Gemini Man After Break Up: Will You Get Back Together? (How to Tell)

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Whether your relationship with your Gemini man is on the rocks or you’re pining for your Gemini ex, there is hope.

A Gemini man will come back if:

  • He remembers all the good times…and not too many bad
  • Being with you made him a better man
  • He feels like he has unfinished business in the relationship

Now, the Gemini man after break up is just as hard to predict as was in the relationship.

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Gemini Man After Break Up: Will You Get Back Together?

The way a Gemini man reacts to a breakup may seem like there’s no going back for him.

He may:

  • Act icy when he runs into you
  • Pretend the breakup was no big deal
  • Look for hook-ups to keep him occupied

The thing is, you can’t really judge whether he’d be ready to get back together based on these behaviors. Geminis are good at doing what they need to do to put hurt feelings behind them.

But they’re not opposed to starting anew with an ex.

Geminis’ boundless curiosity allows them to be open to trying anything. They won’t simply write off a relationship with a less-than-straightforward path because they know that life is full of possibilities.

So will you get back together? Let’s look at the factors that come into play when he’s making up his mind.

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Was it your decision to break up?

In general, it’s more likely that he’ll want to try again if you broke it off with him than if he ended the relationship.

If the breakup surprised and confused him, he’s going to want to find out what happened. Things were good before—and there’s no reason they can’t be again.

Even if he saw the breakup coming, he may want a do-over—a second chance to right whatever wrong caused the breakup.

If he cheated or gave you any other reason to end the relationship, he probably already wants you back. It wouldn’t be surprising if he’s checking your Instagram and asking your friends about you. 

If he broke up with you, what was his reason?

If he was the one to call it quits, it will be tougher because a Gemini man figures he had good reason.

You see, Gemini men are more driven by rationality than emotionalism. So if he already rationalized the breakup, he may see no reason to rehash the past.

Especially if he lost interest.

If that’s the case, it can’t hurt to brush up on what this man with the legendary short attention span needs to remain interested (Gemini Man Secrets can help with that).

If he left because of something pretty serious like a cheating incident, he may or may not be willing to forgive and forget. He is capable of it. It just depends on whether he can justify or make sense of it.

Has he had enough time to think about it?

If the breakup was pretty recent, you may be anxious to repair the relationship and get things back to normal.

Even if that’s the case, it’s important to back away from the situation until the Gemini has had enough time to think things through.

If you’ve been calling him often and asking (or begging) him to come back, that has likely only been driving him further away.

The only way he’ll decide to reunite is if he doesn’t feel forced into it, for one thing.

He’ll also need enough time by himself to gather his thoughts and come to a well thought-out conclusion.

How strong was your mental connection?

All Gemini guys are looking for someone who can feed their curious minds with great conversation and interesting ideas.

Did you two just “get” each other?

Was the banter fast-paced and top-notch?

Geminis find it easy to pick right back up with someone they had good rapport with.

On the flip side, they lose interest if they’re not constantly mentally stimulated.

The Gemini mind moves quickly and suddenly from thought to thought, so they need someone who can keep up.

Were things mostly good?

Geminis are positive people.

They won’t put themselves back in a situation weighted more toward bad memories than good.

They don’t see the point. Won’t things just be difficult all over again? Were they really happy in the relationship?

You can, of course, help him make his decision by reminding him of happy moments. But if they were few and far between, that may not be enough to sway him.

Did he grow from your relationship? 

Gemini are all about bettering themselves and self-growth.

This is why they spend long hours reading, writing, visiting museums, taking classes and traveling. They are lifelong learners—this helps them to better understand themselves and the world around them.

Whether he actively thinks about how much he’s grown from your relationship or not, it’s something he’ll be able to sense and it could be a big factor.

If you constantly challenged him, pushed him to grow his intellect and made him think outside the box, that is a powerful incentive to get back with you.

After reading this list, if you feel like your Gemini ex might be open to giving the relationship another go, read Gemini Man Secrets to find out what will make the relationship last.

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