How to Please an Aries Man Sexually (6 Tips to Rock His World)

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So you’ve bagged a fiery Aries man. Wondering what your new beau likes in bed? Here’s what astrology says about how to please an Aries man sexually.

How to Please an Aries Man Sexually

Are you up for an adventure? Be ready—the Aries guy is going to take you on a wild ride.

He’s passionate and highly sexually driven. It goes without saying that if you know what his turn-ons are, you’re going to rock his world—if you can keep up!

There’s a whole lot more you can learn about the sextrology aspect of being with an Aries man in Aries Man Secrets.

In the meantime, here’s a beginner’s guide to how to please an Aries man sexually.

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Be up for It Anytime, Anywhere

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The Aries man’s sex drive knows no bounds. If your sex drive isn’t high, you may not be ready to handle the Aries sexual appetite. You’ve got to love spontaneity to keep the chemistry going between you two.

Routine crushes his soul. He’s far from the Taurus man in that sense. When it comes to sex, Aries doesn’t want to be limited by any time or space constraints. That means he’ll want to do it indoors, outdoors, at a party, in public…you get the picture.

You don’t have to indulge an Aries man every single time he gets riled up. I’m just saying to prepare yourself for a lot of sex, whenever, wherever. If that’s your bag, Aries is your man.

Like It Rough

The type of gal who only likes soft, sweet caresses and gentle love making is not going to like an Aries guy’s style. And he’ll be bored, too.

Aries are pretty famous for their tendencies to like it hard and fast. They’re incredibly steamy for the right partner, but others may find them a bit too aggressive.

That’s why the partner who likes it rough is the best match for the Ram. He’ll worship you if you two are on the same page sexually.

Follow His Lead

Leadership is a defining quality of the sign of Aries. What that means is that the Aries man likes to take charge in all situations, and sex is no different.

This is the kind of man who wants to take control in the bedroom. It turns him on to be the dominant one, so if you’re into that, let him lead. 

A caveat: Make sure you don’t let the Aries get so carried away that he reaches the finish line before you do. He has a tendency to get tunnel vision, and he’ll likely be unaware that you’re not actually getting yours.

So don’t be afraid to give him some direction in that sense. Your pleasure is equally important.

Switch Up Positions

Did I mention that Aries hates routine? As you can imagine, routine sex positions are not popular with him.

If your favorite position is missionary, expand your horizons. In fact, Aries men are known for loving doggie style. But just being into doing something different, including switching positions several times in one session, will indulge his need for spontaneity.

Try a Little BDSM

white fuzzy handcuffs on a bed post with a quote about aries men and sex

Handcuffs, straps, nipple clamps…yeah, the Aries man is down. Even if he doesn’t introduce some light bondage to the bedroom, when you do, it’s pretty likely that he’s going to be so excited that he won’t be able to contain himself.

You’ve probably noticed as you’ve been reading that a paint-by-numbers lover is not his taste. And his penchant for dominance translates well to BDSM.

Now, if the term scares you, I’m not talking about going full masked leather bodysuit and whips and chains here (though if anyone’s going to meet you on that, it’s Aries). Frisky spanking, tying you to the bed, hair pulling and blindfolds are all part of the BDSM world.

Now that I mention it, he probably likes the spanking part.


Ultimately, spicing things up is the best way to please an Aries man. Don’t worry about scaring him with your requests. Role playing? Sex toys? Fantasies you’ve never fulfilled? Aries is game.

He’s not afraid to try new things, which is good because he wants the same from you. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment in bed, Aries is the man to do it with.

The bottom line is to be creative and bold like your Aries man. He’ll thank his lucky stars you’re all his.

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