How to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You (10 Best Tips)

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If your goal is to get a Capricorn man addicted to you, read on.

Here’s how to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you:

  • Find common ground—shared values and interests
  • Be his sanctuary—help him relax and forget his anxieties with you
  • Let him see your knowledge and critical thinking skills
  • Own your goals and make them happen
  • Be open and generous with him, but never wait around for him

To prevent your obsessed Capricorn man from disappearing on you, that’s a bit of a different story. You’ll need to understand what pushes his buttons.

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How to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You

1. Share his values and interests

Shared interests are super, super important to Capricorns.

Whereas some signs don’t care all that much if there’s little crossover in what you like and believe in, practical Capricorns won’t know how to connect with you if that’s missing.

They really want to be with someone like-minded.

So for starters, find what you have in common with the Capricorn and push that button.

You can find out through simple conversation as you listen to him talk.

Share your enthusiasm to get him talking more about what he’s passionate about. Which he will, all the while growing increasingly intrigued by you.

Don’t care about many of the same things? Pick something you would like to learn about and then do some research. Come back to him and share it with him.

Extra points because it will stroke his ego that he was able to influence you. Something a Capricorn can’t resist.

2. Be open and sincere

The Capricorn man you’re crushing hard on is greedy.

He wants all of you. Not breadcrumbs.

You need to show him the real you. Don’t try to hide things or act cool and tough because you’re afraid he’ll judge you or walk.

I know, that’s intimidating with this emotionally walled-off sign.

If he’s interested in you, he’ll be asking all sorts of questions anyway. Like he’s interviewing you for your dating potential.

Be open and vulnerable without fear in front of your Cappy.

Even though he’s too nervous to let his own guard down, it’s the innocence and honesty of your approach that will lure him…and make him melt for you.

3. Praise his good taste

Capricorns tend to have refined tastes. And they know it. 

You can get on a Capricorn man’s good side by complimenting him for his great taste in food, drink, music, literature or anything he’s into.

But the real flattery comes from a peer—someone else with good taste who knows how to recognize his.

For example, if he mentions a French restaurant he likes and you know French food, praise his selection and talk about how the dishes on the restaurant’s menu reflect true Parisian flair.

This will show you know what you’re talking about and make your compliments go much further.

Not only will you discover more that you have in common, but also, this creates friendship with a Capricorn man—an essential part of addicting him to you.

4. Keep busy

One of the very most important things you can do to get a Capricorn man after you is to show that you have your own important things going on in your life.

Be independent enough that if he goes silent on you, you don’t have time to fret about it and ask him to call back.

The last thing you want is for the Capricorn to think you’re clingy.

It’s not quite the same thing as ignoring him, which you should not do. It’s more like giving him his space as well as yourself because your time is as valuable as his.

Remember, he wants a motivated woman in his life.

Anna Kovach can give you specifics on how to walk that fine line in Capricorn Man Secrets.

If he likes you, he’ll keep tabs on you and see that you’re not waiting around for him.

This is a good way to make him realize how important you are to him.

5. Help him release his tensions

Think that Capricorns are so serious, they don’t need to have a good time? This is totally false!

Behind that cool Cappy exterior is a bundle of nerves and anxieties.

He feels the weight of responsibility heavy on his shoulders, but this is why the phrase “Work hard, play hard” suits him so well.

If you can be a conduit for fun times for him, he’ll be oh-so grateful.

Be entertaining. Laugh together and share inside jokes.

Capricorns like to be admired and rub shoulders with the elite, so take him places where he’ll be seen.

Maybe a bar, a venue or a club that has some kind of prominence or status.

(Pro tip: Just don’t spring anything exciting on him. Unlike a Sagittarius, Capricorn man is a planner and hates surprises.)

Whatever you do, help him get absorbed in the moment relaxing with you and suddenly, all he’ll see is you.

6. Flex your knowledge

Capricorns can be know-it-alls.

They value intelligence and, even more so, knowledge and expertise.

What are you knowledgeable in?

Subjects like history and economics will surely not bore a man like a Capricorn.

Or, you may be an expert in the world of coffee from your years as a barista.

If you go to a cafe with the Capricorn, take the opportunity to talk about the different varieties of coffee beans, their nuances and how to enjoy them like a pro.

It’s OK if your area of expertise is very different from his. In fact, the less you know about his, the more he can (and will) talk at length about it in an attempt to mesmerize you.

Whatever you’re a brainiac about, it will all fascinate him just the same and give you special status in his book.

7. Show you’re a deep thinker

If you’re not at expert level in anything in particular, don’t worry. 

