How to Tell If a Virgo Man Is in Love With You (10 Signs Not to Miss)

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Need to know how to tell if a Virgo man is in love with you?

Here’s the quick answer:

  • He does favors for you, cleans for you and takes care of you
  • He has stuff planned out in the future for the two of you
  • You can tell you’re special to him from the way he talks about you
  • He’s always there for you and 100% supportive
  • He may even do some low-key PDA

Whether the lucky few who capture a Virgo man’s heart know it or not, it’s their understanding of their Virgo men’s less obvious needs for security, nurturing and stimulation that won them over.

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What Makes a Virgo Man Fall in Love?

Be perfect.

Just kidding!

In reality, Virgo men do believe that the woman they love is as close to perfection as it gets. 

But that does NOT mean that she is, in fact, perfect.

It’s more that she fits her Virgo guy’s ideal type of woman, and he then puts her so far up on a pedestal that she couldn’t touch the ground if she tried.

So what are the traits of a Virgo man’s ideal woman?

She is:

  • 100% herself, and never tries to put on an act to try to “trick” a Virgo man into seeing her a certain way
  • Comfortable and confident, never kowtowing to others
  • Mature—drama lovers need not apply
  • Independent and self-sufficient, yet vulnerable with her Virgo man—she still lets him be her knight in shining armor from time to time
  • Honest, open, humble and practical
  • Intellectual and interested in a variety of topics
  • Aware of her worth and not willing to let others bring her down
  • Focused and goal-oriented

OK—now let’s find out how to tell if a Virgo man is in love with you.

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How to Tell If a Virgo Man Is in Love With You

Has your Virgo man not said the words yet, but you think you might be feeling it?

Virgo men take a while to warm up and trust you with their emotions, so don’t be surprised if there’s a period where you’re still kind of wondering.

But that’s where this handy list comes in.

Here are 10 signs your Virgo man loves you.

1. He does a lot of little things for you

Virgos are big believers in “show, don’t tell.”

That is, they express their love for you in what they do for you.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that your Virgo boyfriend is cleaning your kitchen after you cook dinner without you asking.

He’s returning a package for you to the UPS store because you’re busy.

He makes sure your work desk is stocked with your favorite snacks.

Some of these things might seem mundane, but to your Virgo man, they are gestures of his affection. 

Little tokens of his love for you.

2. He mentions your future together

Make no mistake, Virgo men don’t slip up.

If your Virgo man is talking about you + him down the road, he’s letting you know that he’s caught feelings for you.

He hopes you’ll stick around, because he’s planning on it.

Maybe he says you two should travel the world together.

Or, maybe he just makes little comments about you being part of his future plans—like, why wouldn’t you be part of them?

Whatever he’s talking about, if he’s saying “we” a lot, that’s a pretty unmistakable sign.

3. He’s devoted to you

Virgo men don’t exactly have a reputation for playing the field, but at the same time they won’t get too involved if they decide you’re not compatible.

But a Virgo man who loves you won’t hold back.

He will want to be in a stable, monogamous and long-lasting relationship with you.

Just be aware, commitment in the form of a ring especially can take a long time with a Virgo man.

That being said, a Virgo man in love will want to secure the potential for your relationship to last a lifetime.

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4. He takes care of you

When you’re sick, he’s on your doorstep with a bowl of chicken soup.

If you need help, who’s right there at your side but the Virgo man.

Virgo men want nothing more than to take good care of the one they love.

They have a deep desire to be the person you rely on most, which they take as their solemn duty.

Does your Virgo man jump to protect you?

Yup, he’s smitten.

5. It’s in his eyes

Something all Virgo men do when they’re very interested in you is give you that intense look.

And when he loves you, there will be a softness in his eyes as well.

You’ll see his adoration when he looks at you—it’s tough for him to hide.

He’ll stare lovingly at you when you’re talking and gaze deeply into your eyes.

The more his love grows, the more you’ll notice this.

6. He talks about you like you’re special

Pay attention to the way your Virgo guy talks about you.

If he loves you, his language will be telling.

He’ll talk about your accomplishments, how intelligent you are, or otherwise draw attention to your uniqueness.

You’ll start to pick up on the little indications that he is proud of you and proud of being with you.

7. You don’t feel like he’s overly critical of you

If you’ve heard that Virgo men are always pointing out your flaws and mistakes, you’re sort of right.

But it’s completely different when it comes to the object of his affection.

One, he already thinks you’re pretty darn perfect.

So what’s there to criticize?

Two, that doesn’t mean he’ll never offer you advice and make suggestions of how to do things better, more efficiently, etc.

But it’s always coming from a place of caring for him.

You’ll sense that.

8. He sneaks in a little PDA

They say there’s no chance a Virgo man will do PDA.

Well, that’s not completely accurate.

I’ve seen plenty of Virgo men do PDA, but here’s the thing.

They’re probably not going to play tonsil hockey with you in the middle of a crowded room.

Rather, your Virgo love will quietly place a hand around your waist while you’re out and about.

Or hold your hand under the table.

If you ever spot a Virgo man touching his lady affectionately in broad daylight where others can see (if they’re looking), you can be fairly certain he feels strongly about her.

9. Most of his free time is spent with you

One thing Virgo men don’t do is fritter away their time.

Every minute has a purpose, and if most of his minutes not otherwise working or taking care of responsibilities is spent with you, that’s an important sign.

The difference between a Virgo man just having fun with you and being in love with you is largely in how he acts.

Virgo men who aren’t that into you are not going to go out of their way to spend time together.

Likewise, a Virgo man who spends a lot of his time with you just can’t get enough of you.

If that’s the case, chances are good he’s falling for you.

10. You feel supported by him

What a Virgo man wants in life is a true partner.

Someone who is his rock and who he can be a rock for.

To a Virgo man, showing unwavering support and dedication is one of the ultimate expressions of real love.

A mature kind of love—the kind he wants.

If you feel like everyone else may be against you but your Virgo man has your back—

If you know in your bones that your Virgo will believe in you no matter what—

He’s likely in love.

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