How to Get a Virgo Man to Like You (Are You Doing These 8 Things?)

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Want a Virgo man to be into you?

Let’s talk about how to get a Virgo man to like you:

  • Save him from small talk by beefing up the conversation
  • Be honest and direct—even if you’re afraid he’ll reject you
  • Be creative and give him a handmade gift
  • Do at-home dinner dates
  • Don’t be stingy with the compliments, but don’t be careless either

Quick tip: This famously picky man MUST feel that you *really* know him, without him having to say, to develop a passion for you. 

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Why You Want a Virgo Man to Like You

A Virgo man is a total catch.

If he deems you worthy of his heart, you can expect to be taken care of like you’ve never been taken care of before.

He may not be traditionally romantic, but he’ll be tuned into you and your needs like nobody you’ve ever been with before.

He’s loyal to a fault, and he will adore you like the goddess you are.

And did I mention the mind-blowing sex?

Yep, this is why women chase after Virgo men.

But, you’ll only reap the rewards of being with a Virgo man if he falls hard for you, which of course means that first…he needs to like you.

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How to Get a Virgo Man to Like You

If you feel like a Virgo man has barely given you the time of day, don’t be discouraged.

Getting a Virgo man to like you is not an overnight event.

He has to feel that you two will mesh well together.

Not just in the sack, which is why physical attraction alone doesn’t cut it for him.

The reality? He has to see evidence that you’re compatible from your interests, to your emotions, to your scruples.

You have to build trust—it’s the only way to forge a bond with this man.

The 8 tips below will help you do that.

1. Don’t lie or misrepresent yourself

“My good opinion once lost is lost forever.” ~ Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice

A Virgo man sentence if there ever was one.

One of the fastest ways to lose a Virgo man is by being dishonest with him.

That goes for both telling outright lies and bending the truth, either to make yourself look better to him or to spare his feelings.

The truth can be hard. Or unsexy. 

But Virguys are insulted by the idea that a) someone thinks they can outsmart them, and b) they need you to make things more palpable for them.

The bottom line?

Never say you got a promotion at work when you didn’t just to build yourself up to a Virgo man.

Don’t lie and say you’re over your ex if you’re not completely.

Eventually, the truth will come out, and he won’t be impressed.

2. Drop knowledge bombs in small talk

Virgo men aren’t into traditional small talk. 

They would much rather talk about something that opens their minds.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, which influences a person to be highly mentally active, Virgo is a smarty pants.

Which is why Virgo men love—and need—mental stimulation like deep conversations, learning new information and figuring out how stuff works.

When small talk is unavoidable, quickly start interjecting interesting facts.

Pique his curiosity right away.

Recently learned about the lifecycle of luna moths? That’s not dull to a Virgo man.

Read a fascinating book about World War I? He’s probably a history buff.

He will consider you a kindred spirit, the first step toward developing feelings for you. 

3. Give praise where praise is due

Virgo men are human. They like to hear a kind word every now and again. 

The thing is, they hate empty praise.

You simply doling out compliments is liable to make your Virgo man uncomfortable.

If you want him to respond to you, make your praise count.

Dish it out only when merited.

Even better if you can make it specific to his work, which he takes pride in.

Knowing what he actually cares about will give you an advantage here, which you’ll learn in Virgo Man Secrets.

Try letting him know that you admire his work ethic.

If he made, cooked or built something for you, make your appreciation clear.

A well-timed and well-placed compliment can be unexpected and deeply meaningful to a Virgo man.

4. Be direct

Virgo men love a woman who can take charge.

While it’s true that Virgo guys like to consider themselves the dominant partner and prefer to do the pursuing, they want a woman who they consider their equal.

She must be able to stand up for herself. And she should not “need” anyone else (therefore becoming helpless and clingy).

So how does this translate as you get to know each other?

Don’t be afraid to say what you mean.

Want to know if he’s single?

Ask him.

From there, he will know that you’re interested and have the OK to ask you out.

Which is important, because this guy probably won’t ask you out if he doesn’t have a clear indication that you want him to.

5. Be squeaky clean

The word germaphobe was created to describe Virgos.

They like clean spaces, dusted surfaces and clean people.

So if your Virgo man is coming over, get the cleaning supplies out and treat yourself to a home spa day.

But cleanliness is also about the mind when it comes to Virgo man’s preferences.

What I mean is that Virgos value a kind of “purity” in women.

A kind of innocence.

No crass or raunchy humor.

Opt for a classy, feminine dress. Skip the skimpy mini. Virgo men like to leave something to their very active imaginations.

Just remember: When your Virgo man is present, clean up your act!

And your appearance.

6. Do stay-at-home dates

Virgo men are all about quality.

Which is why a date your Virgo man picks out will probably entail “the best” something—

The best sushi, the best beer or wine, the best scenery…you get the idea.

However, Virgo men are also creatures of comfort.

If you offer to kick it on the couch with a glass of wine and lasagna (made with fresh mozzarella and your homemade tomato sauce), you’ll score big points.

When you’re just getting to know each other, this can allow the two of you to connect more in a low-fuss setting.

And low-fuss is what Virgo man likes.

7. Make something for him

If a Virgo man likes you, he will invest his time and energy into your happiness by doing thoughtful little things for you.

Why not do the same for him?

One thing you can do that will stand out is to gift him something you put together with your own two hands.

Do you grow your own vegetables? Bring him a little box of homegrown produce.

Crafty in the kitchen? Make your famous banana bread.

Not only is this a thoughtful gesture, you can also subtly show off how amazing you are.

He’ll know right away that you’re different.

8. Be ambitious

Building a Virgo man’s respect is crucial if you want him to like you.

To do this, you definitely want to mirror a Virgo man’s behaviors like keeping calm, displaying rationality and, without a doubt, showing him that you have ambitions.

Virgo men are famously goal-oriented, and they tend to like partners who have plans.

Not just lofty dreams, but tangible plans.

Or at least a realistic idea of what you want out of life.

That’s something Virgo, an uber practical earth sign, will respect.

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