8. Using clear and open communication

Communication is key in any relationship, and Leo men are certainly no exception. Being open and honest in your communication with him, and being willing to listen and communicate effectively is a major key to attracting him back… again and again. 

Leo Man will appreciate your willingness to communicate and work through any issues that arise… which makes him even more enthusiastic and sure about coming back.


As you can clearly see, there are more than a few ways that you can attract (or re-attract) a Leo man… and keep him coming back. Of course, every Leo Man is unique… so it’s important to get to know him on a personal level and tailor your approach accordingly.

Also, it’s important to communicate openly and honestly with each other in order to understand each other’s motivations and needs… by doing so, you set your hook in him, and reel him back in… as many times as you want.

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