Why Married Taurus Man Cheats (And What to Do If He’s Cheating)

married taurus man cheats

Taurus man being unfaithful? We’re explaining why a married Taurus man cheats, and how you should respond if he’s cheating on you. Here’s what drives a married Taurus man to cheat: He feels the relationship is off-balance and no longer mutually supportive He’s looking for comfort and security he’s not getting at home He’s become … Read more

Married Taurus Man in Love With Another Woman: How It Happens

married taurus man in love with another woman

Wondering if a married Taurus man would ever leave his wife for you? In this article, we’re discussing how and why a married Taurus man falls in love with another woman, what he’s looking for and whether he’ll consider getting a divorce. Here’s the short answer: Married Taurus men may stay physically loyal to their … Read more

Top 6 Taurus Man Pisces Woman Problems (Don’t Fall for #2!)

taurus man pisces woman problems

No matter how compatible a Taurus man and Pisces woman are, they’re not perfect. Here are the top Taurus man, Pisces woman problems: Pisces woman needs more freedom than possessive Taurus man likes Both zodiac signs sweep their issues under the rug Pisces woman needs more emotional expression from her Taurus man Taurus man doesn’t … Read more

Virgo Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility (Love, Sex & Marriage)

virgo woman and taurus man compatibility

Wondering how good of a match Virgo woman and Taurus man are? You’re in the right place—we’re covering Taurus man, Virgo woman compatibility in love, sex, marriage and more. Here’s their deal: Taurus man and Virgo woman have unusually high sexual chemistry and love compatibility Relationship challenges to overcome are stubbornness and speaking different love … Read more

Taurus Man, Cancer Woman: Soulmates? (A+ Compatibility)

taurus man cancer woman soulmates

Soulmates, twin flames—Taurus man and Cancer woman have got it. In this article, we’re giving their true soulmate potential and covering important aspects of Taurus-Cancer compatibility. Here’s the lowdown on Taurus man, Cancer woman soulmates: Cancer woman and Taurus man have very high soulmate potential—a 9 out of 10. They share so much in common, … Read more

Why Taurus Man Stopped Texting You (and What to Do About It)

taurus man stopped texting

Did a Taurus man you like suddenly stop texting? You’re not alone—this is a very common Taurus behavior, which is why we’re discussing why it happens and what to do about it below. Here’s what’s going on: The Taurus man has stopped texting you because he’s either: a) busy, b) not sure about you, c) … Read more

Are Taurus Man, Virgo Woman Soulmates? Yes! (Here’s Why)

taurus man virgo woman soulmates

Are you wondering if a Taurus man and Virgo woman can be soulmates? Lucky for you, this is one of the strongest, most compatible zodiac sign pairings possible. Here’s what makes Taurus man and Virgo woman soulmates: They have the same earthy values, pleasures and morals The Virgo woman makes the Taurus man’s life better, … Read more