How Can a Libra Woman Attract a Cancer Man? (6 Tips to Win Him Over)

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Libra ladies infatuated with a Cancer man: Did you know you’ve got some natural-born traits he can’t resist? 

How can a Libra woman attract a Cancer man?

By knowing which of her qualities will win his heart.

Here’s what Cancer men love about her:

  • Her sincerity
  • Her dedication to fairness and justice
  • Her loyalty

Libra women and Cancer men easily fall in love.

I have to warn you, though, that the risk of the relationship self-destructing quickly is high.

Which is truly unfortunate, because these two have the potential to create a truly meaningful and long-lasting relationship if they can come to understand each other.

The key is that Libras need to know how Cancer men think, feel and operate, which is why we recommend Cancer Man Secrets.

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How Can a Libra Woman Attract a Cancer Man?

Pretty easily.

Libra, you have all the cards in your hand already!

couple walking outside with man holding red heart against his mouth and a quote about libra men making cancer men relax

You are ever so charming. Your movements are graceful and you always seem to know what to say to make others feel at total ease with you. 

A Cancer man craves comfort. Your superpower is making him relax around you.

Even if your eagerness to move past initial boundaries can make him unsure at first, you pull him in with your ability to make him feel special, wanted and needed.

But it’s more than that. We’re going to get into some astrological geometry for a second here.

Square signs = sexual chemistry

The signs of Cancer and Libra are, in astrological terms, square to each other. They’re 90 degrees apart on the zodiac wheel—picture the corner of a square.

OK, so what does that mean for Libra woman and Cancer man? One thing it means is serious sexual sparks. 

Square aspects do mean that the two signs will tend to challenge each other (which does allow for lots of personal growth!), but you know how it goes—that friction makes the sexual tension sizzle.

So, how can a Libra woman attract a Cancer man? Basically, just by being herself. 

Just remember that attraction is only one part of the deal if you want a relationship to develop. All relationships take work, but squared signs will need to give each other more room than others.

Cancer Man Secrets can help you out in creating the satisfying relationship you want with this man.

Are some Cancers tough nuts to crack? YES. They’re so very protective of their emotions, which means that their defenses are well-developed.

If that’s what you’re dealing with, move on to the next section below for tips on how to treat a Cancer man so that he can’t resist you.

What You Should Do

Here are some ways that Libra women can capitalize on their natural strengths to become irresistible to a dashing Cancer man.

Note that some of these methods might not seem like traditional ways to attract a man, but that’s just because you don’t know the Cancer man well enough yet!

Be sincere

man touching a smiling womans hair and a quote about libra woman being sincere with cancer man

Of all the zodiac signs, Cancers are at the top of the list (or at least very near the top) when it comes to prioritizing sincerity.

Cancers just don’t want to mess with people who they determine to be disingenuous.

But they’ll go to the ends of the earth for the people in their lives who they deem worth it, and you can bet that those people are not faking anything with the Cancer.

So, Libra lady, show him your genuinely caring nature. Show concern not only for his wellbeing, but for others’, too (which you feel keenly). 

Only say things that you truly mean to the Cancer—trust me, he’ll know it. 

And don’t give into the temptation to flatter him. Compliments are good, but only when they come from the heart!

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Be fair

As mentioned before, Cancer men are very much drawn to people who have a personal stake in the welfare of their fellow humans.

That describes Libras quite well.

Libras are all about fairness and equality for everyone. They’re invested in the betterment of humankind in that way. Ghandi was a Libra—no surprise there.

This Libran trait is powerfully attractive to Cancers. The sign of Cancer is a nurturing one, always looking to take care of others. So Cancer finds commonality with Libra here and admires Libra’s selflessness.

It will make him all mushy inside and want to get to know you on a deeper level.

Be loyal

This is another area where Libras shine. They are devoted and loyal to their partners, which is what the Cancer man demands.

He wants to see that you’re the loyal type before he can get involved with you.

How do you show that to him?

Be consistent with him. Don’t break plans with him—and especially don’t break plans with him to do something with someone else.

Cheer him on when he talks about his plans to achieve something. Show him that you have faith in his ability to make it work.

Or, if he’s in a bind, offer to help him out. 

P.S.—If he starts doing the same for you, you know your efforts are paying off. A Cancer man crushing on you wants to be your hero, as I explain in How to Attract Cancer Men.

All of these actions add up to loyalty in the Cancer’s eyes, which will make him trust you—and want to be with you.

What You Should Not Do

Flirt with other people

couple shopping and flirting with a quote about a libra woman focusing attention on a cancer man

Admit it, Libra—you love to flirt!

And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, you might not even consider it flirting a lot of the time.

What Libras tend to see as harmless, however, raises red flags for Cancers, who will most definitely get jealous if they feel that you’re sharing any sort of emotional or physical intimacy with other men.

Again, it might not even be something that you consider real flirting with any meaning behind it. So what’s a Libra to do?

Safest bet is to really focus your attention on the Cancer man in social settings. You don’t have to stick by his side the whole night at a party. Just don’t be touchy-feely with other guys.

Reassure the Cancer that you’re into him by saving your real affections for him.

Be flighty

Sometimes Libras have a hard time committing to something because they just can’t decide what the best option is.

It’s the curse of the Libra!

That indecision can come across to Cancers as flightiness if it affects your dealings with each other. 

Only make commitments that you can keep, for one thing. But also, you shouldn’t shy away from ever making them with the Cancer man.

Balance is what you do best, so apply it here!

Rush him

The beautiful thing about Libras is that they’re so open. They’re always willing to give love a chance the moment they see the potential for it.

This is not necessarily the case with Cancers, who are slower to act due to their fears about opening up to the “wrong” person.

The best course of action is one that is pretty much dictated by the Cancer man. And Libra, let me tell you, that might be a slower one than you’re used to.

But it will pay off in the end.

Trying to get the Cancer to come out of his shell more can backfire, big time. If he feels pushed, he will go straight back in.

Be patient with him. Be your lovely, thoughtful, charming self, and let your Cancer man get to know you on his own time. 

Only then will he feel comfortable letting you in.

Ready to build a beautiful relationship with your Cancer man? It takes work—but he’s worth it, right?

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