How to Make a Cancer Man Jealous (What You Should and Shouldn’t Do)

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If you’re searching for how to make a Cancer man jealous, you have your reasons. Maybe you want to make sure he only has eyes for you.

You may already know this, but it’s a warning that bears repeating: Making a Cancer man jealous is risky. He may not take too kindly to it.

But you CAN make him greedy for your attention. Here’s how:

  • Keep your social life full
  • Get back to him when he texts in your own time
  • Make him wait to see you

And here’s what you want to avoid at all costs:

  • Becoming secretive
  • Withholding affection
  • Flirting with other guys

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Do Cancer Men Get Jealous?

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If there’s any man in the zodiac who’s going to get jealous, it’s going to be a Cancer man.

He’s loyal and expects the same loyalty in return. If the woman he desires or cares for pulls away from him, he will be suspicious and become insecure.

The Cancerian man is highly intuitive, so he will probably already have sensed something is off between you two. He’ll be hurt and if you’re not careful, you will lose him for good.

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How Do Cancer Men Act When Jealous? 

If he’s envious of those who get to have some of your time, a Cancer man is going to try harder to get more of it.

But if you cross the point of mild jealousy into major jealousy, the story changes.

Every man is different, but Cancers exhibit three key behaviors when they’re crazy jealous (in the kind of way that doesn’t work in your favor).

1. They become possessive 

man and woman texting with man looking over her shoulder and a quote about cancer men checking who you text

The Cancer man is known to be clingy at times. If you make him jealous, this clinginess can turn into possessiveness.

He’ll watch you like a hawk. He’ll want to know where you’re going and who you’re going with.

You may notice that he looks over your shoulder to check who you’re texting. He may even plan an array of activities to make sure you’re around at all times.

2. They ignore you

Something you should know about Cancers is that they’re notorious for sulking and wallowing in self-pity. 

Instead of telling you what the problem is or how he feels, the Cancer man will ignore you and expect you to talk to him first.

He can easily use this as a way to get back at you.

It also ensures that he doesn’t have to make the first step (Cancers are on the passive side, so they’d rather react to you than confront you full-on).

3. They lash out verbally

Sometimes emotional Cancers will hurt you with their words.

If they feel that you’re straying or even trying to make them jealous, it cuts them deeply.

They’ll want you to share their pain, and the way they go about it is by getting short with you, making little verbal jabs and maybe even getting downright mean.

While you should never tolerate verbal abuse no matter what the case may be, it’s important to remember that if a Cancer man is being deliberately hurtful in an argument or a conversation, it’s because he’s hurting.

It doesn’t excuse his behavior, but it gives you some insight into what’s going on inside him.

And it’s a really good reason not to try to incite his jealousy.

How to Make a Cancer Man Jealous

Again, making a Cancer man seriously jealous is extremely hurtful to him and there’s a possibility he won’t forgive you for it.

Cancer Man Secrets explains more about the toxic mistakes women make that prevent him from coming back to them.

If you’re still willing to take a chance on making a Cancer man jealous, we’ll help you do it in a way that won’t cross his boundaries and damage your relationship.

But first, let’s talk about what NOT to do. 

(Don’t) withhold information


Talking about what goes on in everyday life is meaningful for Cancers. They love to share these details to feel close to you.

If you stop sharing them, he’ll wonder why you’ve become secretive. Your silence may make him suspect betrayal. 

Eventually, his curiosity will get the best of him and he may start asking questions.

Worst case scenario: He’ll lose trust in you and start closing off emotionally. This will most likely only happen if you already have an intimate relationship.

If not, this won’t matter to him because he probably hasn’t shared much with you. But it won’t get him to chase you, either.

(Don’t) limit affection

Cancers love to be physical with their partners or those they’re interested in.

Light touching, holding hands and kissing are ways they show how they feel towards you. Even if you aren’t officially together, he’ll brush your hair from your eyes or give you an innocent pat on the arm.

Abruptly cutting off this kind of exchange of attentiveness will cause him to brood. Are you sharing that intimacy with someone else?

This will hurt him and his jealous nature will come to the forefront.

(Never, ever) flirt with other guys

For a Cancer man, this is a huge NO-NO. 

Cancers are highly sensitive. If they see you flirting with another guy, they will crawl into their shell and may never come back out.

Flirting with other guys is the most extreme way to make a Cancer jealous and may cause him to lose interest in you completely.

If you’re together, it may cause a breakup.

How to Get a Cancer Man’s Attention the Right Way

Now that you’ve learned the worst ways to make the Cancer man jealous, let’s look at successful ways you can get him running back to you.

Spend more time with friends 

four women at a new year's eve party with a quote about making a cancer man jealous

This works best if you are already in a relationship with one another, but it can still work if you want to get his attention. 

When he sees you spending more time with your friends (maybe even more than with him), he’ll easily become jealous (the kind of jealous that you want).

As long as you’re not ignoring him when you’re with him and you’re still lavishing plenty of attention on him, this tactic can work.

It’ll provide enough safety so that your Cancer man feels like you still care about him and enough of an incentive to woo you back to the couch with him for Netflix night. Or even go out with you.

If you aren’t together, it can push him to ask you out sooner. He’s going to make sure you have time for him before you make more plans.

Going stag with friends shows him you can have fun without him.

Why is this effective? Because a Cancer man wants to be the one his partner or crush has fun with and creates awesome memories with.

Last but not least, he’ll probably think about guys hitting on you while you’re chilling with your girls and he can’t have that. Just the thought of it will drive him nuts. 

Don’t respond to calls or messages right away

Cancer men are known to ignore you if they’re upset or in their feelings, but let the tables turn and all hell breaks loose!

They’re notorious for dishing the heat but not being able to take it themselves.

Next time he texts you or calls, wait a while to respond or call him back. You have a life of your own, and he should realize that.

He’ll probably wonder what you’re doing while he’s checking his phone every minute for your response. 

When he finally does get a hold of you, you can bet you’ll be playing 21 questions until he feels confident again.

Keep busy

man on his cellphone with a quote about getting a cancer man to spend time with you

Do you have a lot of work to catch up on?

Have some TV shows you’re ready to binge watch?

Ready to start that new garden project?

DO IT! And let him know you’re going to be busy for a while.

He’s not going to like the sound of that. “Why can’t she make time for me?” he’ll ask. 

It’s not that you aren’t making time for him, because you will. But it will be on your terms. 

I mean hey, you have to do what you have to do, right? You can’t always be available to him.

Competing for your attention is not something he’ll enjoy. Jealousy will kick in and he’ll make plans far in advance just to spend time with you. 

You can always turn him down, but let him know a time you will be free. He’ll be happy to get any face time with you that he can. 

If you want to know how to keep a Cancer man so fixated on you that you don’t have to work so hard for his attention, read Cancer Man Secrets.

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