How to Get an Aries Man to Chase You Again in 4 Easy Steps

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Getting an Aries man interested in you again isn’t impossible. If you want to win him back, here’s how to get an Aries man to chase you again.

How to Get an Aries Man to Chase You Again

Once, he was blowing up your phone and couldn’t get enough of you. Now he’s utterly incommunicado. What gives?

I’ll be honest here. It’s pretty hard to get an Aries man to do anything he’s set his mind against. He’s a natural born leader and loner, and that can sometimes make him seem a little aloof and hard to reach.

If you screwed up, the good news is that Aries men are not unforgiving. If you majorly screwed up, that might be a different story, but in general there’s no reason this sign wouldn’t give it another shot, given the right circumstances.

He might even be contemplating whether you belong together, even without talking to you about it. 

For the confused ladies out there wondering how to get the sparks flying once more with their Aries gentlemen, here’s a road map.

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Step 1. Tell Him the Truth

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Leave the games at the door. Aries men prefer a partner who’s as straightforward and honest as they are, which is great for you if you don’t like having to sensor your feelings.

When you have the opportunity, tell him how you feel. If you want to be with him, say that it’s him you want. Who knows—he might not even realize it.

Aries responds well to this kind of directness. It’s waffling and game playing that he’ll steer clear of.

Now, the key to this is not to come across as needy. Any signs of clinginess, and he’s probably not going to want to pursue you again. Just let him know how you’re feeling, put it out there and let it settle with him.

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Step 2. Give Him Space

After you’ve told your Aries man that you’re still into him and what you want from him, don’t hesitate to move on for the moment and do your own thing. 

It may be hard, but if there’s a chance that he’ll chase you again, it will be when you’re not indulging his desire for attention. Does that sound counterintuitive? Maybe, but it works.

Why? Because Aries is the chaser. He’s not into it the other way around.

To have the chance to chase you, he needs the appropriate time and distance. Otherwise it’s not much of a chase, is it?

Step 3. Resist the Urge to Call Him

While you’re giving him space, you’re probably going to be thinking about him. A lot. And that’s going to make you want to text him throughout the day. Couldn’t you just find one little excuse to get him on the phone?

When you’ve just left the ball in the Aries guy’s court, it’s best to let him make the next move. Let him call you up and take you out.

I know, easier said than done. But if you can do your best to ignore him a little, your odds of reigniting the flame are much better.

Step 4. Work on Yourself

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This is the most beneficial thing you can do for both you and your Aries.

Working toward self-improvement is the Aries man’s goal in life. I’ve seldom met an Aries man who didn’t have the ambition to get and stay in shape, read every day, or do whatever it was that he was striving to accomplish for himself.

Here’s the thing: These men really like that in a partner, too. The Aries man likes to take pride in the person he dates. He’ll really respect your achievements and the work you put in.

So if there were ever a time to set some new goals or work on your existing ones, it’s now! It will help you move closer to attaining them, feel good about yourself and simultaneously attract the Aries more strongly than ever.

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