How to Win Over an Aries Man (10 Easy Tips to Win His Affection)

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Trying to make an Aries man swoon? If you’ve been unsuccessful, you’re missing some key ingredients.

Here’s how to win over an Aries man:

  • Maintain your independence
  • Let your wit and intelligence dazzle him
  • Be bold, direct and unafraid to get what you want
  • Don’t give away everything up front when he starts to pursue you

Aries men move fast, so you need to be prepared to keep his interest.

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How to Win Over an Aries Man (10 Easy Tips to Win His Affection)

It’s easy to understand why you’re dreaming about a handsome Aries man: he’s charming, adventurous, sexy, fun and always down for a good time.

His symbol is the Ram—which means he takes life by the horns.

This man has a need to climb to the very top of the mountain and do it, like Frank Sinatra said, “my way.”

Though he likes to keep busy, he’ll carve out time for a woman who is brave enough to join him on that mountaintop.

Here’s what you should do if you want him to slow down long enough to take notice and get to know you better.

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1. Don’t beat around the bush

If like an Aries man, tell him.

He’s a straightforward man and he won’t necessarily pick up the subtle hints you’re dropping.

Also, he lacks patience.

So if he thinks you’re cute but has no idea that you’re into him, he’ll be perfectly happy to keep you in the friend zone and move on.

So go ahead and give him something to pique his interest.

2. Flirt and be sexy

Aries men love to flirt while they’re getting to know you.

They’re sharp-witted and intelligent, so pepper in plenty of banter while you’re chatting to get his attention.

While you’re doing it, throw him a smoldering look.

Compliment his athletic physique (Aries thrives on approval). If your Aries crush has the body of a Greek god, he knows it. So it won’t be hard to flatter him!

When you flirt, make it physical.

That means: touch him, be forward and make it clear that you find him sexy.

3. Let him chase you

While it’s fine to be the first one to open the door, the Aries should be the first to walk through it.

He’s got to be the one to chase you.

Otherwise, in his eyes, it might infringe on his masculinity (or be no fun).

That doesn’t mean that you can’t be assertive—you should, because Aries loves strong, bold women.

Just let him be the one to push things forward. Trust me, you’ll need to be the one to hit the brakes when he gets really worked up.

Which brings us to the next tip…

4. Keep the mystery going

Once he’s chasing you, you’ll need to retain an element of mystery and intrigue.

No matter how enthusiastic he is in the beginning, if it’s too easy to get you and figure you out, you risk the spark fading before it has a chance to ignite.

If you can give him little bits and pieces as you go, you stand a much better chance of keeping him captivated.

Let him work to dig up the dirt on you. Go out with him for a couple of drinks but then say you have to jet.

You get the idea.

5. Respect his freedom

An Aries is beholden to no one. He relies on himself and answers to himself only.

Ambitious Aries men are too busy conquering the world and building their empires to think about stopping to check in with someone else.

If you want to win his respect and attention, you’ll have to let him call you when he has time between adventures.

And by the same token, be sure to have your own adventures going so you have stories to entertain him with when you see him next.

But if you’re just not having any luck getting him to call, Anna Kovach provides critical insight most women miss (because it’s totally not obvious) in Aries Man Secrets.

6. Get intellectual

If you get to know an Aries man, you might notice that he likes to keep intellectual people around him.

With his sharp mind, an Aries man loves to get philosophical, speculate on human nature and dive into all things psychology.

If you do this with him, he’ll be automatically more interested in talking to you—and find it sexy as hell.

Time to brush up on Philosophy 101 from your college days.

7. Be a risk taker

If you’re asking how to win over an Aries man, you may not be aware that the slow lane is not the Aries man’s lane.

If that’s where you’re at, be prepared to get passed without a second glance.

You don’t need to go skydiving to impress your Aries (although you totally could!), but you do need to be open-minded and willing to try new things.

Aries people don’t like a stick-in-the-mud. And while they don’t need anyone else, they do want someone to do fun, new and thrilling things with.

Show the Aries that that person is you.

8. Let him help you with something

An Aries man’s deep-down desire is to protect and serve you.

He likes to think of himself as a problem-solver and is eager to help where help is needed, particularly if it’s hands-on.

If you know your Aries is savvy about iPhones and yours is in trouble, ask him to take a look.

If he’s good with cars and your engine light goes on, call him to get his advice before you schedule an appointment with your mechanic.

He won’t be able to resist the temptation to break out his skill set.

Plus, you’ll tap into the part of him that wants to be your hero.

9. Believe in him

The Ram has big ambitions in life and doesn’t have any time or energy to waste on naysayers.

He’s always unapologetically pursuing a challenge of some sort, whether it’s learning a new language, ruling the basketball court or starting up a business.

So he needs people around him with an optimistic outlook.

Support his vision with a can-do attitude and express your faith in his ability to achieve it to get on his good side.

10. Be confident

A fearless woman is for an Aries man.

Believe in yourself and what you have to offer. Don’t dumb yourself down or let anyone push your boundaries, including him.

He’ll know he’s met his match and the two of you can take on the world together.

Next step after getting your Aries man’s full attention and desire: keep it burning only for you.

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