How to Know When a Leo Man Is Playing You (5 Classic Signs)

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Have the feeling that your Leo guy isn’t as into you as he claims?

Your intuition likely isn’t wrong and it’s important to know the signs that reveal his true intentions.

Here’s how to know when a Leo man is playing you:

  • He doesn’t ask about your life.
  • He’ll only want you around to feel better about himself.
  • When you need him he won’t be there.
  • He’ll be stingy with his money.
  • He won’t invite you out.

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Now let’s check out the red flags that your Leo men isn’t being sincere.

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Are You Being Used?

Leos are the actors of the zodiac, but even they can’t fake love─at least not for long.

The Leo man has a great flair for winning people over with his words and grand personality─probably why you fell for him.

He’s won you over with infectious charm as well as big plans that include you, yet you notice they never come to fruition.

Your gut is telling you that his words aren’t aligning with his actions.

We’ll use astrology to figure out what’s really going on.

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How to Know When a Leo Man Is Playing You

1. He isn’t interested on a personal level

couple ignoring each other and texting with a quote about how to tell if a leo man is playing you

Leos love learning about different people and cultures. It’s one reason why they’re always heading out to mingle. 

They like to talk about themselves, but hearing about others’ lives and backgrounds gives them a sense of wonder and inspiration.

If he never asks about what goes on in your life, be wary. He likely isn’t interested in you for the long term.

Because he knows you won’t be around long.

If you’re not in agreement about that, it’s time for you to move on.

2. You’re used as an ego booster

The Leo man thrives on others giving him praise. The more glory he can bask in, the better.

Does he brag to you about his accomplishments? Do you smile and tell him how awesome he is?

Well, nothing is wrong with that. Unless it’s not reciprocal.

It’s fine if you congratulate him if he does the same for you.

But if not, he’s just using you to boost his ego and make him feel greater than he already believes himself to be.

You deserve much better.

3. He isn’t there for you

When you’re going through a time of need, is your Leo guy there for you?

According to Leo Man Secrets, he should be placing you on a pedestal and jumping at the chance to be your knight in shining armor.

Does he offer a shoulder to lean on or ear to listen? 

Leo men are generous. Going out of their way and helping those they care for gives them inner satisfaction.

If he isn’t around during tough or challenging times, he’s showing you that he has no interest in your problems.

If he assumes you’ll find a way to figure it out, he’s not concerned about your welfare.

4. He cheaps out

letters spelling the word cheap with a quote about leo men not spending money on you

Leos love money. Nothing is ever too expensive for them. 

They’re the people who will drop half their paycheck on luxury items and won’t bat an eye. They just have to own the best.

That means a Leo man will splurge on a woman that he likes.

He’ll take her to upscale restaurants, buy her extravagant gifts and go on lavish vacations.

He’s playing you if he’s not willing to spend his bread on you.

If he’s taking you to cheap restaurants or God forbid McDonald’s, you don’t mean much to him. 

This is the one time you’ll be able to call this man a cheapskate.

5. He doesn’t ask you to go out with him

A Leo man lives for a party.

You’ll see him around town at the main events. He’s front and center.

He loves going out and likes when others join him.

If he’s never asked you to go out with him, then you aren’t a high priority in his life.

He wants to be with a woman that he can show off to his friends and enjoy the night with. So, the fact that you’ve never been out with him in public is a telltale sign he isn’t interested in being seen with you.

He may invite you to his house or places that not too many people will be at, but who wants to do that forever?

Time to drop him.

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