What to Do When Leo Man Ignores You (4 Steps to Get Back to Normal)

what to do when leo man ignores you

Has your Leo boyfriend or husband been giving you the cold shoulder? Here’s what to do when Leo man ignores you: Give him time Pay him extra attention Don’t let it affect your everyday life Listen when he’s ready to talk If he’s ignoring you after things have been going so well, don’t panic!  You … Read more

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How Does Leo Man Show Interest? (5 Easy Ways to Tell He Likes You)

how does leo man show interest

Are you curious to know if the Leo guy you’ve been crushing on is feeling you?  How does Leo man show interest? He prefers your company. He’ll want to entertain you. He wants to know all about you. He’s up front about it. Be warned: Even if you’ve gotten to the first date, it’s dangerous … Read more

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What a Leo Man Looks for in a Woman (14 Most Attractive Traits)

what a leo man looks for in a woman

If you want to catch the Lion, you need to know what a Leo man looks for in a woman. Here’s what he wants in his Lioness: A sharp dresser A woman who invests in herself Romance, passion and excitement A woman who shines like a star A confident, independent woman Struggling to impress a … Read more

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How to Attract a Leo Man (5 Fail-Proof Ways to Intrigue Him)

how to attract a leo man

Wanna get the attention of your hot new Leo coworker? You just need to know what to do to catch his eye. Here’s how to attract a Leo man: Have a sharp sense of style Pay him compliments aplenty Be confident Show an interest in cultural and artistic experiences Be fun and playful For tips … Read more

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How to Get a Leo Man Back (6 Steps to Get Back in His Arms)

how to get a leo man back

Whether you’re going through a rough patch with your Leo man or you broke up, it’s time to win him back. Here’s the quick answer to how to get a Leo man back: If you need to apologize, put your heart into your apology Be open, honest and real with him Keep living your life … Read more

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Why Am I So Attracted to a Leo Man (12 Reasons)


Are you wondering why you find yourself so drawn to a Leo Man?  His kind and generous nature, passionate love-making skills, and natural charisma are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Leo men. Some of the main reasons why women find themselves attracted to this fiery and charismatic zodiac sign are: … Read more

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