How to Get an Aries Man to Open Up (3 Things You Need to Know)

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You’re may be just getting to know an Aries man who’s pretty tight-lipped about his personal life. What’s he thinking about? How does he feel about you? Here’s how to get an Aries man to open up.

Aries Men in Communication

It’s a good thing this article is “How to Get an Aries Man to Open Up” and not “How to Get a Man to Open Up.” Though it can seem like pulling teeth getting many of the men in our lives to share their feelings, it’s easier to tackle this not in a generalized way, but more on a one-on-one basis.

Well, on a sign-by-sign basis.

Aries men, for example, may not spontaneously spill their guts to you like Cancer men when they like you, but they aren’t tough nuts like some other signs. Try getting a Scorpio to divulge anything if he’s not ready to do it on his own (the key word is “try”).

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Anyway, you came here to read about Aries men. The Ram is actually fairly open, even if he doesn’t seem to be saying much. That is, he’s willing to tell you what you want to know—within reason.

I know from experience that it can feel like an uncommunicative Aries man is hiding something or keeping you at arm’s length on purpose. Even his close friends may not hear much from him about what’s going on in his inner sphere. 

But the truth is, the more comfortable he is with you, the more likely he is to reveal uncensored thoughts and feelings with you. If you’re in a committed relationship, it’s much easier to get the conversation flowing with little to no effort. 

Until you reach that point, it may be best to expect a little less in that department. But here’s what you can do to get him to share just a little bit more.

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How to Get an Aries Man to Open Up

1. Give him time to get comfortable with you.

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Aries is a problem solver. His first inclination is not to check with someone else about how he might resolve an issue. Thus, he’s not one to ask you for your advice on how to handle his problems.

You’ve got to wait for him to come around. Prove to him that you’re trustworthy. Listen without judgment when he does tell you things, and don’t push him to if he doesn’t want to. It’s got to be on his terms.

You can always let him know that you’re there to listen if he wants to talk, as long as you understand that he might not jump on the offer right away. There’s a lot of pride in this manly man, and it’s going to take some time to let you in.

2. Open up to Him

Here’s the disclaimer: I’m not saying that telling him your deepest, darkest secrets and desires is going to get an Aries man to reciprocate.

However, when we’re talking about how to get Aries men to open up to you, the matter is one of trust. So, does he trust you?

One of the things you can do to earn his trust, besides generally showing that you’re not going to betray him, is to show him your vulnerable side. Vulnerable, not weak—Aries tends not to respect what he perceives as weakness.

But you can certainly try telling him something that you wouldn’t ordinarily share with someone else. It will give him the picture that you trust him, and that can go a long way in turning that into a mutual thing.

3. Ask a question, get an answer.

The great thing about a man born under this sign is that he’s a pretty straight shooter. Want to know what’s going on with an Aries? Ask him. He’s not likely to fib. Just be prepared for what he has to say if you’re afraid you won’t like the answer.

This is not a tactic to pull out all the time. He’ll feel pushed and cornered if you’re constantly trying to pull information out of him. That will have the opposite effect. He may resent you for it, especially if he doesn’t want to tell you. We’re all entitled to privacy, and Aries may be especially private when it comes to his private life.

Even if he doesn’t want to give you a direct answer, you’ll get a response. Gauge from his reaction what’s really going on. Aries men are good at keeping their thoughts and feelings hidden, until you approach them directly.

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