How to Tell If a Gemini Man Is Playing You (Here’s What Gives Him Away)

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With Gemini, the sign of the Twins, it can be hard to tell if he’s serious about you or not. Which personality should you trust? Here’s how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you.

Is He Using You?

No, it’s not in your imagination. The hot-and-cold treatment that you think you’re getting is probably very real, and it shouldn’t just be shrugged off as the two personalities of the Twins making their appearances.

A Gemini man who’s serious about you is going to pursue you to the ends of the earth. He’s not going to call you one day and then disappear for weeks at a time, only to send you a late-night text. You know the kind.

So how do you know what’s up with this guy?

Well, it’s written in the stars. By that I mean, astrology is the key to figuring out how this man works so that you know exactly how to react.

How to Tell If a Gemini Man Is Playing You

If you want to know if a Gemini man is playing you, pay attention to the way he talks and what he does. It’s the combination of these two things that reveals his true intentions. Especially if he generally makes himself unavailable to you, consider it a warning sign.

But let’s dive into these indicators.

How He Communicates

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The sign of communication, Gemini gives a lot away through what he says (or doesn’t say). To get you in the sack, he can sure lay it on thick, telling you how much he wants you and how beautiful you are. He’s not above using every trick in the book to woo you.

But only when he wants to jump into bed with you. 

The Silent Type

If he’s only funny and charming when he thinks an interaction with you is leading to the bedroom, don’t let him fool you. That habit of getting what he wants and then seeming like he’d rather be doing his taxes afterward than talk to you is typically a sign that he’s not really looking for anything but sex.

It doesn’t matter if he made it seem like he was really into you at the start. He’s a skilled craftsman with words, and he knows exactly what to say to charm your socks off. That’s the problem! You won’t know if he means it unless he continues to be that way with you. At least, that’s part of it.

Talk Is Cheap

How deep is the actual conversation between you two? Are you sharing intimate details of your lives together? Is he asking you questions to get your opinions about subjects he finds interesting and cares about?

Or is he just skimming the surface of conversation? Pay attention to whether he’s just trying to dazzle you (or distract you). As I explain in How to Tell If a Gemini Man Is Interested in You, a Gemini who is sincerely into you is going to want to explore your mind, and give you insight into his. If he’s not displaying his signature curiosity in this way, beware.

How He Acts

The Gemini who seduces a woman with his words but only seems to have time for *one thing* is, by definition, a player. He’s obviously not planning to see you past tonight if he straight up ghosts you, but there’s often more to it than that. 

He Randomly Texts You

closeup of a woman texting on a cellphone with a quote about how to tell if a gemini man is using you

Getting a whole lot of random but urgent texts to get together, like, now? Geminis have a lot of energy to burn through, and they always need something to do. So when they’re not otherwise occupied, they may try to fill in a short run of free time with you. While that might sound good, it can actually be an indication that they’re just using you to satisfy their short attention spans.

What you want to know is, does he actually make plans with you? Or are all of his invitations to spend time together a one-time offer? If it’s the latter, you’ve got a player on your hands.

He Avoids Going Out with You

He won’t go out in actual public with you if he’s only trying to get in your pants. Or if he does, he definitely isn’t doing fun things with you.

Geminis are incredibly playful and always up for a good time. They can’t help but want to share that side of themselves with someone they really want to be with. So take precautions with a Gemini who seems to be totally uninterested in doing anything spontaneous, fun or even date-like.

As always, use your own judgment. No one knows your unique situation but you and your Gemini. But as a rule of thumb…if you’re seeing these signs, you’ve been warned by the stars!

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