Light a Capricorn’s fire by demonstrating your ability to think deeply and analytically.

You want to add value to the conversation with your own opinions and interpretations.

Talk about some thought-provoking things you’ve learned or read about in the news, in a documentary or in a book.

Stay tuned to current and world events as the Capricorn is sure to be savvy in these areas.

Capricorns respect authority, so if you can cite an established source like a peer-reviewed journal you read something in over an obscure podcast, all the better.

Brains and sound judgment are incredibly attractive to the Sea Goat!

8. Go after your goals

Don’t just have goals. Seize them.

At least, if you want a Capricorn guy to be all over you.

It’s part of who he is to be incredibly ambitious and create opportunities to get what he wants. Not just build pipe dreams.

Are you similar in that way?

If you are, you’ll have no problem putting a Capricorn under your spell. 

He’s drawn to successful people and wants a woman who works hard and is accomplished.

Whether your goals are to open your own business or become a master wine taster so you can sample the best of France’s Rhône Valley, show the Capricorn man that you’re on track and committed.

He appreciates a well thought-out plan, so tell him how you plan to dominate your goals.

That’s the kind of talk that gets a Capricorn man looking at you like an equal, and a truly desirable one.

9. Compliment his work

Working, making money and advancing in a career are as necessary as air to this sign.

So naturally, his work is something a Capricorn man takes pride in.

He identifies with others who are career-driven. But he also wants to be appreciated for what he does.

Notice the details when he talks about work.

Talk about them and ask him to explain to you what you don’t know, but which you are fascinated by.

Give him sincere compliments about his work ethic, projects he masterminds and his skills.

If he’s a coworker, you should have plenty of chances for this.

Being impressed by him gives him motivation to talk to you more and do more to impress you.

And before you know it, he’ll be focusing his attention exclusively on you.

10. Don’t criticize him

We all have flaws. Capricorns are aware of theirs.

Caps don’t like to lay their flaws out on the table to be poked at and hashed over.

If you’re a Virgo, you may struggle to keep from telling a Capricorn man when he’s made a mistake and how he might do it better.

But this is exactly the trap that will burn a Capricorn and get you radio silence.

He has a ton of confidence in his methodologies and intellect. What he wants to hear from you is unconditional support, not criticism.

Give him the room to deal with his own mistakes. Don’t rush to point them out.

The more accepting and caring you are with him, the more comfortable he’ll feel with letting you see deeper layers of his personality and emotions.

And as this happens, he’ll become more and more obsessed with you.

Other Capricorn Man Questions

What attracts a Capricorn man?

Here’s a quick guide on how to attract Capricorn man:

  • Be elegant in the way you dress and how you hold yourself
  • Take care of your appearance at all times
  • Give him a glimpse of your maternal side 
  • Share his sense of humor—appreciate the dark side of it!
  • Have your life in order, your future planned and drama-free
  • Focus on self-improvement and achievement

How to make a Capricorn man chase you

You’ll have to find the balance between showing the Capricorn man special attention and revolving your world around him.

He loves to be admired, but he should admire you right back.

You can accomplish this by being humble, independent, self-sufficient and sophisticated.

Be genuine in showing him that you like him, but don’t jump the gun. Let him come to you as he needs to keep that power.

Here’s how to make a Capricorn man chase you.

How does a Capricorn man test a woman?

A Capricorn man will test every answer you give him when he’s getting to know you.

Don’t be surprised if he asks you questions like you’re in an interview.

How steady and reliable are your love and affection? This is something else he’ll test.

How do you handle it when he needs to spend time alone?

Your reactions to him distancing himself due to being busy at work or having a big life change amount to a test of devotion when he comes back.

In fact, this is one of his biggest tests that can easily be misinterpreted.

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How to make a Capricorn man miss you

Think about what your best attributes are, polish them off and put them on display.

A Capricorn will miss what he admires about you most.

He will also miss you more if other people are admiring you, too.

Not in a jealousy-provoking way, though.

Just in the way that others look up to you and respect you.

Reputation and social opinion mean a good deal to him, so make yours sparkle.

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How to make a Capricorn man regret losing you

It may be scary, but what you need to do is relinquish control.

Let him go and get back to living your life.

If you work on yourself in the meantime, you’ll be in an even better position to draw him back to you.

And when he reaches out to you again, be willing to establish a supportive friendship first without jumping back into the relationship if he’s not ready yet.

Check out Anna Kovach’s Capricorn Man Secrets if you want to steal a Cap man’s heart.

It’s super helpful if you’re misjudging his “Capricorn coldness” and he’s slipping away from you. 

Or if you’re just daunted by this hard-to-impress sign!

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