Taurus Woman Stopped Texting? Here’s Why and What to Do

taurus woman stopped texting

Want to know why that Taurus woman stopped texting you? Keep reading, because we have your answer below.  We’re listing the top reasons why Taurus women stop texting, and how to get her to text you back again. Here’s why you stopped hearing from your Taurus: She got lazy She’s pulling away because she doesn’t … Read more

How to Attract Taurus Woman With Texting (16 No-Fail Ways)

how to attract taurus woman with texting

Need some texting tips to get a Taurus woman’s attention? Here’s how to attract Taurus woman with texting: Send pics when you’re looking well-groomed and well-dressed Make her laugh so hard she can’t breathe Keep your texts brief and exciting Show your masculine and chivalrous sides Don’t let text conversations go for weeks without asking … Read more

How to Get a Taurus Woman to Chase You (11 Simple Tips)

how to get a taurus woman to chase you

Want a strong-willed Taurus woman to follow you around like a puppy? You need to know how to get her feeling lusty toward you. Here’s how to get a Taurus woman to chase you. How to Get a Taurus Woman to Chase You 1. Smell good A Taurus’s senses dominate their experiences. You want to … Read more

Taurus Man Texting Style (+ 10 Sure Signs He Likes You Over Text)

taurus man texting style

Trying to decode a Taurus man’s text messages? You’re in the right place—we’re talking about how to interpret his texts, how to tell if he likes you, and how to keep a Taurus man interested through texting. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a summary: Taurus man texts are short, sweet and to the point … Read more

Best Sign for Taurus Man (His Perfect Match May Surprise You)

best sign for taurus man

Curious what the best sign for Taurus man is? We’re revealing the top five best matches for a Taurus man, including the #1 match for love, marriage and lifelong happiness. Without a doubt, the most compatible signs for a Taurus man are: Pisces – Because of their sweetness and romantic hearts Cancer – Because the … Read more

Taurus Man Possessive Traits (And How to Deal With His Jealousy)

taurus man possessive

Got a possessive, jealous Taurus man on your hands?  Here’s how to handle the notorious Taurus man possessive traits: Avoid talking about your exes  Set boundaries your Taurus man is not allowed to cross Learn to speak his love language Make communication and one-on-one time routine If he’s jealous, don’t let him stew—be gentle, but … Read more

25 Hottest Taurus Man Turn Ons (You Need to Read #15)

taurus man turn ons

Want to know how to turn your Taurus man on at the drop of a hat? Here are the top Taurus man turn ons: Feed your Taurus man—with your hands Set the scene with candles, music and your best sheets Smell like a goddess Gentle touch and sensual massage Slow, deep kissing and hours of … Read more

Taurus Man Acting Distant? Don’t Ignore This Crucial Advice


Taurus man acting distant? You need to know why—and what to do—before it’s too late. Here’s why a Taurus guy acts distant: It’s a test of your actual desire for him He has mixed feelings Things got busy at work and he has no clue he’s ignoring you He’s wondering if your relationship is real, … Read more

Taurus Man Attitude (What He Thinks About Love, Sex and More)

taurus man attitude

What’s a typical Taurus man attitude on love, sex and relationships? What’s he really like, and what are his values? Get ready, because we’re diving into the Taurus man psyche in this article. Here’s a summary of what we’re covering: Why the Taurus man is so stubborn, and why that’s not necessarily bad The Taurus … Read more