How Does a Gemini Man Show His Feelings? (6 Signals to Look For)

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How does a Gemini man show his feelings? With this complex sign, it can be tough to tell. That’s why we’re going to give you the scoop on his emotional side so you can catch the signals.

The Gemini Man’s Emotional Nature

No Gemini is like any other Gemini. In a lot of ways, these unique individuals defy categorization. That’s partly on purpose, because Geminis would hate to be labelled as predictable.

This is a mutable sign that is constantly changing and evolving. Geminis in particular are famous for changing their minds so quickly it will make your head spin. 

Did he just state one thing and then state something totally opposite a minute later? Yup. That’s a Gemini.

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A Gemini man’s emotional state is equally fluid. You’ll generally find him in a good mood since he hates to be in a bad one. But be warned: His mood can and will change like lightning striking.

But don’t worry—the bad ones pretty much never last long.

Gemini men are also good at hiding their feelings. They’ll protectively keep what’s in their hearts to themselves if they haven’t gotten to the point of trusting you completely yet.

This makes it hard to tell exactly how deep their feelings run for you, even if they’re showering you with compliments every time they see you.

And, like I said, they don’t like to be in a bad mood. So they’ll often push something that’s bothering them down. But sometimes that can come back to bite them, and it might show up in interesting ways.

So let’s say you’ve met the Gemini of your dreams and you’ve just started dating. But he’s hard to figure out, this man of many faces. How does a Gemini man show his feelings, then?

You can be sure to get a glimpse of his feelings through the following:

  • His communication
  • His humor
  • Storytelling
  • His creative streak
  • His mind melding techniques
  • His moods

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How Does a Gemini Man Show His Feelings?

1. Through communication

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Geminis are the natural born communicators of the zodiac. They live for it, and they do it well.

You won’t meet a Gemini who doesn’t have something to say in response to absolutely anything you throw at them. It could be clever, cunning, whimsical or totally non sequitur. But “speechless” isn’t a word that describes the Gemini.

That means that a Gemini man will use the power of communication to express himself, when he’s ready. He will express certain feelings up front with words—at least some of them. Geminis tend to be very open about letting you know when they like you, but revealing their inner emotional worlds will take time and trust.

If you’re not sure if he’s developing feelings for you but he’s extra communicative with you, he does. He’ll be in contact via text, email, Facebook, whatever channels he can get you on.

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2. Through humor

The constant joker, the Gemini man is often hard to take seriously. But pay attention when he’s trying to play something off like a joke because this is one of the ways he expresses his real feelings. 

Gemini men will often use self-deprecating or dark humor in order to talk about things that bother them. If you suspect that something is bugging him and he makes a joke about it, it probably is bothering him on some level, even if he brushes it off.

3. Through storytelling

As you might already know from experience, Geminis can really tell a story. And I don’t mean that they’ll read you a book (though I’m sure the eager entertainer in the Gemini would love to if you asked him to).

I mean that they can turn anything, even an uneventful piece of information, into a riveting tale with plot twists and all.

This is just the way Geminis communicate, and it happens to be one of the number one ways they show their feelings for you. They want to share their great adventures and their wonderful imaginations with you, because that’s how they connect.

4. Through creativity

man giving a woman a surprise gift with a quote about a gemini man using creativity to show his feelings

Have you noticed how many famous artists, musicians and performers were born in the month of June? Geminis are incredibly creative folks. It’s in their DNA.

Naturally, a Gemini man will demonstrate his emotions through his creative impulses. If he’s a songwriter, you can count on hearing his inner reflections and feelings pouring out in the new music he writes, probably pretty blatantly.

If he’s using his creativity to prepare something just for you, take notice. Even if he isn’t particularly talented in any one traditional area, he can find a way to tell you how he feels in some artistic form, whether it’s in a letter or a photo he snapped with his smartphone.

5. Through mind melding

Don’t be surprised if at some point in the relationship he starts telling you all kinds of secret information that you feel privileged to know. That’s him laying his feelings out on the table because he trusts, loves and respects you.

The more in tune he feels with a woman, the more he’ll want her to be in his head, see what he sees, feel what he feels. It’s less of a statement he’s making and more of a joining of the souls. 

6. Through moodiness

You may not see it at first because he’s trying to make a good impression. But when his moods come out, you know that he’s at a point where he’s feeling comfortable with you. He may even be purposely exposing you to his mood swings to see how you’ll react. 

All signs fall into funks just because they’re natural emotional swings that are part of the human condition. But Geminis live in their minds, remember.

They are always thinking and processing everything they experience through the intellect. So they may decide to switch a certain emotional response on or off for a specific reason.

Bottom line: When moodiness strikes, it might be more than a passing emotion. It could be a way he’s communicating some deeper feelings, concerns and uncertainties that he wants you to understand and interact with.

Does your Gemini love show you how he feels in a special way? Share it with the community!

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