How to Know When a Leo Man Is Over You (Don’t Ignore the 7 Red Flags)

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Worried your Leo guy’s distance from you could be a warning sign?

Here’s a summary of how to know when a Leo man is over you:

  • His usually friendly demeanor has frozen over
  • You aren’t doing couple things anymore
  • It doesn’t phase him when you text other men
  • He’s texting other women

If he’s giving you these signs, you may need help getting your relationship back on track before it’s too late.

Our top recommendation is Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s popular guide Leo Man Secrets.

Check out the guide above or keep reading to learn more about the signs your Leo man wants to break up.

Does Your Leo Man Want to Break Up?

He isn’t the same as he used to be.

Maybe there are some personal issues going on in his life that are preventing him from showering you with the love and affection you’re so used to.

The question is, how long has he been acting this way and has he tried talking to you about it?

Leos are not one to hold their tongues and regularly speak their mind when they have a problem.

But, if his heart isn’t in the relationship anymore, he may not want to hurt your feelings and is trying to find other ways to make it known that he wants to move on.

I know it can be painful, but it’s important to correctly interpret the signals that are bound to appear when your Leo man is ready to call it quits.

If you can catch them, you have a chance of mending the relationship, if that’s what you decide you want to do.

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How to Know When a Leo Man Is Over You

1. He isn’t as friendly as he used to be

You two used to spend a lot of time together having fun, laughing and joking around like the best of friends.

Now it seems as if he wants to be anywhere else but with you.

He’ll still talk to you, but you can tell there is some iciness to the conversation.

When a Leo man isn’t happy in the relationship anymore, you’ll notice he isn’t his warm and friendly self.

Leos know how to be charming. Ruled by the sun, they’re a pleasure to be around, radiating the warmth and energy of the sun and lighting up any room they walk into.

So when the light is mostly turned off, so to speak, it may be because on the inside, he’s struggling to find the connection between you.

2. He no longer has time for you

Remember when you did everything together? When no time with each other was enough?

Now it seems like he’s too busy to spend just twenty minutes with you!

Yes it’s true that Leos are busy people on account of their many interests and boundless energy. But they always make time for the people they care about. 

If he isn’t expending any effort to spend time with you and has an excuse whenever you ask him to hang out, he’s putting distance between you.

3. The romance has died

Remember when you first started dating and he took you to the trendy spots, gave you gifts and wanted to hold your hand and kiss you?

If you are no longer experiencing these behaviors, first you want to find out how he’s feeling.

Is he depressed? Is something happening in his life that keeps him from sharing these pleasures with you?

If it’s not a personal issue for him, he may no longer feel the need to impress you. What’s happened is he’s emotionally checked out of the relationship.

So why does this happen? According to Anna Kovach, it’s because “he senses things are NOT going the way he wants.”

This is why it’s so important to speak to his inner hopeless romantic, which Leo Man Secrets can help you out with.

Because deep down, this man is a hopeless romantic. That’s why the absence of romance is such a big red flag.

4. He used to be jealous and now he’s not

Leos are prone to jealousy, which in some ways can actually help you gauge how he feels about your relationship.

Why? Because they are easily flustered when they are passionate about you.

They will tend toward being overprotective or ask lots of questions if they feel threatened by another guy.

Even though Leo men are confident and have a ton of self-assurance, there’s always a small part of them that’ll wonder if you find your male friends or coworker more attractive.

When he isn’t concerned about other guys hitting on you texting you late at night, he’s moving on emotionally.

5. You’re not going out together

Leo men love to go out and have a good time.

Whether it’s a party, a gala or just a small get-together, you can bet they will be there working the crowd.

If you notice he’s hardly inviting you out at this point, it’s typically a sign that he sees the relationship coming to an end.

He’s the social king and loves bringing his significant other as his moral support, but also to show off as he’s very proud of his relationships.

But if he’s not confident in the relationship anymore, he’ll be less into it.

If you notice you’re on the couch alone more often while he’s out with his friends, it’s a sign you don’t want to ignore.

The more physical distance between you, the greater the risk of the Leo man putting himself back on the market.

6. He doesn’t try to fix what’s wrong

Every relationship has its ups and downs.

But when two people want it to work, they will do whatever it is they can to keep it intact.

Unfortunately, when a Leo man isn’t feeling the spark anymore, he just lets the relationship go without doing the unsexy maintenance.

Even if you’ve reached out to him to try to fix it yourself, he’s shown a laziness there that has you deeply concerned.

A truly motivated Leo wouldn’t let anything get between you. But he has probably become convinced that working on things is pointless, even if that’s totally not the case.

7. He entertains other women

One of the worst ways a Leo man makes it known that he’s not interested anymore is by going out with other women.

Of course, this is in the instance that you just started dating and you’re not yet exclusive.

It can be hurtful, but in his mind it may be easier than telling you he doesn’t see things going anywhere.

If you are in a committed relationship and you notice he’s texting other women while you’re watching Netflix together, it may be something to take notice of.

So, what do you do if you see these signs but you don’t want to break up?

This is where Leo Man Secrets comes in.

It can teach you to understand your Leo’s secret thoughts, feelings and desires—and what to do about them so that he won’t actually want to let you go.

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