Dating an Aries Man: 6 Things to Know Before You Date Him

dating an aries man

Will an Aries man be faithful? What does he expect in a relationship? If you’re interested in dating an Aries man, here’s what you should know first: It’s thrilling—Aries is all about adventure, so be ready for anything! Aries men are attracted to tomboys, sporty chicks and laid-back women Aries may fear commitment, but it … Read more

Aries Man Flirting: 10 Signs an Aries Man Wants You

aries man flirting

Does the Aries guy you have the hots for want you, too? For an Aries man flirting is the way he demonstrates his desire. Here are key signs an Aries is working his magic: He’s bold and direct about his desire He tries to show off in front of you and flex his masculinity You … Read more

How Do Taurus Break Up? (Plus 5 Signs a Taurus Man Wants Out)

how do taurus break up

How do Taurus break up? For Taurus men, the end starts long before the actual breakup. You can see it coming like a slow train.  Watch for these key signs:  He hasn’t been putting any effort into your happiness for some time Your intimate life has gone out the window The future doesn’t seem so … Read more

Taurus Man Jealous Signs: 5 Signals You Don’t Want to Miss

taurus man jealous signs

He may try and hide it, but the Taurus man jealous signs are hard to miss. Here’s what you need to pay attention to:  Possessive behaviors and major clinginess An irritable Bull who gives you the cold shoulder Your Taurus man not trusting your guy friends Tread lightly here. A jealous Taurus man can easily … Read more

The Gemini Man: How Do Geminis Act When They Like Someone?

how do geminis act when they like someone

Not sure how to tell if a Gemini man is actually into you or not? How do Geminis act when they like someone? Here’s a quick summary of what they do: They get particularly goofy around you They want to know everything you think and feel They get brazen and start showing off They want … Read more

Gemini Men in Relationships (7 Tips on Dating a Gemini Man)

gemini men in relationships

Wondering how to make the best impression on your new Gemini boyfriend? What’s dating one of these guys like, anyway? Here’s the quick answer: Dating a Gemini is full of surprises, which you’ll want to embrace Big emotional displays make them nervous Gemini men live in their heads and need a mental connection with you … Read more

I Love a Taurus Man (How to Get a Taurus Man to Love You Back)

i love a taurus man

If you’ve fallen for a Taurus man, obviously you want him to reciprocate your feelings. How is the question. Here’s how to get a Taurus man to love you back: Make it clear how you feel, straight up Work on strengthening his trust in you and the relationship Be the mature partner he wants to … Read more

What to Say to a Taurus Man (8 Lines to Hook Him)

what to say to a taurus man

Getting a Taurus man hooked on you is a piece of cake when you know what he needs to hear. Here are the highlights of what to say to a Taurus man: Highlight what he’s good at: style, music, his job… Share his love of art and nature Tell him you feel safe with him … Read more